Chapter 54 - Big Bet

It is already more than three o'clock in the middle of the night.

But the laboratory outside Ying's house was brightly lit.

Ying Nanyan looked at the test report in her hand, her face was incredible.

This is a comprehensive examination of her body using the most advanced equipment in Ying's laboratory.

The state of the body is surprisingly good!

Especially in her right leg, back, and other parts, her muscles and tendons had a degree of strain in a dozen places-of course, this kind of strain is not serious and belongs to a level that will not affect normal practice.

However, after the medicated bath, the degree of strain in these places actually improved significantly.

"It's incredible!"

An old professor with glasses looked at Ying Nanyan's medical examination report with a look of excitement: "Nanyan, are you sure you just took a medicated bath?"

"Yes, Professor Li."

Professor Li pushed his glasses and said, "It's really incredible ... the fatigue caused by this fatigue is a problem that almost every practitioner will encounter. It's not that it can't be cured at all, but it is not necessary to cure it. As long as it is not too much old injuries can be recovered slowly by relying on the human body's own recovery system. If you deliberately treat it, you need to spend more time using more professional methods, which is costly and pays more. "

Ying Nanyan nodded. Now that science and technology are developed, some powerful men have discovered many imaginary treasures from the Different World, so they can recover even if their hands and feet are broken, even if they are seriously injured.

Therefore, it is funny to say that this kind of injury cannot be cured, and even more serious injuries are cured.

But it's too time-consuming to cure—it's too long, at least for three to five days in the medical cabin, a week, that is a must.

And during this time, basically, it is immovable except eating and drinking-not to mention practice-and it is expensive, and one week, one million is estimated to be needed.

Of course, for rich people, money doesn't matter.

But the problem is ... time!

The original purpose of treating fatigue injuries was to speed up the practice rate, but in the end, the speed was reduced by this thorough treatment method-who would do this loss trading?

Moreover, if you continue to practice after recovery, it will continue to strain ... This is unavoidable.

Does it take half a month to soak in the medical cabin?

So this method is not feasible at all.

Professor Li continued: "I need more experimental data. If this medicated bath can effectively alleviate the injury, it will certainly be welcomed by countless practitioners. Once a night, they can perform higher intensity practice and growth will also be faster. If this medicine bath can be held in the hands of our group, it will surely become the fist product of our group. We can open it even in the high-end markets around the world! "

Ying Nanyan's eyes showed a fine light.

She is an ambitious woman.

Although her family is already the top-ranked family in Xiangnan Province, in the eyes of ordinary people, she is already the kind of princess born with a golden key.

But Ying Nanyan herself knew that their home was just a slightly stronger family in Xiangnan Province, which was far behind the top real giants in the province.

Not to mention compared with those top domestic giants.

But now there two opportunities for the family and themselves to go further.

One is the spatial cracks being formed in Qinggang City.

For many ordinary people, this space crack is dangerous and a huge risk, but it is a rare opportunity for an adventurous person like Ying Nanyan.

Just on this day, house prices in Qinggang City plummeted by 30%, and countless people sold their properties.

Ying Nanyan is busy with this matter all day, and she knows that many giants like her are also preparing. Everyone is drawing funds, observing the situation, and examining the terrain ...

Then when the house prices continue to fall to a certain extent, these people will start to shoot like hungry wolves, buying a lot of good plots and real estate in Qinggang City.

This is a bet that the Kung Fu Association and the military can control this space crack.

Winning the bet, these properties in hand will bring them ten or even a hundred times the profit.

And the bet was lost ...

Ying Nanyan urgently adjusted more than one billion yuan of funds on this day, and then she would have to allocate nearly 10 billion yuan of total funds to gamble this round. Once she loses, even if the family is big, they will also lose.

Even though Ying Nanyan has sufficient confidence in the Kung Fu Association and the military, no one can guarantee such a thing.

Unless the saint is coming, no one can guarantee that there will be a wild god from Different World behind this space crack!

So at this time, she suddenly found out.

The medicated bath bag that her sister accidentally brought back can even fill a big gap in the market today. Once this medicated bath bag is in her hands and then mass-produced, it will bring horrible cash to the family.

People over the big Kung Fu fighter don’t need this kind of medicated bath, because, in that state, they can already adjust the various endocrine of the body, automatically make the body more perfect and mature, and have strong self-healing ability, not afraid of this kind of fatigue injury.

However, those who want to make rapid progress below the fighter will need it.

Especially these young people who are in high school and want to be admitted to the Top Four!

This is not a medicated bath, this is the most precious time for students!

"Xiaodie, tomorrow at noon, I'm going to see your friend, you can arrange it."

Ying Yuedie originally wanted to make fun of her sister. After all, this sister had high self-esteem. This time, the medicated bath incident was enough to laugh at her sister for several years.

But seeing Ying Nanyan's solemn face, she quickly swallowed the mocking words into her stomach, and nodded obediently, "OK."

After a pause, Ying Yuedie thought she was too obedient, and quickly said, "Sister! Did I win this time? Then you promised my silver parrot beast..."

"Don't worry, I'll buy it for you tomorrow!"

"Yeah! Long live sister!"



At noon the next day, Ying Yuedie couldn't wait to pull Zhu Xiaoyu towards the outside of the classroom.

"What are you doing? So anxious?" Ying Yuedie didn't tell Zhu Xiaoyu about her meeting today, so she was completely confused now, not sure what was going on.

"Xiaoyu, do you remember the medicated bath bag you sent me last time?"

"Remember, you used it? Are you satisfied with the results?"

When seeing Zhu Xiaoyu's smile, Ying Yuedie didn't feel good: "It works very well, and my sister also used it. She is very satisfied with the medicated bath bag, so I want to buy some from you. But in advance, we are girlfriends, you can’t say a too high price. "

Ying Yuedie can feel her sister's urgency for this medicated bath bag. She knows that in order to achieve the purpose of her sister's personality, she is willing to pay even the highest price.

Zhu Xiaoyu shivered: "What?! Talk to your sister? Come on, don't you know your sister's nickname? Her Majesty! Did you ask me to talk to her? I beg you, You are sending a little tender sheep to the tiger's mouth! "