Chapter 63 - Black Whistle

Because in their imagination, Zhong Yihan's scene of being hurt did not appear, but Yun Chao, hey, even three steps back!

And Zhong Yihan didn't move when he stood still!

"How can it be?!"

Many people were terrified and even exclaimed.

And Yun Chao on the stage was also terrified because as a party, he just felt a powerful power, he flew himself stiffly, only the hand was numb, and he felt almost unable to breathe!!

Zhong Yihan sneered, stepped forward, and slashed past Yun Chao's head!

Yun Chao's face was pale, and forcibly turned over to the side, and avoid the knife.

However, Zhong Yihan will not let Yun Chao escape?

So he kept on, and the black knife in his hand waved like rain, but he avoided Yun Chao's key point and strove towards his fleshy body.

Yun Chao wanted to teach him, he has the same plan.

Although it was just a wooden sword, Zhong Yihan's strength was so amazing that Yun Chao could only scream.

But at this moment, Geng Yueguang, the referee, suddenly made a sudden jump and stand between two of them, stopping Zhong Yihan's continued attack and shouting:

"time out!"

Zhong Yihan stunned, and the audience suddenly made a noise.

Zhu Zhenxing, who was standing on the edge of the ring, was most hot-tempered, and cursed on the spot: "What do you mean?! Why is the battle suspended at this time ?!"

Geng Yueguang gave a cold glance to the fat man, with a business-like attitude, saying: "The player has completely lost his combat power, as a referee naturally has the right to suspend the game!"

"Shit!" Zhu Zhenxing yelled, "You thought that we haven't seen a battle?! Losing combat power means that one party is completely defeated! Why is Yun Chao still standing there, why is he losing combat power?"

Geng Yueguang's eyes flashed a cold light, and he said coldly, "I'm the referee, are you the referee ?! You should speak carefully! If you question me, go to the teacher directly!"

The fat man wanted to curse, and Fan Dali on the side quickly grabbed him and whispered, "Fat man, stop calling, he is Geng Yueguang!"

"So what?! What a black whistle is this!"

"He has a vitality of 2.2, the top five in the whole school!" Fan Dali vigorously said, "You're going to be held hostile by him, and you're done! He can kill you with every finger!"

"He dares..." The fat man's mouth was hard, but his momentum was indeed weakened.

On the ring, Zhong Yihan frowned, and then signaled the fat man to stop talking.

Geng Yueguang was the referee that Yun Chao had found. Although it was not the purpose of seeking him to be a referee, he favored Yun Chao, which was a matter of course.

So Zhong Yihan winked at the fat man on the side of the platform, so he didn't say anything more.

He didn't believe it. Under absolute strength, even if there was referee favoritism, as long as Geng Yueguang didn't participate in person, he would be able to win Yunchao!

Geng Yueguang gave Zhong Yihan a deep-eyed look, saying: "The players on both sides will be in place again, prepare, and start!"

Yun Chao had completely relieved. Although he was grinning in pain in several parts of his body, it also inspired his anger even more.

He pointed at Zhong Yihan with a knife and hated: "Good boy, it was a fluke just now, and now you are finished! If you can walk down the platform, I will not be Yun in the future!"

"Then you think about changing your surname! But don't surname Zhong!"

Yun Chao was so furious that he fluttered at the knife, and the two of them were fighting again!

At the same time, on the top floor of the adjacent teaching building, two girls were standing there, watching the battle high, and there was a middle-aged man in a suit behind him.

Turns out to be Ying Nanyan and Ying Yuedie sisters!

Ying Yuedie jumped angrily there: "The referee must be a black whistle! In the chasing situation just now, he actually suspended the game!"

Ying Nanyan smiled slightly and said, "Little tricks can't control the big situation. Zhong Yihan is not simple. Although the vitality is somewhat low, the pace is steady and the shot is stable. At that moment, Yun Chao’s eyes were red and are not calm, and it was not a concern at all. "

Ying Yuedie nodded.

The two sisters, Ying Nanyan, needless to say, a super genius with a vitality of 2.8.

Although Ying Yuedie is not as talented as her sister, she is also a genius that people can look forward to. Now she is in grade 1 in high school, and her vitality is between 1.4 and 1.5.

So in the eyes of the two, whether it is Zhong Yihan or Yun Chao, the current strength is not much.

Ying Nanyan looked back and looked at the middle-aged man standing half a step behind them, and said, "Uncle Lian, are you sure that the owner of the medicine bath bag is this Zhong Yihan?"

The middle-aged man called Uncle Lian bowed his head and looked like a loyal steward, saying, "Yes, I investigated for half a month, it must be him."

Ying Nanyan nodded slightly and smiled, "Interesting."

In fact, neither Zhong Yihan nor Zhu Zhenxing and Zhu Xiaoyu thought things too simple.

How can a capitalist be absolutely good?

Ying Nanyan did not completely abandon the investigation and of that magical medicated bath bag. Even, she has used medicated bath bags every day for more than ten days, and combined with high-intensity training, she found that her own practice speed is 30% faster than before!

How can this not make Ying Nanyan wonder, who exactly is the owner of this medicated bath bag and how is it formulated?

So she called this "uncle" to investigate.

The investigation process is also simple.

This uncle was originally an ordinary person. He was proficient in various investigative methods. In addition, Zhong Yihan and Zhu Zhenxing had not considered so much before. So Zhong Yihan was easily locked. Moreover, in a half-month period, Zhong Yihan leaped from the last person that no one paid much attention to, and rushed straight from the 50-meter field of the archery hall to the 150-meter field.

Such a big change, such a coincidence.

Professionals just need to screen the people around Zhu Zhenxing a little, it is impossible to not notice him!

Then investigate a little bit, and even which medicines Zhong Yihan bought in the past are clearly listed.

After just identifying Zhong Yihan, even uncle Lian secretly followed him for more than a week and found that Zhong Yihan's routine and life were very regular, and he couldn't see any flaws.

He also had no idea how his medicated bath was made.

Previously, Ying Nanyan emphasized that it is only necessary to investigate in secret, and Zhong Yihan must not be alarmed. Therefore, Zhong Yihan does not know until now that he has been investigated.

However, Uncle Lian couldn't find any results, so he asked Ying Nanyan for further investigations, such as secretly installing cameras and eavesdroppers in his room.

This arrangement is not an issue for professional talents like Uncle Lian.

But Ying Nanyan stopped it.

Moreover, let him destroy all previous investigation data on Zhong Yihan, and not mention it to anyone, but just let him pay attention to the movement of Zhong Yihan and some of the things that happened to him.

Therefore, she heard that he and Yun Chao competed today, Ying Nanyan took her sister over to take a look and see what the standard of this guy is.