Chapter 62 - The Battle Begins

After understanding the idea in Yun Chao's heart, Zhong Yihan laughed without surprise. After Yun Chao finished reading the rules of battle, he nodded without hesitation:

"I agree, let's get started. Unarmed or weapons?"

In Yun Chao's eyes, there was a glorious plot of conspiracy, so he pretended to be generous: "Choose your choice, otherwise you will say that I bully you if you are not good at it."

"Then we will fight with weapons!" Zhong Yihan said. The most diligent practice this month is knife method and archery. Now the basic knife is close to 700, while the basic boxing skills are only 500, so of course, he chooses a weapon.

Yun Chao had no objection, but confidently sneered: "Since you want to fail so quickly, then I will help you, choose a weapon!"

There are weapon racks on both sides of the ring platform. Basically, there are all kinds of weapons, but all are made of solid wood. Without cutting edges, they are used for competition.

Zhong Yihan chose a black wooden knife in the past and weighed it in his hands. Whether it was shape or weight, it was about the same as the Tang knife he had used before.

Yun Chao chose a three-ring thick back knife.

After the two had chosen their weapons, they stood on both sides of the ring, and the fight broke out!

 "It's finally about to start, Xinyu look at it!" Zhang Li shouted excitedly, anxious that Zhong Yihan was being abused.

Among the crowd watching the audience, Xiong Bo was standing inside.

His vitality is the same as Geng Yueguang, which is also 2.2, but the ranking is higher than Geng Yueguang.

Xiong Bo's tall body just stood there giving an invisible pressure to others, so that the crowded crowd left a small area for him instead.

Geng Yueguang raised his hand on the stage, and even couldn't count down to three two one, he said directly, "Start!"

There was no sense of ritual at the beginning of the fight. Zhong Yihan didn't know much about Geng Yueguang, but the other party would hate himself. He didn't have many surprises.

Yun Chao could find him as a referee, proving that the relationship between them is not ordinary.

Zhong Yihan didn't focus too much on Geng Yueguang but instead looked at Yun Chao, who saw that he was playing a sword flower, which looked quite imposing.

"Zhong Yihan, you shouldn't have challenged me such a meaningless challenge a month ago. Today I will let you understand what crush power means."

"No more nonsense, let's get started."

When Yun Chao's face sank, the knife rushed towards Zhong Yihan.

Although they are all knives, the three-ring swords are clearly superior.

The large blade is matched with Yun Chao's huge figure, and every chop is like a tiger and a wolf, and the momentum is as the rainbow.

Zhong Yihan tentatively blocked a knife, but just carefully used 70% strength, then blocked his sword, and suddenly felt confident.

Yun Chao ’s arms are 90 kg, and he now has 110 kg. Even if Yun Chao uses a thick-backed knife, it is more suitable for power, but he wields such a heavy knife, it must be very hard to lift up, if this guy wants to defeat himself quickly, he will desperately attack.

Thinking of this, Zhong Yihan quickly formulated a strategy, constantly dodging, almost barely touching the ground, and thus consumed Yun Chao's physical strength.

Only the audience saw this situation, thinking that Yun Chao was too strong, and Zhong Yihan had nothing but to avoid.

"Sure enough, the strength difference between Yun Chao and Zhong Yihan is too big, not a grade at all."

"It's estimated that the contest will end in a maximum of three minutes. Zhong Yihan has nothing to fight back. He really has nothing to look at."

"Three minutes is too long, and I dare to assert that Zhong Yihan will not be able to persevere for at least one minute. This point system is completely unnecessary. People with similar strengths have the advantage of using the points system. The two of them are so disparate in strength that they have no suspense at all."

The discussion around the crowd leaned towards Yun Chao. After all, Yun Chao's results were placed there. In their impression, Zhong Yihan was the person at the bottom of the class a month ago.

Although there are many rumors that Zhong Yihan has become stronger this month, the rumors are only rumors after all.

The vitality gap between Zhong Yihan and Yun Chao is basically a gap. This gap is like the gap between Anping No.1 High School and Yazun High School, which cannot be bridged at all.

"I thought how much progress Zhong Yihan could make this month, but it was not unilaterally beaten by Yun Chao." Zhang Li sneered, but secretly relieved.

The last thing about Zhang Dong made her worry all the time. The vitality of Zhang Dong 1.1 was easily defeated by Zhong Yihan. The key was at least ten days ago.

Zhang Li was afraid that Zhong Yihan would make rapid progress during this time, but now it seems that she is totally worried.

After all, garbage is just garbage, no matter how hard he tries, he won't win Yun Chao.

As for he could win Zhang Dong, it can only show that Zhang Dong is negligent in practice.

Li Xinyu's emotions have not changed much. As a result, she had already foreseen it. Even if Zhong Yihan progressed even faster, how could he surpass Yun Chao in one month?

After a few glances, Li Xinyu shook her head slightly: "Zhang Li, let's go back. The result of this competition is already obvious."

"Don't, there is a fight in our school, even if the results are obvious, but it's nice to see Zhong Yihan's abuse."

Zhang Li held Li Xinyu's arm to prevent her from leaving, Li Xinyu frowned slightly but did not leave.

Seeing that Zhong Yihan was beaten, Peng Ming was almost full of joy. Although it was not his own hands, this scene made him feel good.

Zhu Zhenxing shouted excitedly from the stage: "Yihan, beat him! beat him!"

Fan Dali also stood beside Zhu Zhenxing, cheering on Zhong Yihan: "Yihan, come on!"

"Really, what's the hurry, you have to figure out the tricks before you start." Zhong Yihan whispered quietly while avoiding.

Yun Chao was so close to Zhong Yihan, and he naturally heard his vomit. He was annoyed because the other person was hiding away like a loach. Now, when he looked at the other person was very skillful. You thought I would give you a chance to figure out my tactics? I'll solve it with a trick! "

Just hearing Yun Chao burst and scream, the three-ring sword in his hand suddenly accelerated, chopping down Zhong Yihan from top to bottom.

Zhong Yihan was even able to clearly feel the wind pressure from the three-ring sword.

Yun Chao does have strength. This knife can be said to be the essence of his knife. Once he cut it, he locked the retreat around Zhong Yihan. No matter where he hid, it was impossible to completely avoid the knife.

"That being the case ..."

Zhong Yihan's eyes flashed, he clenched the black wooden knife in his hand and is in front of him.

At this moment, Yun Chao was ecstatic and exclaimed from the audience.

Many people think that Zhong Yihan was really forced to die by Yun Chao this time. His response was exactly what Yun Chao wanted.

It looks like the game is over.

No one is optimistic about Zhong Yihan, even the fat man and Fan Dali, at this time their faces are suddenly changed.


With a muffled sound, the two knives struck together in the air.

Just next second, everyone's eyes widened.