Chapter 95 - Encountering Bureaucracy

Zhang Shou wanted to persuade a few more words, but seeing that Li Chenmin doesn't want to care anymore, he went to the student's class in annoyance and began to count the number.

In the end, there were twenty-three students who hadn't been found: Xiong Bo, Li Xinyu, Zhong Yihan, Zhu Zhenxing, Peng Ming ... 16 of them actually belonged to Zhang Shou’s class.

Zhang Shou was weird. In the previous exams, the students in their class did not see much better than other classes. Why did so many people suddenly appear this time?

The key is that some of these people have a good identity background. If something happens to them, their family will definitely not bypass the school-of course, the Kung Fu Association will not have good results.

Someone may want to ask ...

Haven't you signed a disclaimer agreement before? !!

The exemption agreement is always just a piece of paper. For ordinary families, they can only recognize it, but for those powerful and energetic families, they can find a hundred ways to trouble school!

And Zhang Shou didn't want to watch his students in danger. Although he was very serious on weekdays, he was very considerate to every student in his class.

After the statistics, Zhang Shou reported the results of the statistics to Liang Jinfeng, and emphasized that he hoped that he could rescue the students as soon as possible.

Li Chenmin just wanted to shirk his responsibility. He didn't really think about the students.

Liang Jinfeng looked at the list and said with a dignified expression: "You can rest assured that this is the responsibility of our Kung Fu Association. After all members reach the designated position, we will advance to the mountain at the same time. But we must also make the worst plan, after all, there are so many students, we cannot guarantee that they were not caught by Qiao Cheng. "

Zhang Shou nodded, and now he can only choose to believe him.

"I hope this does not happen."

"Mr. Zhang, what are these students worth noting? Please elaborate."

Zhang Shou nodded: "Okay, let's start with this Xiong Bo ..."

Zhang Shou summarized the situation of all people in a language that was as concise as possible and emphasized that they were a group of students full of potential.

Liang Jinfeng looked at the list silently. He didn't say anything, but when he picked up the walkie-talkie, he added a tone of urgency.

"Everyone must give me the fastest speed to the designated location. Twenty-three students have not been found up the mountain. I want you to find them as soon as possible to ensure their safety to the greatest extent!"



The news that twenty-three people were not found soon reached the ears of the school leader of Anping County First High School.

When they learned that there were key students like Li Xinyu and Xiong Bo who had not been recovered, the school leaders organized a conference urgently.

Song Deqiu is the current principal of the No.1 High School of Anping County. He is not a Kung Fu fighter, but an ordinary person. He has been the principal for 20 years. Before energy revived, even if he was not the absolute leader, he had a great say in most things, but now he basically has no room to intervene in matters related to Kung Fu.

So far, the ordinary things in the No.1 school in Anping County are in charge of Song Deqiu. Once it involves Kung Fu matters, are in charge by the Kung Fu vice president.

Although Song Deqiu hasn't complained in public for 20 years, he is very dissatisfied with this situation.

He admits that the Kung Fu fighter's fighting strength is indeed outstanding, but it does not mean that they can also manage a school equally well, otherwise why let him be principal, and let the fighter be the principal directly.

What happened today is a crisis in the school, and it is also an opportunity for Song Deqiu. If he can make enough correct decisions in this matter to convince everyone, he will definitely get a lot of his right to speak in school in the future. .

Thinking of this, Song Deqiu tidy his grey back in the mirror.

"Xiao Zhang, how's it going?"

"Principal Song, people are almost there."

"Well, I know."

Song Deqiu looked at his watch and was planning to wait another ten minutes before passing by to show his importance.

In the conference room, the two remaining fighters of the school, as well as important school leaders, were already present.

Because of the wild trail, the conference room is not quiet. The leaders are eager to discuss the current situation with each other, and they seem to be eager to find a feasible solution.

"I heard that there seems to be a murderer absconding to the Twin Mountains. This is the first time since the establishment of the school. The group of Kung Fu associations is really useless. They let such a terrible prisoner escape to the students."

"Who said no, did they know how much loss did the field training stop would bring to students and schools?"

"Did you say that the murderer would take the student hostage?"

"If hostages are okay, there is at least the possibility of rescue. The most feared thing is that the murderer kills people casually."

Lu Wu calmly looked at the passage of time every minute and second, feeling more and more irritable.

He is the deputy principal of Anping No.1 High School, the director of the Kung Fu department, and the strongest Kung Fu fighter. His vitality has reached an astonishing 8. In the school, his right to speak is higher than Song Deqiu, and he can be said to be the real leader.

Lu Wu and other people did not see Song Deqiu for a long time. He lost his patience and said directly: "Let ’s not wait any longer, just go to a meeting. Such important meetings will be late, and President Song is really not in a hurry."

"Sorry, I'm late, there are so many things that have been handled till now."

As soon as Lu Wu's words fell, Song Deqiu laughed and walked in.

Others wonder if he has been standing outside just now, deliberately clicking in.

Lu Wu didn't look up: "President Song, as the head of a school, is sure that things are busy, but now that students are dead, you are still busy with your own affairs. Does it mean that you don’t care about students?"

"The students' affairs are mine. How could I not care? When I heard the accident happened, I immediately instructed the Kung Fu teacher at the scene to ensure the safety of the students. Now, most of the students are safe. Only a few have not yet. The rescued students already have a list. "

Song Deqiu took the tribute that originally belonged to the Kung Fu Association to himself in a few words.

He sat in his middle position and pulled out a piece of paper full of names from his pocket.

"This is the list of students who have not been rescued. I believe you already know. These students are important talents in our school, especially Li Xinyu and Xiong Bo. Li Xinyu's father, Li Shien, is our school’s important partner, Xiong Bo is the most promising student of Xiangshui University. We must ensure that these two students do not have any accidents. We need to do our best to protect other high-qualified students... "

"Well, what do you think, now you can say."

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