Chapter 56 - Sale Medicated Baths

Only 30 packs can be produced in a week. One pack per person per day counts. 30 packs are enough for four people.

Moreover, one pack a day is definitely not enough, especially if Ying Nanyan needs to hurry now, at least ten packs a week.

At this time Ying Nanyan swept the two girls and suddenly smiled bitterly: "In other words, the medicine bath bag he can take out a week is just enough for the three of us to use it?"

Zhu Xiaoyu nodded a little embarrassed, and then said, "My brother also wanted to use it ... but his qualifications are too useless, and he was mainly reluctant to work hard, and I robbed his share."

Ying Nanyan could see that Zhu Xiaoyu was not telling a lie, and she was discouraged.

She was originally thinking of taking this medicated bath recipe at all costs, and after mass production, occupying the entire high-end market, she would definitely make a lot of money.


The output is so small. She has to use it!!

Of course, she didn't give up, and she continued to ask, "Well, can you contact me to see the owner of the medicated bath recipe? What medicine inducer does he need? Can he cooperate with me, whether it is cash or a share, the cooperation can be talked about. With our strength, we may find medicine inducers that ordinary people cannot find! "

Zhu Xiaoyu hesitated. She had no right to answer this question. She could only call her brother first to ask.

Ying Nanyan immediately agreed and asked the waiter to arrange a quiet room for Zhu Xiaoyu to call.

At this time, Zhu Zhenxing was having lunch with Zhong Yihan, and listening to his sister's phone, Zhu Zhenxing was speechless.

He didn't expect Ying Nanyan's appetite to be so big. She wanted to buy the recipe directly and had to ask Zhong Yihan for help. However, he didn't say anything about Ying Nanyan. He just said that the medicated bath bag was very popular.

Zhong Yihan said rudely while holding a chicken leg: "Expand production? I think so, but the problem is that I can only get 50 packs a week. I don’t have that material anymore. How can I make you dozens of packs?? "

Zhu Zhenxing asked tentatively: "Is the medicine very precious? Otherwise, I'll look for it. Maybe I can buy rare medicinal materials?"

Zhong Yihan stopped eating and gave him a deep glance, saying: "Fat, stop thinking about it. This medicine inducer can't be bought. It's the energy liquid from a spring in the mountains. That ’s 50 drops a week, so that ’s only enough for the 50 packs. I want more...but no ”

Zhu Zhenxing also did not continue to ask, but said to the sister on the phone: "Okay, have you heard it? So it can only be this way."

Zhu Xiaoyu listened clearly on the phone and nodded bitterly.

Then she hung up the phone and stepped out of the door. She saw Ying Nanyan standing at the door, looking forward.

She had to bow her head and said, "Sister Nanyan, I'm sorry."

Ying Nanyan showed undisguised disappointment on her face, but still asked with the last hint of hope: "Is there anything to say?"

Zhu Xiaoyu had to repeat the news she heard and the message on the phone.

When he heard "spring", Ying Nanyan frowned deeply.

If it ’s some kind of herbal medicine, it ’s okay, but spring with energy is hard to find.

Of course, she will not fully believe that there is such a spring, but the logic is really too meticulous. The number of weeks is fixed. There is really nothing to explain except for the existence of spring.

"Sorry, Sister Nanyan." Seeing the disappointment on Ying Nanyan's face, Zhu Xiaoyu apologized again.

Ying Nanyan quickly said, "Xiao Yu, you don’t need to apologize. There is no way to have such a restriction. I would like to thank you anyway, and although the recipe cannot be reached, I heard you just said that the owner of the medicated bath bag also plans to sell the bath bag, right? "


Ying Nanyan said: "Twenty packs a week, I want them. I still want ten packs. I want them, but you won’t agree with me. So for twenty packs, what price do you think is appropriate?"

Zhu Xiaoyu's face showed a distressed look. Although she had already talked it with Zhu Zhenxing, the price was 10,000 per pack, but now Nanyan pays so much attention to this medicated bath pack, and the 10,000 seems to be a little low. But she was also embarrassed to say higher prices.

Ying Nanyan was empathetic and laughed: "Okay, we will come at the market price-you should know that we have a business in medicinal herbs, so the price in medicinal baths is very clear. "

"In today's market, to be honest, a top-notch medicated bath package, such as our group's" Life No. 1 ", the price is 150,000 for a course, of which there are ten packs, which is 15,000 per pack. "

"So I price this medicated bath bag at this price-30,000!"

"A pack of 30,000!" Ying Nanyan looked at Zhu Xiaoyu. "Are you satisfied with the price?"

Zhu Xiaoyu froze. She originally wanted only 10,000 yuan, but Ying Nanyan directly offered three times the price. Naturally, she would not oppose it. She immediately nodded.

Ying Nanyan smiled slightly and said, "I know that the price is slightly higher, but I also have a few conditions, you can transfer to that person, I hope he can agree. Of course, he agrees best, if not, it is still 30,000 per pack, I will continue to buy. "

"Sister Nanyan, you say."

"First, this medicated bath bag is really limited in production as he said. Then I know he must have kept it. But it doesn't matter. This medicated bath bag is sold to me except you and him. I can buy as much as I can, but it can't appear on the market or let others know."

"Including you, Xiaoyu, if you are short of money and want to sell your ten packs, then you can only transfer it to me, and I will also receive all, but you must not let others know. "

Zhu Xiaoyu nodded immediately: "I can agree to this request."

"Two ..." Ying Nanyan showed a smile, "The second one is to sell the medicated bath bags to me as soon as possible, I can't wait."