Chapter 65 - Reversing Black and White

On the ring.

The black knife holder in Zhong Yihan's hand was on Yun Chao's neck, his face was cold, and there was no sorrow or joy in his eyes, and some were thick and cold.

Yun Chao's face was terrible, and he gritted his teeth, not only because he lost the game.

Even more, because Zhong Yihan's knife just broke the bone of his right wrist!

It is now the third year in high school, and it will be the college entrance examination in seven months.

But his right hand was gone!

And Yun Chao can feel that his right-hand wrist is not an ordinary fracture, but a comminuted fracture!

This kind of injury, ordinary treatment methods are useless at all, only advanced recovery methods can work-but the treatment method, at least millions of sets down!

And after curing, the right hand must also be recuperated for several months.

In other words, this year's college entrance examination, he is doomed to go out!

Even this life may be a useless person!

Geng Yueguang's eyes flickered, and he suddenly stood up to help Yun Chao and shouted, "Zhong Yihan! It's just a normal competition. You put such a heavy hand on your classmates ?! Look at you, take Yun Chao's crushing fracture of his right wrist! You want to completely ruin his future! "

There was a sudden uproar from the audience.

No one expected this to be the case.

Not only did Yun Chao lose, but he lost so thoroughly that his right hand's wrist was comminuted!

Everyone certainly understands how serious a wrist fracture is, not to mention that it is still a common hand-this means that unless Yun Chao spends enough money, his life is over!

Having a good relationship with Yun Chao, he immediately shouted: "Zhong Yihan, you are too much!"

"That's it! Competition, how can you play such a poisonous hand ?!"

Zhong Yihan stood on the ring with no sorrow and expression, and it seemed that he had not come out of the "killing state" just now.

Zhong Yihan sneered when he heard the accusations from everyone, saying, "I have a heavy hand? Yes, I have a heavy hand! But who forced me to do this heavy hand? It is you! Geng Yueguang!"

The black knife in Zhong Yihan's hand pointed at Geng Yueguang and sneered: "If you hadn't plotted against me on the ring several times, Yun Chao would have been easily defeated by me! Where do I need to show my full strength? Now his broken hand, you come to blame me, it doesn't matter, anyway, before we came to power, we signed a disclaimer agreement. "

"Don't say that I interrupted his hand today, even if I killed him! According to the terms of the exemption agreement, I only need to provide humanitarian compensation to his family. One hundred thousand yuan is this life. ! "

Geng Yue's face changed slightly: "You cold-blooded madman! Everyone is a classmate, there is only a little contradiction, why is that, and you still want to frame me ?!"

"If you are not framed, you know well. If you don't admit it ... fat, did you record the video?"

Zhu Zhenxing from the stage immediately shouted, "Recorded! Recorded the whole process! And this is your moment of excitement! I already knew Yunchao was not your opponent, so I hired someone from all sides, and more than ten phones are recording! "

Zhong Yihan nodded at him, then looked at Geng Yueguang: "Do you think you deliberately stuck my position and did it very well? They can't see it, can't the teacher see it? Do you dare to confront me in front of Teacher Zhang Shou? !! "

"You ... you're mad!" Geng Yueguang didn’t follow his rhythm, loudly, "Learning Kung Fu, first of all, we need to learn morality! You have ruined your classmate's future because of a little thing, but now you not only admit your mistakes, but you gave me trouble, the stronger you are, the greater the harm to society! So I will never let you go today! "

Zhong Yihan sneered: "Why don't you let me go?"

"I'll challenge you now!" Geng Yueguang said loudly, "I will avenge for Yun Chao! If you are still a man, you accept the challenge!"

Zhong Yihan sneered, but Zhu Zhenxing scolded: "Do you challenge Yihan ?! You just rely on your own vitality? You, a person with a vitality of 2.2, challenge Yihan, Do you want to be shameless ?! "

Geng Yueguang turned his head and glared at Zhu Zhenxing, and said coldly, "Fat man, Believe me, or not, I will beat you."

Zhu Zhenxing was also furious. He patted fiercely on the ring and scolded: "Fuck you! I can't beat you! But I really don't believe how you can beat me! Today I just throw money to invite the real fighter to come and be my bodyguard, one million, one day! I can afford this money! If you can see the sun tomorrow morning, I will use your last name! "

Geng Yueguang suddenly suffocated.

He forgot that this fat man was an RMB player if really annoyed him, It was a bit difficult to handle.

The Kung Fu world is not peaceful.

There are professional killer organizations on the dark web, all of whom are masters, and even some fighters in black and white can do everything for money.

Although his family also has money, if he really messed up this fat man, and he threw millions to hang his reward on the dark web ... Although this kind of thing can't be done by normal people, it can't hold the brain circuit of this fat man is not normal!

Geng Yueguang didn't dare to stimulate fat again, turned to Zhong Yihan, and sneered: "How? If you are a man, you will fight! Otherwise, you are a waste, you will not even dare to fight!"

Zhong Yihan still didn't speak, but the fat man on the stage continued to shout: "I'm throwing money! Find a fighter to challenge you, fight for life and death! If you don't agree, you will be useless, dumb! Not a man! "

Geng Yue's lungs were exploding, but he really didn't dare to fight against the fat man. He could only stare at Zhong Yihan and forced him: "Do you dare?"

"Why not?" Zhong Yihan finally replied, exclaiming suddenly on the platform.

Although Zhong Yihan just won Yunchao, the gap between Yunchao and Geng Yueguang is like the gap between a baby and an adult man!

Why is Zhong Yihan so unwise and dare to meet this challenge? !!

Geng Yueguang was overjoyed and said quickly: "Okay! You are a man! Then we come ..."

"Who told you now?"

Zhong Yihan interrupted him and teased, "You have a vitality of 2.2, I just broke 1. You are almost twice as much as me. Why am I fighting you now, are you stupid or me stupid ?!"

"You ... you promised."

"Three months!" Zhong Yihan said. "Three months later, today, here, I accept your challenge!"

"Three months ?!" Geng Yueguang sneered. Although he was confident that even after three months, he could slap Zhong Yihan casually, how could he give Zhong Yihan another three months to grow up?

"You are afraid!" Geng Yueguang scorned, "What's the use of these three months? You're not a man, you're timid!"

Zhong Yihan wasn't mad at all, but retorted: "Don't you dare?"

Geng Yueguang sneered: "You don't need to provoke me. In short, you did not accept the challenge today, you are just a pustule, an insipid, and an eggless thing!"

Just then, a clear and majestic female voice rang out:

"Then I challenge you now, Geng Yueguang. If you don't accept my challenge, then you will be a pustule, an insipid, and an eggless thing!"

"Do you dare ?!"