Chapter 53 - Test Result

"Oh, isn't it?" Ying Nanyan hugged her hands around her chest, and smiled, "Well, we might as well make a bet?"

"What bet?"

"If this medicated bath is really as good as you say, and it is safe, I will give you a different pet. Didn't you look after that silver parrot beast last time? If I lose, I give a cub to you. "

"Really?" Ying Yuedie's eyes were all bright. The silver parrot beast was a second-level beast from the Different World. Its adult strength is comparable to that of a fighter, and its IQ is outstanding, and it is cute.

Of course, the price is not cheap, because beasts are difficult to domesticate, so the price of such a domesticated parrot beast cub starts at 5 million.

"Of course it is true. When did your sister have been cheating?" Ying Nanyan laughed. "But if this medicated bath is not as good as you said, then you go out and walk around with me when celebrating the New Year. "

"Ah ..." Ying Yuedie's face collapsed immediately.

She knew her sister's "walk-around" was to attend some boring receptions and banquets organized by the wealthy families and second generations, and put on evening dresses and high heels to make a ladylike appearance. Very fake smile, but also occasionally go dancing with people ...

This kind of thing is handy for Nanyan. She seems to be suitable for this kind of circle by nature and is recognized as the queen in this high-end circle.

But for Ying Yuedie, what she hated most was this very fake entertainment.

Ying Nanyan smiled and excited her: "Don't you have confidence in your friends? Why? If this medicine bath bag is as good as you say, is Zhu Xiaoyu right? Her family seems to do business, then I will give her a beast. But ... "

Ying Nanyan's face changed, and he said, "If this medicated bath bag just doesn't have the effect you said, it's fine, but if there is a harmful element that is not good for the body, then their family should not want to run! "

Ying Yuedie's face hesitated. She originally wanted to show it in front of her sister. How did this happen in a flash?

Although she did believe that Zhu Xiaoyu would definitely not harm herself, and Zhu Xiaoyu herself said that the medicated bath bag was tested, but her sister said so seriously that it made her a little hesitant.

Ying Nanyan chuckled and said, "Forget it, don't tease you, be careful later, this world ... hey, it's bad!"

Ying Yuedie couldn't take it anymore, she said angrily, "Sister, why do you think everyone is so bad? OK! I bet with you! Xiaoyu is my friend, I believe she won't hurt me! I'll show it to you! "

The little girl would take off her pajamas and lie in the bathtub after speaking, and Ying Nanyan quickly stopped her: "If you want to bet, come by the rules."

She pressed on a pager on the wall, and soon a woman's voice came out of the door: "Miss, what do you want to tell me?"

Ying Nanyan looked at her sister: "Do you still have that medicine bath bag?"

"Three packs in total ... you save it, Xiao Yu said that this medicated bath pack is difficult to configure and she doesn't have many, so she gave me three packs."

Ying Nanyan laughed aloud, apparently, this was regarded by her as a means for Zhu Xiaoyu to raise her value.

She took a pack of medicated bath and walked to the door, handed it to a woman with a ponytail and a very capable woman, and said, "Hold this thing right now and check to see if there is any harm. I need a detailed report."

"Yes!" The woman with ponytails took the pill pack, and turned around, and left.

Ying Nanyan laughed: "Well, let's wait for the news next."


Ying's power is very huge, and their subordinates have their own medical group, so the test that Miss Ying personally ordered was completed quickly.

An hour later, Ying Nanyan looked at the test result sent from her mobile phone, and her face was strange.

According to the test results, this medicated bath bag does not contain any harmful substances to the human body and is made of pure natural medicinal materials, which does not contain any artificial hormones and chemical ingredients.

Moreover, some of the main materials were also tested.

Except for purple energy grass, the others are common herbs on the earth.

Seeing this, it seems that this medicated bath bag is a scam in itself.

However, in the following report, it was indicated in red: After testing, it was found that the medicinal bath pack was extremely powerful, far exceeding the effect of the original medicinal materials, for unknown reasons and unknown effects, it can be determined that it is harmless to the organism.

The last line is still in red:

Request more bags for testing.

Below is a row of signatures, all of which are the top scientists in the lab.

After reading this test report, Ying Nanyan looked at his sister a little bit hesitantly.

Does it seem that her sister really got a very amazing thing? !!

The names signed under the test report, although their individual strengths are not good, they are already the top experts in domestic medicine and chemistry, and each of them has an annual salary of tens of millions.

Yingjia's Pharmaceutical Group also relied on the research results of these experts to occupy a huge and fat cake in the entire Xiangnan Province.

Supposedly these experts have seen many good things. Even if it is some rare medicinal materials from the Different World, the kind that ordinary people have never heard of, for them is just some experimental props in the laboratory.

There are not many things that interest them.

Ying Yuedie had been peeping at her sister's face and found that she showed a surprised expression, and immediately knew that she had won most of her bets.

She laughed and said, "Sister, how is it? I said Xiaoyu wouldn't lie to me?"

Ying Nanyan gave her sister an angry look: "It's just that the thing is not poisonous, and the final result has not come yet ... yes, don't you have three bags? Give one bag for me, let me try it for myself!"

Ying Yuedie immediately took out the last pack of medicated baths and watched her sister take the pack away. She couldn't help but smile on the sofa.

After all, Ying Nanyan was a strong and powerful woman, and there were really few chances to see her such expression.

one hour later……

Ying Nanyan was shocked to feel the relaxed feeling coming from her body. She hurriedly dressed, dragged on Ying Yuedie, and drove to Ying's research institute in the suburbs.

She is going to do a scientific and comprehensive physical examination to determine how amazing this medicated bath bag is!

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