Chapter 74 - Dream Reward

After three days.

Zhong Yihan and the house owner signed a series of real estate transfer contracts.

According to the contract, Zhong Yihan bought two villas at a price of 6.5 million, with a down payment of 2 million, and the remaining 4.5 million was made up in the next half year.

If Zhong Yihan breached the contract and failed to pay the balance within time, then the owner had the right to recycle the house.

And if the owner breaches the contract, he compensates 100 times the purchase price as a penalty, which is 650 million.

The two signed their names on the contract, and after the notarization by a lawyer, the contract became effective.

The owner handed the key to Zhong Yihan and said with emotion: "Young man, this house will be yours in the future! You can rest assured that I have found someone to clean it in the past two days. You can buy some bed linen, quilt, and toiletries. You can move in. "

Zhong Yihan smiled and thanked, The owner smiled, and said loudly: "Goodbye! I'll go to the provincial capital and go to my son!"

Having said that, he refused the fat man's willingness to invite him to dinner. He drove straight with his luggage and went straight to the provincial capital.

After the two watched the car disappears into the distance, the fat man punched Zhong Yihan's shoulder and laughed: "Congratulations, you bought the first villa of your life so soon, it's worth celebrating!! "

"Celebration is necessary, but it's still another day, I have to go back and tell the good news to my mother and my sister!"

The fat man smiled and said, "I knew you would do this, and I'm ready for the car!"

"Thank you, brother!"

"By the way, Yihan." The fat man suddenly turned around and asked, "I have always wanted to ask you a question, are you really not afraid of the space crack of Qinggang City? If it can't be kept..."

"In case it can’t be kept, that's the loss of 6.5 million." Zhong Yihan said lightly, "I have already considered it before. Think about a month ago, let alone 6.5 million, even if It's 650 yuan, and it takes me a lot to get it out. But now, for me, 6.5 million is the income of selling a three-month medicated bath bag. "

"So, if I was still useless, I would not dare to spend so much money on a house. But now, I have money. It is better to spend the money than in my hand. After all, buying a villa for my mother and sister is a long-term dream, and I have the ability to realize this dream now, why not do it? "

At this point, Zhong Yihan showed a smile: "Even if the crack really can't be controlled, I will lose 6.5 million losses! But the crack really takes shape, and it will take at least a year to make it. How about a year of renting this villa for more than 6 million? It is the most important thing to make my family happy! "

The fat man gave him a thumbs up and praised: "Yihan, you are really different now than before!"

After a pause, he suddenly laughed: "You said that the villa was your childhood dream, but you can easily accomplish this dream now, so what next? Do you have any other dreams?"

"Of course there is!" Zhong Yihan's eyes flashed, "My next dream is college entrance examination!"

"Is it admitted to Xiangshui University?" The fat man pouted. "At your current rate of progress, you must be fine at ordinary Kung Fu colleges. Perhaps it is really possible to be admitted to Xiangshui University!"

Zhong Yihan smiled and turned his head and said, "Fat, I forgot to tell you, brother, my goal is getting higher and higher! Xiangshui University, now it is only the goal, but it is not a dream. Since it is Dreams, of course, you have to set them a little higher, and you can easily achieve them, what kind of dreams ?! "

The fat man was dumbfounded, pointing at Zhong Yihan and saying, "You ... Xiangshui University, you think it is low, are you ..."

"That's right!" Zhong Yihan was full of spirits. "My next dream is to be admitted to the Top Four during the college entrance examination!"

"Oh my god!"



"Brother, this is the house you bought ?! This is really the house you bought ?! Oh my gosh! Such a big villa! Gosh gosh! Gosh, aren't you kidding me? How could you afford such a house ?! "

After returning home to pick up her mother and sister, Zhong Yihan told them about buying a house on the way.

The mother and daughter must not believe it, and then Zhong Yihan took them to the villa.

And then……

Zhong Qiaoyue went crazy.

Jumping up and down in the room, yelling.

Although her mother Zhang Aimei is not as outrageous as Zhong Qiaoyue, she is also unbelievable.

"This ... this is the house you bought ?! Where did you get so much money ?! How is this possible?"

Regarding the response of his mother and sister, Zhong Yihan had long expected that he would take out the purchase contract and the real estate certificate.

Seeing that Zhong Yihan's name was written on the real estate certificate and the contract, Zhang Aimei burst into tears and came down, and couldn't stop.

"Mom, what's wrong with you? Shouldn't we be happy? We have a big house, and we don't need to squeeze a family in that 70-square-foot small broken house anymore!"

Zhang Aimei suddenly looked up, looked at her son, and said seriously: "Yihan, you honestly tell me, where do you get so much money?"

This question must be explained, but Zhong Yihan didn't intend to hide it, so he talked about the medicine bath package-of course, the middle part about Xia Ling must have been hidden.

It was just that he inadvertently improved the recipe of a medicated bath, and then it had a magical effect. It was unique in the market, so he sold it and is now rich.

"And ... look."

Zhong Yihan took his mother to the exercise room upstairs and directly attached several check patches of the vitality detector to his body.

Then, start detecting!

A mechanically synthesized female voice sounded: "Your current vitality is: 1.237, work hard to cheer, becoming a fighter is just around the corner!"

Zhang Aimei, Zhong Qiaoyue, and Zhu Zhenxing were all stunned and looked at Zhong Yihan in unison.

After a while, Zhong Qiaoyue exclaimed: "Brother! Are you more than 1.2 vitality now ?!"

The fat man punched Zhong Yihan's shoulder fiercely, and cried strangely, "I said how do you hit Yun Chao! How long is it, boy? One month? You just start at 0.8 all at once jumped to 1.2 ... what did you do ?! "

Zhang Aimei frowned: "Yun Chao ?!"

Zhong Yihan glanced at the fat man fiercely, and then smiled at his mother, "Mom, what ... now you know? Your son is not the same as before! Your son is now strong!"

Zhang Aimei's nose was sore, she immediately covered her nose with her hands, tears flowed, and then nodded hard.

At this moment, she was thinking about going to prison and telling Zhong Yihan's father in person that our son is promising!

Zhong Qiaoyue had a strange face, and suddenly came out: "Brother, are you really my brother?"

Zhong Yihan rolled his eyes. Is this girl's brain circuit so strange? !!

"Did you be born again? You lived for decades with low strength and suddenly returned to seventeen when you opened your eyes?"

"Or did you get a system? Do tasks every day ?!"

Zhong Yihan rolled his eyes, thinking that she could no longer let the girl watch online novels, she almost guesses the right answer. The system was there, but the task was not.

At this time.

The long-lost sound of the system suddenly sounded in the brain:

[Complete the hidden mission "Dream · 1", a special bronze treasure chest will be rewarded. Want to open it?]