Chapter 92 - Trouble Maker Zhang Li

Deep at the south peak of Twin Peaks.

Li Xinyu's team also encountered several wild wolves, and then they easily killed four, and the remaining wild wolves slipped away.

After all, in this team of Li Xinyu, except Zhang Li, they are all strong with a vitality of more than 1.5.

Among them, Du Tianqing and Yang Yuan had the vitality of 1.7, ranking third and fourth in the class, Li Xinyu's vitality of 1.6, fifth in the class, and Zhang Bo's vitality of 1.5, ranking sixth.

And a few of them are children of rich families, so the equipment is also very good, and the wild wolf is naturally careless.

But after killing the wolf, Zhang Li began to command.

After all, the wolf is too big to take it all back, so if they want to accumulate scores, generally they just need to take down the wolf skin and take it back.

"Zhang Bo, hurry up and chop off the skin of these four dead wolves!"

"Yang Yuan, Du Tianqing, don't relax, just pack up! Why are you still standing? Could it be that two girls, Xinyu and me, would do this kind of thing?"

Yang Yuan was not very happy on the spot.

Du Tianqing and Zhang Bo both have a crush on Li Xinyu, but he is not. Yang Yuan has a girlfriend, so he has no idea about Li Xinyu, but he has a good relationship with Zhang Bo. In addition, there are already three members in this team with a vitality of 1.5, which is very competitive, so he agreed to Zhang Li's invitation.

On the way, Zhang Li talked to a few of them arrogantly, as if she were the commander in the team.

And when they encountered the battle, she hid behind them. After the battle ended, she came out and instructed them to do this and that. She kept talking and never did anything.

Yang Yuan can have a vitality of 1.7 at a young age. Naturally, his talents and family are good. Such people are often proud. How can he tolerate it?

So Yang Yuan said unpleasantly, "We have done it, what are you doing?"

"I'm in command!" Zhang Li took a natural tone. "And such a bloody thing, you let us girls do it? Are you still a man ?!"

"Do I need you to admit it?" Yang Yuan was completely angry, and he threw something in his hand, and said, "Zhang Li, you have been commanding since entering the mountain today, but you have nothing to do. Hide behind when we encounter a fight. Li Xinyu is still fighting with us anyway, I want to know where your face makes us do this and that?

When Zhang Bo saw this, he hurried up and pulled Yang Yuan aside, and whispered, "This dirty fox has always been like this fake fox and tiger. You don't have to talk to her."

Zhang Li was also angered by Yang Yuan. When she saw Zhang Bo advise him, she was even more arrogant, sneer: "You are not satisfied yet ?! How could you have teamed with Xinyu without me? You don’t thank me, it ’s okay, you are so embarrassed to ask questions? Shouldn’t it be common sense to do more like boys? Isn’t that common sense? If you don’t want to do it, it ’s better to leave the team."

Yang Yuan was so angry that he pushed Zhang Bo away and pointed at Zhang Li: "Ok, I will leave the team. I don’t want to be in a team with you!"

After speaking, he went angrily to get his own equipment.

Zhang Bo hurriedly stopped him and persuaded: "Don't angry with her. You are now away from the team and your score is gone."

"It's gone!" Yang Yuan sneered, "I don't really take the top prizes. Anyway, the main purpose of field trials is to increase experience. I don't care about the score at all, but I just don't want to be affected by this woman again! "

"Don't do it!" Du Tianqing came over at the moment and advised: "Yang Yuan, don't be impulsive. I'll stand by you on this matter."

Du Tianqing looked back to Zhang Li and said, "Zhang Li, don't overdo it. The one with the lowest strength in this team is you. We are willing to take you as a burden. You better have some self-knowledge. Now I will give two ways to you. One is to close your mouth, and then you have all the miscellaneous work, and the second is to get off. I really don't want to see you! "

Zhang Li was furious and said: "Du Tianqing! Don't forget it! If it weren't for me, you wouldn't be able to join Xinyu in a team at all, you... you cross the river and tear down the bridge!"

She turned to look at Li Xinyu, and said angrily: "Xin Yu, the three of them are too much, kick them out of the team, and we will replace them with new players!"

After Zhang Li finished speaking, Li Xinyu did not respond.

She looked puzzled, but found that Li Xinyu looked at her indifferently, and said slowly:

"Zhang Li, it's almost OK, we are here to experience, not to enjoy. And, you should have basic respect for those who are stronger than you."

Li Xinyu felt that he could not stand Zhang Li anymore.

Li Xinyu was already a little unhappy when she was choosing a team. Zhang Li chose people according to her own preferences.

Although Zhang Li was selfish in the past, she still had a bottom line, but now, she is actually doing her privileges in front of her, and she is justified.

Zhang Li's eyes widened, and she looked horrified: "Xinyu, why do you even say that to me? We are girlfriends, how can you help them not help me?"

Li Xinyu sighed and ignored Zhang Li, but came to the three boys and said: "Several, sorry, Zhang Li... I apologize for her. Let's continue, these activities, I will help you. "

The three boys looked at each other. After all, there were two like Li Xinyu. Although Yang Yuan already had a girlfriend, he felt good about Li Xinyu, and the reason for this was not Li Xinyu.

Therefore, Li Xinyu show her attitude, and the three of them didn’t say anything, so they went to peel the wolf skin in silence.

Li Xinyu also took out a knife, and brought a dead wolf to the side of the brook, and stripped the wolf skin without a word.

Zhang Lichu was in place, her face was blue and red, but she said nothing in the end, and followed Li Xinyu quietly.

The atmosphere suddenly became very weird. Everyone didn't talk, but silently doing their own things.

The three boys got together and subconsciously stayed away from Zhang Li.

They can not care about Zhang Li, but the three of them are extremely outstanding characters in the class, naturally have their own face and pride, so they naturally ignored Zhang Li.

This cold violence lasted for a long time, and Zhang Li was much quieter.

Until the evening, they found a cave...

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