Chapter 68 - Medicine Inducer

The flying car flew more than two hundred kilometers straight, all the way directly to the provincial capital Xing city, and then landed in the parking lot on the top floor of a skyscraper.

Because it is a straight flight, more than 200 kilometers of the road will arrive in less than half an hour.

After stopping the car, a waiter in uniform came up to open the door and led several people into the restaurant on the top floor. Then, Nanyan started to order.

Her's order is full of ingredients from Different World.

Zhong Yihan glanced secretly at the menu. Any dish on it was a four-digit number. Just the Ginseng stewed pigeon per person was a small cup ...


Is there a meal there? Obviously eating gold!

However, Zhong Yihan was not surprised, because when he was on the road, he already knew the identity of the sisters in front of him—the purchaser of the medicated bath bag.

People who are willing to spend 30,000 yuan to buy a pack of medicated bath bags really don't care about the price of 3888 a cup.

The food is delicious. The ingredients of the Different World are nourished by the energy, which is fragrant when eaten. After eating, the body feels warm, as if there is gentle energy in the belly slowly brewing, nourishing the body. .

Ying Nanyan smiled and said, "How does it taste? Is it right for you?"

Zhong Yihan chewed and swallowed the little devil wolf's loin in his mouth and gave a thumbs-up: "It's delicious! This is the first time I've eaten the meat of a beast, others say that a lot of the meat of the strange animal is sour, is it difficult to eat? "

In fact, after hunting evil rabbits and tooth canine beasts in the Different World, he also tried to peel and make a meal.

But it turned out ...


The flesh of that evil rabbit beast is sour and astringent, and like old bark, it can't bite at all!

You are a bunny! Although it is a bunny from a Different World.. it is not delicious?

Ying Nanyan laughed: "A beast in a Different World is generally stronger than a beast on earth, so this might not be for no reason. The development of their muscle tissue and tendon tissue is far better than that on earth. The more beasts are stronger, the stronger the creatures, the more they follow this law, including us humans. Therefore, even the beast on the earth is relatively hard, let alone in a Different World, the strength is stronger. "

"However, these problems can be solved by us. It just takes some work on the ingredients themselves. Of course, this kind of thing is simple to say, but it is actually very troublesome to handle. I don't know the exact process. "

"And not only the processing of ingredients but also the means of cooking. After thousands of trials by countless chefs, the best results were found. This result is that under the treatment of the chefs, these foreign ingredients are not only delicious, and it doesn't destroy the energy contained in the ingredients, so it is very nourishing to the human body. "

Zhong Yihan was stunned and laughed.

Ying Nanyan glanced deeply at him. "The efficacy of the medicated bath pack you have configured has never been seen before. I also have a special medical company, and I have also studied medicated bath packs. However, I invest hundreds of millions in research and development each year, and the developed things are not as good as yours. From this point, you are also the champion. "

Zhong Yihan knew that the important point was coming, but he was also shocked. Was the system giving such awesome things?

Sure enough, Ying Nanyan said, "I'm coming to you this time. I mainly want to talk to you about the cooperation of the medicated bath bag. As long as you are willing to cooperate, we will make this medicated bath bag together to form a scale and conditions. You can open it at will, you can ask for money, shares, or whatever. "

"Sister, your proposal is really tempting. But I have already told the fat man before that this medicated bath bag has a limited output and it can't be done."

Zhong Yihan smiled and spread his hands: "You have already investigated my backgrounds, my family of four, my dad is still being framed, is in jail, my mother, my sisters and me, lived in a small house of more than 70 square meters. There is a wooden board across my sister's bedroom. "

"Since my dad went to jail, my family's life has been worse. My mother earned more than 3,000 yuan a month, and I went out to set up stalls at night to make money. Our family can eat two meals a week for three weeks. If it weren’t for some deposit, my sister's talents would be pretty good and could get a scholarship, otherwise, we wouldn't be able to continue to study. "

"So ..." Zhong Yihan smiled bitterly, but sincerely said, "I was short of money, very short of money. When the family was the poorest before, I even thought about going out and robbing. Oh, of course, I also know, With such a little strength, I guess I can beat nobody. "

At this point, Zhong Yihan smiled helplessly and said, "You have bought dozens of medicated baths from me at a high price of 30,000 yuan a pack, and I finally have a little money. I intend to buy a single-family villa and move to live there, but a villa is millions, and now the bank is unwilling to lend, so the money is still not enough. "

"So, sister, you propose to make more medicated bath bags. I also want to make more money so that the people in the family can live well and provide the best spiritual resources for myself and my sister. But the problem is that I really can't do it. "

The sisters of Ying looked at each other, Nanyan looked helpless, and Xiaodie was surprised.

It is estimated that in their impression, there are no such poor people in this world!

Ying Nanyan frowned, and said, "The reason is on the medicine inducer? I have a request. The next time you deliver, you can pay ten packets less and direct give the medicine inducer to me. "

Zhong Yihan hesitated for a moment.

Ying Nanyan pressed the ring directly, and then a dozen checkbooks and a pen appeared on her hand.

She signed a check, tore it down and handed it to Zhong Yihan, and said, "Here are two million, which is extra compensation. For the next batch of medicated baths, I want ten packs. the rest, as long as medicine inducer. "