Chapter 85 - Robbery

Xia Ling hummed the cheerful little song and danced briskly in the sky. She was really proud of the huge and difficult task that she just completed, especially the thought of the courage she showed in this task, making her feel proud.

"I won't be a coward anymore, hum!"

Xia Ling saw a sparrow flying in the distance and immediately put on a little Superman expression.

"Bad bird, Xia Ling is no longer afraid of you!"

With that said, Xia Ling made a 360-degree turn in the sky, and then speeded up and flew towards the sparrow.

"Isn't she brave too much?"

But the next second, after seeing Xia Ling, the sparrow fluttered over with wings and pointed beak like a knife, and immediately yelled Xia Ling, Xia Ling turned around and ran away!

"Wow wow! Master saves me!"

Xia Ling flew towards Zhong Yihan in panic, and the sparrow that was chasing after her saw the human being, and suddenly stopped, then changed direction without hesitation.

"Master saves me, Xia Ling is going to be eaten by the bad bird!"

Xia Ling shouted desperately holding Zhong Yihan's shoulder. Zhong Yihan said a little funny: "Don't shout, the bad bird has already run away, why do you provoke it."

Xia Ling secretly poked out her head and saw that the sparrow had flown away, and then she was so depressed that she cried: "Xia Ling hasn't become brave at all, I can't beat the bad bird."

Zhong Yihan dragged Xia Ling into his hands and encouraged: "At least Xia Ling can now face the darkness, isn't it? There are many bad giants who can't even do this."


Zhong Yihan nodded: "Of course it is true. With the fat giant of my team, he is very afraid of darkness. If let him drill holes, he must not dare to go."

This is not a lie. Zhu Zhenxing is really afraid of darkness. They went to a haunted house once before, and they just came in. They hadn't encountered anything yet. The darkness inside scared Zhu Zhenxing back and never go in again.

"Xia Ling dares to drill holes, that bad giant is not brave than Xia Ling."

Xia Ling suddenly recovered, and she stood up with her hips folded, looking serious and swollen, looking very cute.

Zhong Yihan shook his head secretly in his heart. Xia Ling always jumped in extreme timidity and extreme expansion. He had already been used to it.

Comfort Xia Ling, tell her not to provoke sparrows any more, Zhong Yihan quickly found his team along the way.

Seeing Zhu Fat's prominent figure from a distance, but it was strange that there were also a few people across from them. The two sides held each other as if arguing about something.

As soon as Zhong Yihan's heart moved, he lowered his figure, touched it silently, and heard a quarrel.

"Honestly hand over the harvest, otherwise don't blame us for being rude."

"Oh, now you are arrogant. When our captain Zhong Yihan comes back, you will know the result."

"Who is Zhong Yihan? I don't know, I only know now, five to four, who is strong and who is weak at a glance, if you don't want to be beaten, quickly give me your backpack!"

Zhu Zhenxing and others surrounded by a team of five people they didn't know. It seemed that the other teams wanted to grab the harvest.

The man in this team had a pot cover, but he was not tall, and his face was very immature, but he pretended he was very strong.

Maybe he thought he was awesome, but in Zhong Yihan's opinion, there was really only silly.

The other players around the pot head were all accustomed to this.

Zhong Yihan didn't go out immediately. He didn't know the strength of these people. Before they found out, it's better to observe.

Fan Dali saw that Zhong Yihan's name did not calm them, so he changed his saying: "Even you don’t know Zhong Yihan, you are still a student of No.1 High School? You don’t know Zhong Yihan, you should know Yun Chao. Tell You, two days ago, Zhong Yihan defeated Yun Chao!"

Fan Dali was so proud of himself that he tilted his nose and waited to hear their shock and compliment.

The pot and the team members looked at each other, and he asked, "How much is his vitality?"

"Hum, 1.2!"

Fan Dali thumbed his hips.

His meaning is obvious. Zhong Yihan's 1.2 vitality can defeat Yun Chao’s vitality 1.3, and he can easily beat you.

Who knew what he said, he suddenly heard a sound of relief.

"Fuck, I thought I had provoked a fighter, just the vitality 1.2, we five people, one 1.2, one 1.1, three 1.0, if the one named Zhong Yihan dared to come out, we let him see what is called strength. "

Zhong Yihan hiding in the woods: "..."

Are these people stupid?

Still too confident?

Actually proactively exposed their strength.

"That is, let him see what cooperation means."

The Mediterranean didn't talk. No one had noticed him before, but his hair is dancing in the wind.

Zhu Zhenxing frowned: "Why does your team have an adult uncle? You are cheating!"

Ming Jiajia, Ning Jinshui, and Fan Dali nodded their heads seriously. This kind of simulation experience is still cheating, which is really shameless!

The Mediterranean suddenly blew: "Who do you say is the uncle! I'm just seventeen!"

The pot comforts him: "Brother, don't be angry, I will take revenge for you."

Everyone looked at the two in unison and incredible.

They thought the pot was the youngest and didn't expect the Mediterranean to be a younger brother!

This is really unrecognizable.

Ming Jiajia could not help but smile but immediately realized that she was a bit rude, so she hurriedly shut up.

Unfortunately, it was heard by the keen Mediterranean.

The Mediterranean pointed at Ming Jiajia and said angrily, "Did you laugh at me just now?"

Ming Jiajia hurriedly waved, "I didn't mean it, I'm sorry."

"Don't think that you are a girl, it ’s great. Is it great to have hair? Tell you, I don’t have hair, this is masculine!"

That sounds sad.

Fan vigorously sympathized in their hearts.

"Brother, don't forget our main purpose. You don't need to be angry with them. Just grabbing their harvest is the best revenge on them!"

"Good brother, let's do it together!"

"Okay, brothers, let's go!"

Zhong Yihan felt that he knew almost everything, so he jumped out of the grass.

"Who is going to grab our harvest ?!"