Chapter 7 - Exploration of Different World

In the end, Zhong Yihan also wanted to buy a strong crossbow, but this kind of crossbow is controlled by officials. It is not available for ordinary people. There are bows in the weapon shop, But the problem was that Zhong Yihan knew that his bow and arrow level was totally inadequate, so he gave up.

In the end, Zhong Yihan bought traps and cages, as well as some medicines and some necessities for survival in the wild.

After spending 30,000 yuan, Zhong Yihan packed all the equipment in a large travel bag and returned home.

Then while the mother was cooking and the younger sister was not at home, he sneaked the bag into his bedroom.

Nothing happened the night.

After finally waiting for mother and sister to fall asleep, Zhong Yihan looked at the time, at half-past eleven.

He quietly put on all his equipment, carried his travel bag, and finally checked for any omissions.

After confirming it twice, Zhong Yihan held the shuttle in his hand and used it.

The vision changed, and he returned to the forest before.

The shuttle in his hand turned into a bit of light and disappeared into the air as if it had never existed.

Holding the Tang knife in his hand, Zhong Yihan squatted on the ground and watched carefully.

Although this time he came to the Different World with the mentality of doing his best, he certainly didn't want to die, so everything must be careful.

The Different World is still purple, and the visibility is not high.

Zhong Yihan originally wanted to buy an infrared night vision device, but the forum said that there is an energy in the Different World, which will destroy the operation of electronic equipment, so no matter what electronic equipment has no effect in the Different World, he gave up.

After a slight movement of his body, Zhong Yihan calmed a lot this time, chose a direction, and began to crumble.

The forest is not very dense, and there are several flowers and plants that are unknown.

Zhong Yihan did not go far before he saw an evil rabbit beast eating.

It can be seen that what was struggling in the mouth of the evil rabbit beast was a large, mouse-like thing, but after a few struggles, it was bitten and swallowed by the evil rabbit beast.

Zhong Yihan held his breath, took out the trap and set it in place. Then he held the steel knife and carefully backed towards the other side.

One step, two steps ...

Suddenly, Zhong Yihan stopped.

Because when he backed up behind a stone, he found that the side of the stone was just squatting another evil rabbit beast.

Zhong Yihan stared at this weird rabbit, and the rabbit looked at him.

Sweat swept across Zhong Yihan's forehead.

This is awkward.

The next second, the evil rabbit beast sent out a sharp roar and rushed towards Zhong Yihan.

Zhong Yihan's response was also extremely fast, and hacking directly with a knife.

However, he did not think that the evil rabbit beast was extremely agile, and even avoided this knife, and bit it directly on his calf.

There was a painful burst of pain, but Zhong Yihan couldn't care about the pain, and he slashed down at the rabbit again.

It is indeed a 17,000 coated steel knife, which cut the evil rabbit beast biting on his leg into two pieces directly.

But this evil rabbit beast was extremely fierce. Although it was split in half, the only vitality left was to bite it on Zhong Yihan's leg.

And the movement here has alarmed the evil rabbit beast in front of him, the rabbit rushed towards Zhong Yihan like crazy.

To make matters worse, two more evil rabbit beasts emerged from the bushes beside them and began to besiege towards Zhong Yihan.

Three evil rabbit beasts made Zhong Yihan frightened, and then turn around subconsciously and run away.

At this time.

"Pop", followed by a crisp sound, followed by the mourning of the evil rabbit beasts.

Zhong Yihan turned his head and was surprised to find that an evil rabbit beast actually fell into the trap, was caught in the leg, and was madly struggling and mourning there.

There are two left, not that there is no chance of winning!

Zhong Yihan only reacted. He ran away just because of his instinct, but in fact, he couldn't escape even if he wanted to run away—because the speed of the evil rabbit beast was much faster than him.

And now that he has no shuttle, he can only fight.

Thinking of this, Zhong Yihan turned around holding the knife and shouted at the two evil rabbit beasts:


The two evil rabbit beasts rushed towards Zhong Yihan from two directions. Zhong Yihan chose one of them and lifted a knife to hack, but failed.

However, Zhong Yihan had some experience this time, knowing that the speed of this evil rabbit beast was extremely fast, so he lifted the knife to hack again.

The evil rabbit beast fended off the attack, and at this moment, Zhong Yihan had another severe pain in his leg.

The other evil rabbit beast bites in his left arm but immediately jumped away.

"Fuck! This beast even attacked both sides!"

Zhong Yihan cursed, but he kept the long knife in his hand, not stop the attack, although there was no rule, the knife is long enough, the attack range was large, and the blade was sharp.

This time he finally saw blood.

An evil rabbit beast beeped, and it was clear that a hole had been wiped from its body. Although not fatal, it also greatly reduced its flexibility.

Zhong Yihan was very happy, continuing the previous operation, a set of swords hacked at the intact evil rabbit beast.

Although he didn't have time to inspect the wound at this time, he could vaguely feel that the two bites that were bitten by the evil rabbit beast before should not have been able to bite the armor, only bruises. So he became braver.

He waved the one-meter Tang knife, although it was far from being airtight, it was enough to deal with two evil rabbit beasts and one of them was injured.

Not long after, Zhong Yihan seized an opportunity and slashed at the injured evil rabbit beast, splitting it directly into two sections.

The other evil rabbit beast uttered a wailing, glanced at Zhong Yihan with a grudge, and then ...

Turn around and run!

Zhong Yihan was stunned and looked at the evil rabbit beast that ran away. A few ups and downs got into the bushes and there was no figure, and his heart was horrified.

The IQ of this rabbit is a bit high, right? How could it know that if it can not beat others and then run away?

Fortunately, there was one left—the unlucky one, the evil rabbit beast caught by the traps.

Zhong Yihan glanced at the trap, and was shocked to find that the caught evil rabbit beast was actually scratching its hind legs!

It seems that it would rather bite off its hind legs and escape from the trap!

Zhong Yihan was really shocked, this rabbit was too hard for itself-biting the hind leg by itself, so painful!

Ok, let it die.

Seeing Zhong Yihan coming with a knife, the trapped evil rabbit beast strove hard and made a "hehe", a low roar that sounded like anger.

It seemed to warn this human being not to approach.

Zhong Yihan ignored the intimidation and went directly to kill the evil rabbit beast.

The forest was immediately restored to its previous purity.

At this time, Zhong Yihan was sitting on the floor, panting heavily, sweating all over.

After breathing for a while, he looked down at his calf, and there was a rabbit head hanging on it!

The rabbit's head was carefully taken off, and Zhong Yihan carefully examined the bite.

Fortunately, although there is a deep tooth mark on the leather armor, it has not been bitten.

Take off the pants to check the wound. The skin is no broken, but the biting force is huge, but there are two light marks, one deep and one shallow. The deep one is bitten by the first evil rabbit beast. The wound is already purple and bruised.

Zhong Yihan put some medicine on the wound and exhaled.

Although long known the fierceness of monsters from the Different World, from the perspective of data, fighting with monsters is a totally different experience.

Just killed three evil rabbit beasts. It was so dangerous. It seems that the system point is really not easy to earn at all!