Chapter 94 - Unexpected Situation

Just an hour before Li Xinyu and her team fell into the trap.

Under the Twin Mountains, there was a burst of excitement, dozens of police cars galloped, and a large group of strong men from the Kung Fu Association surrounded the Twin Mountains.

The teachers at the No. 1 High School at the foot of the mountain were shocked and hurried forward to ask.

But with the answer, the teachers were suddenly scared!

"Qiao Cheng, male, 39 years old, vitality is 2, one of the main culprits of the villa door murder seven years ago. He is cruel and greedy and proficient in medicine. He was previously sentenced to life imprisonment and has been held in the nearby Qinggang prison. Just last night, he murdered and escaped from prison. We thought he was fleeing to the city, but only over an hour ago we saw through his suspected array and found that he had fled to the Twin Mountains of the Beijiao Mountain generation! "

"So, you have to end this training session immediately, and summon people into the mountains to evacuate all the students!"

Responsible for introducing the case was Liang Jinfeng, the person in charge of the Kung Fu association in Anping County. This was a great Kung Fu with a vitality of more than 10 and was even called the first strongman in Anping County.

He was also the commander in chief of this arrest operation.

The teacher of No.1 High School Zhang Shou snarled violently: "Such a brutal fugitive escaped into the Twin Mountains. Why haven't we got any reminders before? These days are the students of our three classes in the Twin Mountains. The application has already been declared to the Kung Fu Association, and the association should know the importance of this matter! But why did a murderer escape into the Twin Mountains without anyone notifying us before ?! "

Zhang Shou was also one of the directors of the Anping County Kung Fu Association. His question immediately made some people present very embarrassed.

Liang Jinfeng smiled bitterly: "Lao Zhang, it's not that we don't remind you, it's that we are also cheated by Qiao Cheng!"

"Yeah, Zhang," a middle-aged man also stood up with a wry smile, and said, "Qiao Cheng killed the jailer last night and escaped through the sewer in the prison. This man was very deliberate. We thought he was fleeing to the city and interfered with our investigation. After a long search, we discovered his true purpose and then investigated based on new clues, only to find that he had come to this area. So ... We have been tricked too! "

Liang Jinfeng said: "Zhang, I know you are very dissatisfied, but the priority is not to argue, we must evacuate all the students as soon as possible!"

Zhang Shou hit the table with a punch. He also knew the priority of the matter, so he said, "Is the aircraft coming?"


five minutes later.

Five uniquely shaped aircraft rise into the air and fly to the tops of the Twin Mountains.

Then the huge horn on the aircraft shouted loudly throughout the mountains: "Attention all students! Attention all students! Because there was a fugitive fleeing into the mountains, this training session was suspended immediately! All students returned to the exit immediately after hearing the news! Immediately returned to the exit! "

"Please note! The fugitive is extremely brutal! Extremely brutal! Once you find your classmates, you must return to a team! If you find a suspicious person, do not provoke him, remember, do not provoke him! Immediately release the flare! Immediately Release the flare! "

"Attention, this is not an exercise! Attention, this is not an exercise!"

"Repeat again, all students pay attention ..."

Five aircrafts broadcast at the same time and the sound is basically heard in all directions.

Many students changed their faces after hearing the news, and then quickly packed up and returned on the way.

Zhong Yihan and others also heard the trumpet broadcast and were all shocked.

"There are fugitives, entered the Twin Mountains ?!"

"And an extremely murderous fugitive!" Zhu Zhenxing looked horrified. "Brothers hurry to withdraw! If you don't withdraw, it will be too late!"

"That is, the shadow of the fugitive has not been seen yet!"

Ming Jiajia looked at Zhong Yihan: "Yihan, what do you think?"

Zhong Yihan held his chin for a moment and thought, and suddenly laughed: "What can I see? Since all the aircraft have been dispatched, it must have shocked the Kung Fu Association, it cannot be false news. So let's go back, it is not safe here anymore! "

Fatty was a little disappointed: "Yihan your answer is really not challenging. I thought you were going to say that we left to catch the fugitive and kill him!"

Zhong Yihan gave him a blank look: "Be brave! Then you stay, talk to the fugitive, let's go!"

Several people immediately dropped Zhu Zhenxing and went forward together.

Zhu Fat was startled and quickly said: "Brothers, I'm kidding! Wait for me!"

Looking at this guy, Zhong Yihan said helplessly: "When we came around a large circle, and now there is the danger here, then we must not return to the same way, or we can go out in the middle of the night. So let's go this way, go directly over the hill and take a short route back! "

Everyone agreed: "Just do it!"



Three hours passed and more than 130 students had gathered at the foot of the mountain.

After all, it is only the first day of training, so many students have not been able to go deep, so they came back quickly.

However, some powerful students went straight to the mountains in the beginning and have not contacted them until now.

Zhang Shou counted and counted. Twenty-three students did not come out. Most of them were in his class.

For example, Xiong Bo, Du Tianqing, Li Xinyu, Zhong Yihan, and others ...

"Directer Li, there are more than 20 students who cannot be found in the periphery. They should have been deep into the Twin Mountains. We must quickly find them."

"Mr. Zhang, relax. It is useless to be anxious now. The remaining students can reach this level in such a short period of time. They must be very good. We must believe that they have the ability to protect themselves. I remember Xiong Bo whose vitality has reached 2.2? If the fugitive encounters Xiong Bo and is caught by him, maybe he has done a great job. "

After finding most of the students, the grade director Li Chenmin's mentality was significantly relaxed.

Zhang Shou did not understand why Li Chenmin thought so. But there were more than 20 lives. How could he be so optimistic in this situation?

"Director Li, Qiao Cheng is known to be brutal, and he has rich practical experience. Xiong Bo’s vitality is 2.2, even if his vitality 2.5, that's just a student. It's easy to fall into passiveness with people like Qiao Cheng. We still organize the teachers to do another mountain search as soon as possible, if Qiao Cheng... "

Before Zhang Shouhua finished speaking, Li Chenmin waved and interrupted: "Our teachers have a limited number of people. Go back to the mountains to find who can guarantee their lives. Now all the people from the Kung Fu Association come, such as mountain searching, it ’s up to professional people to do the work. Teacher Zhang, you can soothe the emotions of the rescued students. By the way, let ’s count on which students are not found. Make a detailed list. I need to know who these students are. "

Li Chenmin's idea is simple, that is to protect the current achievements and not let the existing teachers and students lose their lives.

As the grade director and the main person in charge of this field experience, Li Chenmin almost collapsed when he knew that a fugitive had entered the mountain!

If there are a lot of student casualties, even if he is the nephew of the principal of a middle school, as the main person in charge this time, He was also culpable!

Fortunately, most of the students are back now, which made him relieved.

As for the students who have not been found on the mountain, if they have an accident, it is the responsibility of the Kung Fu Association, because from now on, the mountain is charged by the Kung Fu Association.