Chapter 84 - Little Red Riding Hood

"Xia Ling, send you a task, enter the burrow and see if there are any good things in it."

"Here?" Xia Ling flew to the cave, watching the endless darkness inside, and immediately screamed, rushed to Zhong Yihan with a crying voice, "It's so dark inside, Xia Ling is so scared."

Zhong Yihan patted his head, and he almost forgot that Xia Ling was timid-maybe timid than a rabbit.

This burrow is complicated. It would be impossible for ordinary people to become Xia Ling so much to explore, let alone Xia Ling.

He should bring a smaller flashlight in advance. The mobile phone has a flashlight function, but it is estimated that Xia Ling's small body can't hold it at all.

Zhong Yihan made a difficult moment: "Xia Ling, don't you have night vision ability?"

"Xia Ling can night vision, but Xia Ling is afraid."

Xia Ling pursed her lips, tears swirling in her eyes, and she looked awkward.

Zhong Yihan knew that unless the hare had cubs, there would be no other danger in the hole.

Knowing that Xia Ling could see the situation inside, Zhong Yihan had no worries.

"So, if you can confirm what's going on inside, I'll reward you with a Barbie."

"Barbie?" Xia Ling's eyes lit up immediately.

After moving to the new villa, Xia Ling had an additional castle-yes, it was the children's playground in the villa.

Even the artificial shells, Xia Ling can carefully collect as treasures. Where can she resist the temptation of this castle-like children's playground? !!

So in the past few days, Xia Ling played thoroughly.

Especially the Barbie dolls left in the cabinet at that time, she was named one by one, and then put on new clothes-she also put on Barbie clothes, and lived there all day.

Xia Ling also asked Zhong Yihan to buy her more Barbie dolls-of course this request was rejected by Zhong Yihan.

Sure enough, when Zhong Yihan said "Barbie", Xia Ling's spirit came immediately.

But this girl became smarter now, her eyes rolled, and she stretched out two small fingers to Zhong Yihan: "Two Barbies!"

Zhong Yihan stood up and said deliberately, "That's all, I guess there's nothing in the burrow. We don't watch it, a Barbie is gone."

"Don't don't!" Xia Ling quickly stopped Zhong Yihan, with a serious face, "One! Just a Barbie! Xia Ling, go now!"

After speaking, she was afraid that Zhong Yihan would regret it and flew into the hole.

Zhong Yihan outside laughed and whispered, "Play with me? You're too young!"



Xia Ling flew into the burrow, and the courage that Barbie gave her lasted only a few seconds, and she fell back into fear.

This is the first time that Xia Ling has completed the task without the master.

Although she often left Zhong Yihan and flew higher when she was in a Different World, it was because there were no restrictions. If she was in danger, she could fly away at any time. However, in the underground cave, her flight space was limited. It's not easy to escape to bad guys.

The inside of the cave was mixed, and every time Xia Ling encountered a turn, her mind couldn't help but make up for the sudden appearance of a terrible demon on the other side.

There was a time when Zhong Yihan was happy, told a story of Little Red Riding Hood to Xia Ling, and deliberately stopped that big wolf eats Little Red Riding Hood’s grandma and knock on Little Red Riding Hood's door.

Scared Xia Ling asked what happened next.

Zhong Yihan said with a wretched and weird smile: "Guess."

That story left an indelible shadow on Xia Ling. She didn't dare to be alone for several days afterward and even had a nightmare in her brain to make up what happened after big wolf knocks on Little Red Riding Hood's door.

Later Zhong Yihan saw that Xia Ling was really afraid, so she had to tell her the happy ending.

"Little Red Riding Hood, I'm as brave as you are."

As he was about to turn, Xia Ling muttered in her mouth, as if to gain courage.

As she got deeper and deeper, Xia Ling's nerves tightened to the extreme, and when she was afraid that she wanted to leave early, she suddenly felt strong energy in one direction.

Xia Ling's eyes brightened and she flew in that direction.



Zhong Yihan waited for five or six minutes beside the cave, and Xia Ling fled suddenly.

Seeing her expression of horror, Zhong Yihan hurriedly said, "Xia Ling, are you in danger?"

Xia Ling flew to Zhong Yihan's shoulders, clutching his clothes tightly, until she felt the warmth of the master, then finally relieved his breath.

"Xia Ling was not in danger. Xia Ling just imagined that a demon was chasing me. The more Ie thought about it, the more I became afraid."

The frightened Xia Ling suddenly flew up and proudly said, "Master, Xia Ling found the purple energy grass and was at the end of the cave."

Zhong Yihan was immediately overjoyed, felt her little head, and praised: "Xia Ling is amazing! How brave! When I go back this time, I will buy Barbie."

When Xia Ling heard the compliment, Xiaolian finally recovered some blood and looked quite proud.

"Xia Ling is as brave as Little Red Riding Hood."

"No, Xia Ling is braver than Little Red Riding Hood."

With Zhong Yihan's high praise, Xia Ling's previous fear suddenly disappeared, and she happily flew around Zhong Yihan a few times.

"Haha, Xia Ling is braver than Little Red Riding Hood!"

Really easy to satisfy.

However, the little girl performed well. She was so brave that she dared to fly in the burrow for so long alone, which broke the record.

"Well, Xia Ling, go to the sky, I will call someone else."

"Okay, master."

Xia Ling faintly flew into the sky, but she didn't notice the branch but bumped into it.

Just when Zhong Yihan thought that Xia Ling must be crying now, he didn't expect Xia Ling to cover her head and hold back her tears while continuing to fly, she said to herself: "Xia Ling does not cry, Xia Ling is braver than Little Red Riding Hood. "

Well, it seems that Xia Ling has found a new character set for herself.

Zhong Yihan smiled, but was not in a hurry to remove the purple energy grass, but made a mark on the spot, and then went to Zhu Zhenxing and others.