Chapter 8 - Crisis and Harvest

Zhong Yihan rested for a while, and after recovering some physical strength, he stood up and moved on.

Just killed three evil rabbit beast, and only got 3 points in total, plus the previous 1 point, at least kill one more evil rabbit beast can get a shuttle.

But Zhong Yihan is not as nervous and frightened as before.

After all, the actual fight is great for improving courage.

The evil rabbit beast is nothing more than an animal with the same attack power as an ordinary fierce dog. He is armed with armor and has a sharp knife with a length of more than one meter. This is a human advantage.

After all, students in this era have started to practice basic equipment since junior high school. After so many years, Zhong Yihan's "knife practice" was good.

Although only the simplest hacks, chops, cuts, and other moves are possible, as long as don't panic in heart and ensure the stability of shot, there is actually no problem in dealing with the evil rabbit beasts that stay alone.

Of course, whether the other party will run away or not is beyond his control.

After all, the wisdom of the evil rabbit beast is not low, knowing that if one can not beat the enemy, they will run away, it will be caught by the trap, and it can even bite off its leg ...

This IQ is probably almost the same as the fox on the earth.


Beasts are beasts, and even if they are a little wise, they are still beasts. Don't expect to rely on that poor brain capacity to fight with humans.

Zhong Yihan walked a while and found another evil rabbit beast.

He hid behind the tree and threw the bait to the side of the big tree.

The bait was specially made, with a strong fragrance, and soon attracted the attention of the evil rabbit beast, and ran over.

The rabbit is a bit cautious. It waited for a while and made sure that it was not in danger.

At this moment, Zhong Yihan jumped out from behind the tree and attack the rabbit!

Harvested another!

In this way, Zhong Yihan subsequently killed four evil rabbit beasts, and the system points reached 8.

Zhong Yihan quickly bought a shuttle.

Now, finally, he felt more secure.

But good luck is not that long.

Next, Zhong Yihan also wanted to use bait to lure evil rabbit beasts, but this time directly attracted three!

Then there was a hard fight.

After first killing an evil rabbit beast by a sneak attack, Zhong Yihan finally cut off the other two evil rabbit beasts by the protection of leather armor.

But it also paid the price.

It was bitten several times. Although it was protected by leather armor, it must have been bruised, and the most serious thing was that the leather armor on the trouser legs had been bitten through a hole.

Next, Zhong Yihan killed several evil rabbit beasts.

A rabbit stays alone and there are two together.

The system point broke ten for the first time.

Moreover, he is now getting more and more proficient, and the efficiency of killing these evil rabbit beasts is getting higher and higher.

Psychology is also very important.

From the beginning panic and helplessness, until now calm, can even predict the trajectory, at the most appropriate time, kill them with a knife.

Zhong Yihan feels that he may have made more progress in fighting this night than he did last year!

"Real fight is the most effective!"

Then killed several evil rabbit beasts, the system point reached 15 points.

At this moment, "whine" sounded like a wolverine suddenly not far away.

Zhong Yihan's face changed, and he hurried to find a strong tree and climbed up.

Hiding in the dense foliage and looking down, six weird, but some creatures like hyenas appeared in groups nearby.

They had a hyena's body and head but had a lizard-like tail. The most eye-catching was the fangs in the big mouth. Two of them had fangs like wild boars. looks threatening.

Zhong Yihan knows that this weird creature is called a "tooth canine beast". When he checked the information in the "Kung Fu Forum" before, he saw the illustrated book of this creature.

Speaking of, for the naming of creatures in Different World, monsters with two significantly different biological characteristics appearing on the body at the same time will be collectively referred to as "xx" species.

Then it named it specifically with one of its most significant features.

It's like the "evil rabbit beast", it's a rabbit's head and a dog-like body.

This "tooth canine beast" is a hyena-like head, wild boar tusks, and a lizard's tail combined.

Looks weird.

Although in the illustrated book, this "tooth canine beast" is still classified as a low level. Looking at the appearance of these beasts, this creature is definitely more dangerous than the evil rabbit beast.

A simple way to compare.

The evil rabbit beast is only the size of an adult pug and weighs only 5 kilograms.

However, these tooth canine beasts are as large as adult wolf dogs and weigh at least 25 kilograms.

The larger the body, the greater the strength and the greater the bite force.

This is a common truth in the biological world.

Therefore, Zhong Yihan can not guarantee that the armor on his body can prevent their mouths.

Not to mention these beasts are gregarious animals. They are used to acting out in groups. Zhong Yihan knows his strength and understands that if there is only one beast, he may still be able to fight with one, but so few together, the only thing he has to do now is hiding in the leaves and pray that he won't be found.

Otherwise, he will be dead.

Fortunately, these beasts only walked under the tree and found no prey, so they left.

But Zhong Yihan on the tree was still afraid to move. After waiting for a while, he confirmed that the tooth canine beasts did not return, so he quietly came down from the tree, and then found the opposite direction to run away from this horrible beast.

There are more creatures in the forest than Zhong Yihan imagined. He not only saw some strange birds, but also many weird looks. He also encountered two snake-like creatures.

However, this snake-like creature was very alert. When Zhong Yihan found them, they immediately went into the grass and disappeared.

This made Zhong Yihan more vigilant and did not dare to act lightly, and he was cautious along the way.

He only kills evil rabbit beasts and doesn’t kill other insects and snakes. When he hears the sounds of tooth canine beasts, he immediately turns around and runs away.

In this way, another hour passed, and another five poor evil rabbit beasts died under Zhong Yihan's sword-of course, more were run away, and there were a dozen.

The system point of the mall also reached 20.

After a while, Zhong Yihan saw an evil rabbit beast again.

But unlike before, the evil rabbit beast dragged into the cave by biting the body of a big mouse.

Zhong Yihan quickly stomped near the cave.

The evil rabbit beast did not notice any human being approaching at all, and half of its body had been drilled into the cave.

Zhong Yihan took a chance and attacked from behind!

The poor evil rabbit beast was directly killed with this knife.

Zhong Yihan recovered the corpse of this evil rabbit beast and harvested 1 system point again. As for the big mouse, sorry, the system doesn't want such a low thing and will not be recovered.

"In other words, what is this cave? Rabbit nest? Is there food stored in it?" Zhong Yihan looked at the cave. "Or is there a rabbit in it?"

If that's the case, wouldn't he be able to make a fortune?

Zhong Yihan thought, excitedly reached into the Tang knife and measured the depth of the cave. As a result, the entire Tang knife and the length of the arm could not be detected.

So deep!

Zhong Yihan found that the soil around the cave was loose and soft. He first used a Tang knife to destroy the surrounding soil, and then threw the cave away with his hand, which was about two or three meters deep, and finally dug to the end of the cave.

There were no rabbits or stored food at the end of the cave.

Some are two grass with dark purple leaves.

"This is ... purple energy grass?!"