Chapter 93 - Traps and Mystery Man

"There's a cave here. Let's go in and see if it's appropriate. Stay here tonight!"

Li Xinyu nodded, they needed to find a place to stay overnight.

This experience is still cruel.

Students must spend three days and three nights in the wild, and they cannot carry luggage. Food and accommodation need to be solved by themselves.

Some people have also questioned the use of this kind of experience? Is this experience too cruel for these high school students?

A spokesman for the Kung Fu Association said that one day when these students entered the Different World to fight, could they still carry large bags with them? !!

As a Kung Fu fighter, you have to adapt to the wild atmosphere of another world from a young age.

Several people came to the cave door, but all of them were on guard because the cave is large and looks deep. Does God know what will be inside?

Du Tianqing said: "Xinyu, Yang Yuan, you are on the door with a bow and arrow alert, Zhang Bo and I went in to see."

"Be careful!"

Du Tianqing nodded, and Zhang Bo walked with his weapon. Just at the entrance of the cave, he suddenly felt as if he had stepped on something soft. He bent down in doubt and found a cloth bag.

"What is it? Is it something others have missed?"

Du Tianqing picked up the cloth bag to check it, but Zhang Li stepped forward and snatched it: "Let me see what it is."

Du Tianqing wanted to get angry on the spot, but his curiosity about the bags still made them all around.

Zhang Li couldn't wait to open the cloth bag and only heard a gurgling sound, a green smoke burst out inside.

"Be careful, something is wrong!"

Du Tianqing shouted, and quickly pulled back.

But at this moment, several noises erupted around them, each one emitting the same green smoke.

Li Xinyu shouted, "Everyone covers your mouth and nose. The smoke is ... strange ... strange."

Before she finished speaking, she felt a strong sense of dizziness in her brain, and her body fell uncontrollably to the ground.

Immediately afterward, she saw that everyone else was falling to the ground like herself, and she was dizzy and wanted to sleep.

Then she saw a black figure approaching them, but the next second, she completely lost consciousness.



Li Xinyu woke up and found that she was in a dark and moist environment, tightly tied by a rope, unable to support herself.

Li Xinyu did not expect such a simulated experience, but she was actually caught in such a trap. She braced her head and wanted to see who was secretly calculating her. As a result, the other party was sitting in the dark and could not see it at all.

She only saw Du Tianqing and others like herself, tied up with a rope, and left beside her.

At this time, several other people also woke up, and when they saw their situation, they were a little flustered.

At this moment, they saw a figure crouching at the entrance of the cave, did not know what they were doing, and could not see who he was.

Du Tianqing first said: "Brother, have something to say well, but it is a simulated experience. Why do you achieve this level, if you want our gains, give it to you."

"That is, if you do too much, you will be punished if your teacher finds it."

Some of them subconsciously thought that they had fallen into the trap of their classmates because there was no one else at this time when they wanted to come to this old forest in the mountains.

After all, such trials are closed in advance in order to prevent students from cheating.

The dark shadow at the cave heard the sound in the cave and stood slowly.

He is not tall, with his right hand leaning on his waist and walking with a limp. When he walked not far in front of the crowd, he lit a torch so that several people could see his face clearly.

The faces of several people changed greatly because this person turned out to be a strange middle-aged person!

This middle-aged person had no hair on his head, but it was not a shiny bald head, as if he had grown a little short hair after being shaved before.

He was dirty and pale, with a very obvious scar on his face, running from his forehead to the corner of his mouth.

His abdomen seemed to be so badly injured that he kept covering it with his hands, but when he got closer, they could clearly see that blood was leaking out from his fingers.

And his breath was heavy, and he breathed very hard with each breath.

But his eyes were cold, with a little ridicule and disdain.

"This is definitely not a good person!" Li Xinyu thought to herself.

But at this time, Zhang Li hadn't responded yet. When she woke up, she found that she was tied up. There was someone in front of her. The vixen's temper immediately came up and cursed: "Hey! Get us loose! Who are you? Why tied us up? Did you hear it? Let me give you three seconds. If you don’t let go, I kill you after I go out ?! "

Du Tianqing and others were speechless. Is she stupid? !!

In this situation, everyone should notice the situation is wrong. The person in front of them is definitely not a good person. You threaten him that you want to die fast? !!

Zhang Li was unaware, and she said loudly, "Do you know who we are ?! Do you know who this girl is next to me? Do you dare to tie us up? If you let the teacher and their parents know, they will kill you." Believe it or not? "

The man walked to Zhang Li's side without talking nonsense, raising his hand to slap her.

This slap in the face was so powerful that there was an echo in the entire cave.

Zhang Li was drawn away at that time, and then saw her pretty good face, which swelled quickly.

Zhang Li's face was incredible: "You, how dare you hit me ?!"

Another slap in the face, Zhang Li's other half face swelled quickly.

Zhang Li was quiet right now, sitting there making a humming cry, but never daring to speak again.

But the man frowned, and spoke for the first time, his voice was low: "Stop crying, or I'll kill you!"

After speaking, it was a fierce kick, and directly struck Zhang Li's face, flew her out, and then hit the wall severely again.

Zhang Li made a terrible cry, but at last, she also understood that this man must be a very wicked guy.

This is not the students that she can bully in school.

This is a real ruthless person!

So Zhang Li stopped speaking immediately, even though her whole body was painful, and her face was sore and swollen, but now she didn't dare to say anything. She bit her teeth hard, for fear that she might make a little sound again.

Seeing this scene, although Du Tianqing and others were in a dangerous situation, they consciously applaud in their hearts.

On the contrary, Li Xinyu couldn't stand it anymore, and rebuked, "What kind of skill is it for a big man to bully a girl like this? Who are you ?!"

The man looked at Li Xinyu in surprise, as if to admire her courage.

Then he showed a brownish-yellow tooth and sneered, "Guess who I am ?!"