Chapter 67 - Helping You

Geng Yueguang conceded on the spot, and his heart was also very aggrieved.

But the problem is, no matter how embarrassed, he didn't dare to show any rudeness to the young lady.

Of course, he knew Ying Nanyan, and he had seen her several times, at high-end parties.

This kind of gathering, with his social status, no one takes him seriously, and he takes it for granted, because the participants in this gathering, those who can speak, They are all super rich children in surrounding cities.

And his Geng family, in front of these people, is upstart.

But at these meetings, he saw with his own eyes the popularity and importance of Ying Nanyan-whenever Ying Nanyan appeared, she was the queen of the audience!

This is not only because she is a girl, but also looks beautiful, has high qualifications, and has strong vitality.

What's more, Ying’s status in the whole of Xiangnan Province is in the top ranking!

In addition, his family also has hundreds of millions of properties, which is out of reach for ordinary people, but Ying's industry is worth hundreds of billions. The gap between him and Ying Nanyan is just like the gap between ordinary people and him.

So Geng Yueguang is very clear, let alone say that Ying Nanyan only scolded him, even if she had a temper, and made him useless in the eyes of everyone here, he can only endure, maybe he must laugh and say that he is sorry that he dirties the young lady’s hands.

Because this woman's wrist is extremely iron-blooded, and the power of the family is also large, as long as she says a word, their Geng family will suffer the devastation-this is not a joke!

and so……

Although he didn't understand why Ying Nanyan wanted to help Zhong Yihan, now that she stood up, the only thing he could do now was to let her fight.

And after hitting the left face, and the right face is also.

Looking at Geng Yueguang so obediently, Ying Nanyan also felt a little boring, and snorted humbly: "Let's talk about it, I saw it on the top of the building just now, your referee is not honest!"

"Yes, yes!" Geng Yueguang drew two slaps at himself, "It is my revenge against Zhong Yihan. I don’t like him, so I deliberately obstructed him during the battle just now. You are really smart. Nobody else can see it, you see it! "

Everyone and Zhong Yihan were stunned.

Who is this girl? Does she know magic? !!

Why did she stop here, and Geng Yueguang was more obedient than a pug immediately? !!

Doesn't he know that so many people are watching, he just admits it so that he will be a joke at school in the future? Everyone will despise him!

How can Geng Yueguang care about these people's contempt now?

Of course, in the past, he would definitely care about his reputation, but now, in the face of reputation and the family's business and wealth, he decisively chose wealth.

Anyway, it will take another seven months for the college entrance examination. At that time, he will be a two-world person with this group of people. Who can run to the university to despise him?

Only the fat man was stunned at this time.

Although his family is rich and not worse than Geng's family, he was born unwilling to play with those family members, so this kind of party is rarely attended, and Ying Nanyan has not been seen.

But he has seen Ying Yuedie!

It was as if Zhu Xiaoyu knew Zhong Yihan. As a sister's girlfriend, Ying Yuedie also visited the house several times, so of course, he knew it.

In occasional conversations with his sister, he also knew Ying Yuedie's family history and her queen-like sister.

So, seeing the two look like each other, and then look at the elder girl with the same queen-like atmosphere...Zhu Zhenxing knew who she is!!

Ying Nanyan.

Chairman of the Student Union of Yazun High School, Her Majesty the Queen recognized by the school!

But how could Her Majesty suddenly come out and help Zhong Yihan? !!

Zhu Zhenxing thought for a moment and immediately understood ... The only bond between the two was the magical medicated bath. Obviously, this medicated bath was greatly appreciated by Her Majesty, so this should be the reason she helped Zhong Yihan.

Ying Nanyan snorted softly and said, "It's good if you admit it, but don't say I bully you. Three months later, you and Zhong Yihan will be here for a fight, and I will come and watch, this is your thinks, I won’t take part in it. If you have the ability to hurt or even kill him on the ring, I will never ask you for trouble. "

"Yes!" Geng Yueguang nodded.

Zhong Yihan was confused, who does this sister help?

Ying Nanyan glanced at Zhong Yihan and continued: "But in the past three months, you must not touch Zhong Yihan, nor can you find someone to deal with him."


"If Zhong Yihan suffered any minor injuries during these three months, I would break your leg. He was bullied by harassment, and I would break your leg too."


"Well," said Nan Yan at the end, and fluttered softly, "You get away!"

"Yes!" Geng Yueguang said, "I'll get away!"

After speaking, Geng Yueguang turned around and left.

"Wait a minute!" Ying Nanyan shouted at him again and raised her chin gently toward Yunchao. "Take this guy to heal, you solve it yourself, his medical expenses, you pay for it, and he must be cured! "

"Yes!" Geng Yueguang quickly dragged Yun Chao out of the ring.

Ying Nanyan looked at Zhong Yihan with a smile and said, "I'm hungry, let's go, I'll invite you to lunch."

Then she lightly pressed on the watch. After a few seconds, a luxurious flying car dropped from the sky and landed accurately on the platform. The three doors opened automatically.

Ying Nanyan was about to sit in, glanced back at Zhong Yihan, and laughed, "Why are you still doing that? Get in the car!"


Zhong Yihan didn't know what he should do, so he entered the flying car with a look of surprise, and then the sisters of Ying Nanyan also got in.

The door of the flying car closed automatically. In the next second, the car flew vertically and reached a height of 100 meters, then ran out to the southeast, and soon disappeared into the view of the crowd.

At this time, suddenly around the ring became noisy.

Everyone was talking about the girl just like the queen, and what relationship Zhong Yihan had with her.

Zhang li's face was livid.

The flying car just now is the latest flying car of the Lifala Group. It is limited to 99 units worldwide and sells for up to 50 million!

When did Zhong Yihan know such a person of this level? !!

Moreover, that girl still took care of him so much!

Why is he? !!

And ... why does she have everything? !!

Why was she born so well—Zhang Li didn't believe that this series of expensive things that cost tens of millions were made by the girl herself, and must be rich in her family.

At this moment Zhang Li felt that the whole world was so unfair.

Why is it that some people are born with brocade and jade food, all kinds of luxurious luxury goods can be bought without even looking at the price, and even thrown away when they are not needed!

But she has to be born in an ordinary family and live this bitter life!

It's not fair!