Chapter 81 - Into the Mountain

At eight thirty, the school bus left on time, and it took an hour all the way to reach the Twin Mountains in the northern suburbs.

Twin Mountains is located 10 kilometers deep in the northern suburbs. The mountain is 567 meters high. The mountain is rich in herbs and there are many beasts. Because the two mountains look similar from a high altitude, they are named Twin Mountains.

The students were taken to the foot of the mountain on the left, and then Zhang Shoudao said, "After going up the mountain, pay attention to your own safety. Although some Kung Fu teachers are protecting it in secret, it is impossible to take care of everyone, so it depends on you. Now each captain of the team came up to collect supplies and flare, one for each person! If you are in danger but the Kung Fu teacher is not around, you can ignite the flare and the teacher will arrive quickly. But again, the use of the flare means that the team will abstain and will cancel all points."

"In addition, you can attack other teams and snatch other people's loot, but you must control your shots and not hurt others life, otherwise you will be severely punished! Do you understand?"


"So now, the captains of the various teams come up to receive the flare, supplies, maps and training manuals, and then ... into the mountains!"

After the captains stepped forward to pick up the things, the students in the three classes immediately dispersed, and each found their own team and began to enter the mountain.

Zhong Yihan's five-member team has already assembled, but just before entering the mountain, they encountered the team of Li Xinyu.

Originally, Zhong Yihan didn't care, but he did not expect that Li Xinyu took the initiative to smile at them. This performance immediately made him startled and smiled subconsciously.

However, Li Xinyu didn't say anything next, saying hello to the people in her team, the five of them hurried forward together, then disappeared into the jungle.

The fat man was extremely excited. After Li Xinyu's team disappeared, he grabbed Fan Dali and violent shook, and said: "See? See ?? I'm not dreaming ?! The ice goddess just smiled at me just now! "

Fan Dali had a look of helplessness and said, "I saw Li Xinyu smiling, but obviously she was smiling at Yi Han. Is it related to you?

"You must have seen it wrong!" The fat man said shamelessly. "She was smiling at me, I met her last night and invited her to dinner! Jiajia, did you say Li Xinyu was smiling at me just now? "

Ming Jiajia was rather shy, so she didn’t answer.

The fat man was very depressed, and looked at Ning Jinshui, the last teammate, and said, "What do you think, Jinshui?"

Ning Jinshui thought for a while, then said, "You said you met Li Xinyu last night?"

"That's it!" The fat man was very proud, after all, it was a glory to invite the goddess to dinner.

Ning Jinshui said, "How do I think it's impossible to be a chance encounter, but you're leaving her behind?"

"Ah! You idiot!"

The fat man immediately shouted to justify himself, and there was a laugh in the team.

Zhong Yihan looked back with a smile, then picked up the map and studied.

The map roughly shows the distribution of the species and vegetation of the Twin Mountains, and the points converted from these materials.

The scores of the beasts are relatively high, such as a gray wolf at twenty and a wild boar at fifty.

The plant score is relatively low.

A hemostatic plant has only 0.5 points, Xiao Chaihu 1 point, and Lantern Fruit 2 points ... Unless it is an energy grass, it basically does not exceed 10 points.

Zhong Yihan looked at the map for a long time, then pointed to a place on the north slope and said, "Let's go and see first!"

Others have no objections, after all, their strengths are average, so there is no expectation of results for this experience, just to increase some experience, so it doesn't matter where they go.

Including Zhong Yihan himself, he didn't feel that he could enter the top three, so he didn't have to think of competing for the top three.

The team moved in the direction of the north slope. As soon as it turned over a hill, there were no other students around.

After all, more than one hundred and fifty people seem to be a lot, but entering this twin mountain is like sand spilling into the sea. In addition to the dense number of students at the beginning, there are fewer students around.

Part of the reason is that in order to ensure the harvest, each team will deliberately distance themselves from other teams. Another more important reason is that the Twin Mountains are too large and there are many areas to explore.

After walking up the mountain, not far away, Zhong Yihan suddenly stopped next to a tree.

Fan Dali was startled: "What a clue? Did you find anything?"

Zhong Yihan's abnormal behavior made everyone suddenly alert. Their five-member team, each brought their own weapons.

Ming Jiajia's weapon is a thin, long sword, and Ning Jinshui and Fan Dali's weapons are both large swords.

Although Zhu Fatzi was for sightseeing, he also had to fight, and his weapon was as rough as himself—a huge ax with a blade.

Zhu Zhenxing looked at the crowd nervously and hurried three steps and made two steps to hide behind Zhong Yihan.

"Yihan, you must protect me, I'm afraid."

"Get off!" Zhong Yihan pushed Zhu Zhenxing away disgustingly, and then pulled up a grass road in the shadow of the tree: "This is a hemostatic plant, 0.5 points!"

Zhu Zhenxing followed with a glance and wondered, "Hemostatic? How do you see it? I only look at it as weeds."

Fan Dali and the three gathered around to observe, in their eyes, they were just ordinary weeds.

Ming Jiajia wanted to believe in Zhong Yihan, but she was too shy to speak.

Zhong Yihan explained earnestly: "Hemostatic plants grow from the back of the sun, so they generally grow in darker corners. And now it is late autumn. Generally, weeds will be slightly yellow even if they are not completely withered, but the hemostatic plants are always green. You see, it's significantly greener than other weeds. "

Zhong Yihan handed the hemostatic grass in his hand to Zhu Zhenxing and checked them one by one.

When it was Ning Jinshui's turn, he also specifically looked for a few ordinary weeds for comparison and found that it did.

"The feel of the hemostat is much more resilient than the feel of the weeds."

The honest comparison method is so serious.

Ming Jiajia was surprised after comparing: "Really, Zhong Yihan, you are so good."

Immediately after speaking, Ming Jiajia realized that what she said, and her cheeks were reddish, but she found that others didn't care, and she was relieved.

"For me, the best way to judge is to put some blood on the individual and then treat it with this plant. If the blood stops, then it means that this is really a hemostatic plant."

Zhu Zhenxing thought he had a great idea and looked at his teammates with a smug expression.

Zhong Yihan and the other four glanced at each other, nodded at the same time, and pointed at Zhu Zhenxing together, saying: "Then you try it!"