Chapter 83 - Mutant Beast

Fan Dali was shocked: "There are other plants behind the leaves of the climbing grass!"

This has completely transcended his cognitive scope.

Fan Dali has always thought that the growth of ordinary herbs is as independent and has special circumstances as hemostatic, but now it seems that his knowledge is too lacking.

Ning Jinshui reached out and turned the other leaves, and sure enough, he also found yellow leaflets on the back.

"This is the rehmannia glutinosa, which belongs to a parasitic relationship with climbing grass. The usual growth is along the back of climbing grass. Once the branches and leaves that are different from climbing grass grow, that part will disappear in a short time."

Ming Jiajia worshiped: "That's the way it is, Zhong Yihan is awesome."

If the discovery of hemostatic grass is still common knowledge, it will definitely take a lot of experience to find rehmannia glutinosa.

Did Zhong Yihan work in a pharmacy?

How else could he be so skillful at discerning herbs?

Everyone followed Zhong Yihan's introduction and then set their eyes on each tree.

Rehmannia glutinosa is different from hemostatic grass, and its distribution is relatively random. Not every climbing grass has rehmannia glutinosa.

But even so, there is a 50% chance of discovering rehmannia glutinosa after finding climbing grass. It seems that the school has planted a lot of rehmannia glutinosa, and the probability of finding it in Zhong Yihan in Different World is only about 20%.

Everyone knows it.

Such trials are actually "semi-artificial breeding".

Otherwise, there are only dozens of kilometers away from the urban area, how can there be so many beasts and herbs?

After all, the energy index of this Twin Mountains is not low, it is more than 1.5, so the plants and animals here are growing faster and more magnificent.

The school relies on drones to sow seeds across the mountains, and then buys some beasts and throws them in, allowing them to grow freely-it doesn't cost much.

Then ask the students to experience here, dig back the formed herbs, and kill a wave of beasts, all of which must be brought back to the school for recycling!

As a result, the school just offered some rewards to the top ten and found such a large group of free laborers, which also provided opportunities for students to exercise.

The school is too smart!

The number of hares in the Twin Mountains is the largest, and there is no way, this animal is breeding too fast!

After killing several hares, Zhong Yihan found that the prey was not easy to carry after all. After not finding more valuable prey, Zhong Yihan temporarily focused on searching for herbs.

With the continuous accumulation of herbs, Zhu Zhenxing's backpack gradually swelled.

Everyone was thrilled and seemed to find pleasure in searching for herbs.

Zhong Yihan found a hemostatic plant and just wanted to pull it out, a hare suddenly jumped out of the grass next to it.

Zhong Yihan immediately drew his sword into a combat posture but found that it was just a rabbit, and put away the black sword.

But it's a bit strange. The rabbit's head seems to be a lot bigger than the previous ones. The key point is that it doesn't seem to be afraid of humans.

The big hare looked at Zhong Yihan for a while, then jumped to the ground of a nearby tree, ate the hemostatic plant in the shadow, and then hurried to the side, and found another hemostatic plant. Choked up.

"This rabbit is so big and likes to eat herbs. It's a bit unusual ..." Zhong Yihan thought and said, "Is it a mutant beast?"

It is said in the book that some common beasts on the earth have stayed in the aura-rich places for a long time, or have eaten some special energy grass and fruit, there may be a certain degree of benign mutation or evolution.

The higher the energy, the more such mutant beasts.

Although the Aura of Twin Mountain is less than 1.5, it is only an average value. There are always some special places that may form a place where the energy converges due to terrain, magnetic fields, and other reasons. The concentration of energy is doubled normally.

So when he saw this big rabbit, Zhong Yihan suddenly thought, Is this a mutant beast?

The book says that when you find a mutant beast, you can follow it to find a place where the energy gathers-and in general, the place where the energy gathers is likely to grow some more precious things.

Zhong Yihan thought about the possibility, and he glanced back at Zhu Zhenxing, who was looking for medicinal herbs seriously and called to Fan Dali, who was closest to him, and whispered, "You are waiting here, and I will be back in a while.

Fan Dali did not understand why Zhong Yihan spoke so quietly but nodded.

"You can rest assured as soon as we can move around here and not run around."

Zhong Yihan nodded and looked back, and found that the hemostatic plant had only one root left, and the fat rabbit's butt burrowed into the grass.

After a month of practice in a Different World, Zhong Yihan's current tracking technology has made great progress.

He can ensure that he silently tracks the hare in the field of vision and is not found.

This fat hare walked and stopped along the way, and there were more than five strains of hemostatic herb eaten by it.

Finally, the fat hare seemed to be full and began to run non-stop in one direction.

The fat hare stopped at a hole covered by the weeds. It just stopped to get ready to drill in. An arrow hit the fat hare's head and nailed it to the ground.

Zhong Yihan came to the hare, pulled out his arrows, and then tried to recycle the fat hare.

[One dead "mutated hare" was found. The recycle price: 2 system points. Want to sell?]

"It is a mutant beast, but the recycling price is only two points. Too low!" Zhong Yihan couldn't help but spit the system.

One system point is nothing to him now. Two evil rabbits can be changed to two system points, but the problem is that the meat of the evil rabbits is too sour and unable to be eaten. He can only recycle them. But this mutant hare looks extremely fat at first sight, and this hare is still grown up with herbs, and the body must be very good.

This gives the two systems points... Zhong Yihan feels stupid if he really sells it.

It ’s better to keep eating!

Zhong Yihan took out an arrow and measured the depth of the burrow, and found that it was deeper than he thought.

If he uses digging, it is too time-consuming, and it is not sure whether the concentration of energy in it is thick or not, is there any good thing.

Zhong Yihan suddenly thought of Xia Ling. She was very small, which allowed her to check the situation in advance.

Thinking of this, he whistled into the sky, not long after Xia Ling flew down.

"Master, what do you want me to do?"

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