Chapter 66 - The Queen Arrives

The crowd turned around, looking in the direction of the sound.

They saw two girls stepping forward and coming in from a separate crowd.

The girl in front looked as if she was sixteen or seventeen years old. She was wearing casual sportswear and sneakers, with a simple ponytail, her face was very delicate, and her skin was like autumn water.

The atmosphere of such a young girl is like a queen.

She strode forward as if those people's eyes seemed completely worthless to her. There was a faint smile on the corner of the mouth, and there was a bit of disdain in that smile, and there was also a  sense of superiority.

The boys were all stunned, this kind of queen-like beauty, where many of these young virgins who have even seen the county seat before?

And many of the girls were stunned.

For one thing, this girl's temperament is too strong, and it can be said that it is brilliant, making them somewhat self-defeating.

There is another more important reason, which is her dress.

In the eyes of most boys, the girl is wearing good-looking sportswear and sneakers. Although they look good, they can't say anything.

But in the eyes of some knowledgeable girls who like to study fashion, it's different.

"Lake's casual combat suit, the ET-31 model of the alien ET series, uses the most advanced biological materials, waterproof, fireproof, anti-toxic, and can even withstand the bullets of assault rifles of small caliber! Weekdays can be casual. It is loose and comfortable to wear. However, there is a special function on the inside of the clothes. Once activated, it will become a combat suit, exhaling the gas in the clothes, becoming close to the body, and not hindering operations. "

"The housekeeping system with built-in artificial intelligence in the clothes can automatically adjust the temperature, humidity, ventilation, and perspiration of the human body, as well as heating, humidifying and emergency urination functions. And there is a 24-hour dedicated VIP service in any corner of the world, as long as with a call, professionals will provide you with all kinds of services, even a barbecue party in the Arctic! "

Zhang Li watched the girl's dress obsessively, and couldn't help but whispered to Li Xinyu,

"Of course the price is also terrible. For this suit alone, it will cost 3.7 million! And her shoes, Adidas Lightning series boots, cost 1.99 million! The same made of advanced biological materials, it can withstand the weight of thousands of pounds without damage. The current can stimulate the acupoints of the human body to relieve fatigue at the same time. The same waterproof and fireproof can withstand temperatures from minus one hundred degrees to zero to one thousand degrees. ... "

Zhang Li almost fainted.

As a fashion lover, this absolute luxury that only exists in high-end magazines has always been her biggest dream.

But these things are too expensive, with nearly two million pairs of shoes and 3.7 million sets of combat uniforms!

Not to mention her, even Li Xinyu's family cannot afford such consumption.

Therefore, Zhang Li can only imagine. When going up to a big city, go to the most luxurious commercial area there, go to the counter of this luxury store, take a look at it, take a few photos back, and think about one day, when she get rich, she must buy these luxury goods, wear one and throw one!

In reality, she has never seen anyone who can wear this "dream equipment" on her body.

At this time Zhang Li saw the girl's hand.

It was a pair of slender, fair hands with no flaws.

But that's not the point.

The point is, she wears a ring on the ring finger of her right hand.

Oh, that's not a diamond ring-in fact, in this age, there are too many good things, so diamonds have long been outdated.

The girl's right-hand ring had a conspicuous V, and in addition, a mung bean-sized, blood-red gem.

Seeing this ring, even Li Xinyu couldn't help but take a breath.

Because they all saw it, this ring has a special name called Najie, and the name is derived from the blood-red gem on the ring called Nashi.

This is a rare gem native to Different World.

Unlike those ornamental gems, although Nashi also has a very high ornamental, it has a function, it can be called powerful!

A Nashi comes with a small space.

In other words ... this kind of ring is a legendary-space ring!

The ring that the girl wore was only the size of a mung bean. As for space, it is said that the space is not large. It has only one or two cubes, which is the lowest level of the ring. But, start at 20 million!

A white, rich and beautiful girl!

If someone marries her, he can fight less for a lifetime.

Zhang Li was heartbroken at this moment.

The clothes and rings she dreamed of all appeared on this girl, and this girl also had a beautiful face and proud body, and the queen temperament she radiated from her body was what Zhang Li dreamed of!

But how could such a super white rich beauty appear in their school?

And, listening to her tone, she will help Zhong Yihan? !!

At this time Zhong Yihan on the ring was also frozen.

Although he couldn't see how much the girl's clothes and rings were worth, such a temperamental girl, he had never seen him in his life.

But the girl was in a position to help him.

This makes Zhong Yihan a bit confused ... Is he too handsome? !!

Then Zhong Yihan noticed that beside him, Geng Yueguang, who was very arrogant and aggressive, his face change after seeing the girl.

Moreover, the whole man couldn't help shaking slightly—obviously, he knew the girl.

Ying Nanyan walked to the ring platform, with her toes slightly on the ground.

This skill moved Zhong Yihan's heart and immediately understood that the vitality of the girl was definitely not simple.


She seems to have a familiar fragrance ...

Ying Nanyan looked at Geng Yueguang and sneered: "How? Geng Yueguang, fight with me? If you don't, you are a grandson!"

Geng Yueguang quickly squeezed out a smile, like a charming pug: "I am a grandson, I am a grandson, how dare I fight you?"

With that said, the audience was uproar!

Even Yun Chao had forgotten the pain in his wrist for a while and looked at Geng Yueguang with an incredible look.

You are the top five in your grade! Anping No.1 School Pride! It is also the second generation of the rich, the kind of rich family ...

Now, in front of a girl, you think you are a grandson? !!

Yun Chao suddenly felt that the sky was going to fall!