Chapter 80 - Before the Field Trial

At 8:30 in the morning, students in Classes Three, Three, and Five gathered at the playground, and then the teacher checked the students' equipment and what they were carrying.

According to regulations, in addition to the equipment and weapons worn by the students themselves, except for a backpack for prey, nothing else is allowed.

Of course, the school will also give everyone a bottle of water, a small bottle of table salt, a flare, and a map and manual before the students enter the mountain.

Just such things, how to survive in the mountains for three days depends on the students themselves.

There were 170 students in the three classes, but some people were worried that they would be in danger, so they did not sign the exemption clause, and some people asked for leave because of injuries or illness, so a total of only 154 came.

Zhong Yihan's appearance made many people shine.

In the past, Zhong Yihan was wearing clothes that were tens of yuan. He was not that super handsome, plus his vitality was weak, and people were not confident enough, so he belonged to that type that thrown into the crowd is not noticeable.

but now……

Black tight-fitting combat suit, explosion-proof armor, Adi Windrunner series boots ...

It's not unreasonable that these big brands sell equipment so expensive.

Not only the quality is super good, but also the appearance is handsome and attractive.

Moreover, Zhong Yihan's height was not low, 1.76 meters, plus his vitality skyrocketed during this time. Now the vitality is close to 1.3, so the body muscles are also fuller than before, plus this tight combat suit is worn on the body, with its plastic effect of straightening the chest and hips, so now Zhong Yihan is truly handsome.

Obviously, the lines around the body are full of masculinity.

More importantly, his temperament is now full of self-confidence and positivity. He walks along the road subconsciously with his head raised, instead of bending his head slightly as before.

And he has a long black knife on his back and a big bow of 100 pounds.

Therefore, Zhong Yihan now is completely different from before.

A girl was injured during training before, took a month and a half vacation, and has just returned.

Seeing Zhong Yihan walking up wearing this body, her eyes suddenly glowed, and she secretly poked the girlfriend next to him, and whispered: "Who is this handsome guy? Which class? Why haven't I met before? Is it a new transfer student? "

The girlfriend looked at the idiot with a tangled look, and she couldn't bear to disturb her dreams, but finally said, "That's Zhong Yihan."

"Zhong Yihan, the name is a bit familiar ... What?! You said he was Zhong Yihan ?!"

The girlfriend nodded enthusiastically, in fact, her heart was also depressed and regretful. If she could know that Zhong Yihan could suddenly reborn, and she should show goodwill as early as possible!

The students came one by one, many of them wearing such tight-fitting combat clothes.

After all, this is the most popular style at the moment. Of course, in terms of price, the price difference between different brands of different materials and combat clothing is also huge.

Cheaper ones are also available, but they don't seem to have any effect other than good looking and suitable for activities.

At this time Li Xinyu and others arrived.

As soon as Li Xinyu appeared, she immediately became the focus of the audience.

Because she was also wearing a silver-gray tight combat suit, she showed her tall figure to the fullest, especially those long legs, the boys secretly drooling, the girls secretly jealous.

Where Li Xinyu is, there must be Zhang Li.

Zhang Li also wore a tight-fitting combat suit today, without the kind of any trademark on it, and she didn't know which cottage brand it was.

There was nothing wrong with the clothes, but Li Xinyu's height was infinitely close to 1.7 meters, Zhang Li does not reach 1.6 meters, and the temperament of the two was so different that it was normal to wear ordinary clothes, but this kind of tights shows body and temperament most, so now Zhang Li is standing next to Li Xinyu, exactly like a maid.

Zhang Li also saw Zhong Yihan among the crowd at this time.

No way, now Zhong Yihan is so dazzling.

But in Zhang Li's eyes, it was very unpleasant, and she secretly took a sip: "What's the use of dressing well!"

Li Xinyu also marveled at the great change of Zhong Yihan. After hearing Zhang Li's whisper, she frowned slightly, and finally couldn't help but said, "Lili, why are you not dealing with Zhong Yihan so much? Are there any enemies between you? "

Zhang Li stunned, when did she start to not deal with Zhong Yihan?

It is certainly not far, because when Zhong Yihan was obscured before, with her snob, she could not see such a figure at all.

What time is it?

Zhang Li thought hard.

Oh, it seems like the last time, when Zhu Zhenxing came over and said he wanted to give Li Xinyu a medicine bath bag.

At that time, Li Xinyu didn't receive it--in fact, there were too many boys who gave Li Xinyu gifts, but she basically didn't accept them--then Zhang Li went to find the fat man to get the medicine bath bag because the fat man said that the effect of the medicine bath bag is fantastic.

As a result, the fat man did not give her, not only did he not give her a medicine bath bag, but humiliated herself, and Zhong Yihan, as the man's best friend, applauded.

That's how hatred starts!

Then Zhang Li watched Zhong Yihan getting more and more unhappy, especially when she saw that he had improved, her heart was the same as being burnt by the fire.

Of course, Zhang Li never thinks she is wrong, she just thinks, why is Zhong Yihan making such rapid progress, isn't this hitting her face?

And most importantly ...

Zhong Yihan never seemed to give her a better look.

What a pity!

Of course, Zhang Li wouldn't say these words. She was very picky and said, "Xinyu, have you forgotten it? It was him and the Zhu fat man who said that you are a prodigal girl! "

There was a hint of displeasure in Li Xinyu's eyes.

She looked at Zhang Li seriously and whispered: "I went to the mall last night and happened to meet Zhu Zhenxing. He asked me to have dinner."

Zhang Li's heart sank abruptly, and she only listened to Li Xinyu continued: "I asked him about the" prodigal girl" at dinner. He thought about it for a long time, but it did happen, but he explained to me that it was just they made that up, and the whole thing was actually just a misunderstanding. "

"So ..." Li Xinyu looked at Zhang Li deeply and said, "It's just a misunderstanding. Even if you are not friends, you don't need to make the relationship so rigid. Are you right, Lili?"

Zhang Li's eyes flashed with panic. She heard Li Xinyu's concealed meaning. Obviously, the fat man couldn't just tell Li Xinyu these things. He must have said something she did privately. Li Xinyu is warning her.

Obviously, Li Xinyu was very dissatisfied with what she had done to Zhong Yihan during this time. That's not a good sign!

Zhang Li's heart was full of hatred, but she didn't dare to talk back to Li Xinyu at this moment, so she nodded her aggrieved and forced out a smile:

"It turned out to be a misunderstanding, Xinyu, you always know the fact of the matter."

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