Chapter 55 - Recipes for Medicated Baths

As the top geniuses in the school, as well as the chairman of the Student Union, Ying Nanyan is well-known in their school.

After all, Ying Nanyan's nickname is very domineering. All students, including teachers, know that there is a "Her Majesty" in their school!

Ying Yuedie rolled her eyes.

Of course she knew her sister's "good name" at school, but she didn't explain it, and she didn't laugh at Zhu Xiaoyu, because she was very obedient when she saw her sister's stern face.

"Okay, okay! My sister just wanted to talk to you about this medicated bath bag ... not so exaggerated, my sister doesn't eat people!"

Zhu Xiaoyu rolled her eyes, and Ying Yuedie, no matter what she said, dragged her into a taxi.

The taxi went all the way to the nearby commercial building, and the two took the elevator to the top floor, where there was a western restaurant.

"That's it." Ying Yuedie pulled Zhu Xiaoyu and went in.

"Wait first, how can I say hello to your sister when I go in?"

"Just say hello normally." Ying Yuedie didn't understand what was tangled.

"No, no, what about calling sister Nanyan? Does it seem too formal?"

Zhu Xiaoyu said to herself that Ying Yuedie was speechless. Is her sister so scary?

When they entered, Ying Nanyan was already sitting in her seat and waiting.

"Sister, I brought Xiaoyu."

Ying Yuedie saw Ying Nanyan, waved her hand happily, and led Zhu Xiaoyu to the past.

Judging from the appearance, Ying Nanyan and Ying Yuedie are not like sisters at all.

Ying Yuedie ’s skin is a bit black. Although it is a healthy wheat color, the color is indeed darker, and more importantly, when people see Ying Yuedie at first glance, they will subconsciously think that this is a lively and lovely little girl. Girl, and when looking at Ying Nanyan, only felt that she was beautiful, and the invisible temperament was enough to make the cowardly speechless.

In short, the two stood together, not like sisters, but like a young lady and accompanying maid.

Zhu Xiaoyu stammered and greeted, "Queen, oh no,sister Nanyan, nice to meet you."

Ying Nanyan stood up with a smile and stretched out her hand, "Is Xiaoyu right? I often hear Xiaodie talking about you, saying that you are her best girlfriend, and I finally saw you today."

Zhu Xiaoyu shook hands with her somewhat flattered, but did not expect Ying Nanyan to be so kind.

"Sit down first, what can you eat?"

"Sister, I'm going to eat roasted little devil wolf loin, and silver swordfish. Then I'll have a plate of stir-fried evil rabbits, and a stone pan leg of lamb."

Ying Yuedie was not polite at all, but Zhu Xiaoyu was somewhat restrained, and said, "I and Xiaodie just need to be the same."

Ying Nanyan nodded, called a waiter, ordered the dishes just twice, and then added a few more dishes, all of which are "energy dishes" made from animals and plants of Different World.

Then Ying Nanyan laughed: "You are Xiaodie's girlfriend, and you are about the same age as her, so you can treat me as your sister, so don't be so restrained."

Then she smiled weirdly and said, "Although my reputation in school is not very good, I really don't eat people."

Ying Yuedie and Zhu Xiaoyu couldn't help but laughed at the same time.

Zhu Xiaoyu said embarrassedly: "How can it not sound good? It's just that the boys respect you, and we girls all adore you."

"Yeah, yeah!" Ying Yuedie also helped, "Your Majesty, Her Majesty, don't bow your head, the crown will fall, don't cry, the man will laugh!"

Ying Nanyan gave her sister a white look and smiled, "Whatever queen is not important, just treat me as your sister."

Next, until the waiter started serving the dishes, Ying Nanyan didn't mention the medicated bath bag, but just chatted with Zhu Xiaoyu about family matters, such as problems in school, problems in life, problems in practice, and so on.

It behaves like a sister next door, not the chairman of the student union in the school.

Until the food was served, the three began to enjoy the food in a happy atmosphere.

It wasn't until after eating that Ying Nanyan entered the theme.

"Xiaoyu, I think Xiaodie should tell you my purpose today, so I won't say much. That medicated bath bag, my first request, is to buy the recipe of medicated bath bag. You can decide the price. . "

Zhu Xiaoyu was immediately shocked.

She suddenly found that she was still too young. When she gave the medicated bath package to Ying Yuedie, she thought that Xiaode would let her sister know this medicated package, and Ying Nanyan would definitely come to buy a bath bag.

But she didn't expect that she just wanted to buy a recipe!

This is the thinking gap between an ordinary fighter and the heirs of a large family.

Zhu Xiaoyu hesitated for a while, then smiled bitterly: "Sister Nanyan, since Xiaodie and I are girlfriends, you are willing to let me call you a sister, then I will not go out of circles, so I will directly tell you. "

Ying Nanyan sat there, nodded her head in a restrained manner.

Zhu Xiaoyu seemed a bit difficult to talk about, and hesitated for a while before saying, "Sister, the recipe of this medicated bath ... Actually I don't have it."


Zhu Xiaoyu nodded, and when she said that, she let go of it, saying, "This medicated bath was prepared by a friend of my brother himself, and my brother has already asked him clearly. He said this medicated bath, most of the medicinal materials are just ordinary medicinal materials. They are not rare or precious, but only one is extremely rare. "

Ying Nanyan immediately sat up straight. She knew that Zhu Xiaoyu was not lying at this point. It's not just her expression and emotion that can't fool herself, this person who has gone through numerous shopping mall negotiations, and more importantly, The professors inferred the same in yesterday ’s experiment.

Obviously, it is some common materials such as purple energy grass and safflower, but it has such amazing effects.

Although they don't know how it works, Ying's laboratory is full of knowledgeable and experienced professors, and soon came to an inference.

There must be something rare that they don't know, which has played a catalytic role in it, making the medicated bath sublimate.

This situation is not uncommon in ancient medicine. For this particular rare substance, it was called medicine inducer.

So for Ying Nanyan, she was looking for Zhu Xiaoyu this time, and it was for this medicine inducer!

Zhu Xiaoyu continued: "What exactly is this medicine inducer? My brother didn't ask, I don't know, of course, my brother won't ask, after all, this is the most rare thing in others. Even if the relationship is good, my brother also I won't ask. "

Ying Nanyan's eyes narrowed slightly, she had already heard what Zhu Xiaoyu said.

Sure enough, Zhu Xiaoyu then said, "So, if you want to buy this recipe, Sister Nanyan, What I said is useless, my brother said ... It doesn't count, only the original owner of this medicated bath can say it. But……"

Zhu Xiaoyu smiled bitterly and said, "That person said before, because the medicine is very precious, he can only make about 30 medicine bath packages a week, so there is no possibility of mass production."

Ying Nanyan's heart became cold all of a sudden!

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