Chapter 52 - Sister Ying

Just when Zhong Yihan was fighting in the Different World.

In Ying's home, Ying Yuedie was putting water in the bathtub in her bathroom, and then put the medicine bath bag from Zhu Xiaoyu into the bathtub.

The water in the bathtub turned blood red at a speed visible to the naked eye, and a red mist was condensed above the water surface.

"Wow, sister! Sister! Come on, it's amazing!"

Ying Yuedie saw this scene, shouted in excitement, ran to the living room to draw a girl who looks a bit like her, but is older than her, and the temperament is completely different.

This girl is her own sister, Ying Nanyan, the eldest daughter of Ying's family. She is also studying at Yazun High School.

Compared to Ying Yuedie's cute and lively look, Ying Nanyan is very mature.

She is the chairman of the student union of Yazun High School. She acts decisively and resolutely, and has high prestige among the student union--and her talent is also very strong. This was just two months after the start of grade 3 in high school. Her vitality reached a terrifying 2.8, which not only far exceeded the admission line of Xiangshui University last year, but also went even further and even hit the Top Four.

You should know that Zhong Yihan's Anning No. 1 High School currently has a student vitality of only 2.3, and Ying Nanyan is 0.5 higher than him!

Below the Kung Fu fighter, the vitality gap of 0.5 is equivalent to a small realm.

But at this time, Ying Nanyan's face had a slightly tired expression, because the space cracks were about to appear in Qinggang City, she was very busy this day and dealt with a lot of things.

One hand was held by her sister, and the other was rubbing her temples, Ying Nanyan said helplessly: "Xiaodie, what was the first thing you were shocked at?"

"Sister, come on, come on to see."

Ying Yuedie drags her sister to the bathroom, and then pointed at the tub inside, showing off: "Dang Dang Dang Dang! Isn't it great?"

When Ying Nanyan saw the red blood in the bathtub and the condensed mist, she was a little surprised, and then smelled the strong scent of medicine in the air, then she felt relieved and asked, "This ... is a medicated bath? "

"Yeah yeah! Xiaoyu gave it to me... Zhu Xiaoyu, you've seen it!"

Thinking of the dark-skinned girl, Ying Nanyan frowned slightly, and said, "Have you taken this medicine bath pack for testing?"

Ying Yuedie stunned: "Test? Uh, no ... but Xiaoyu won't hurt me."

"It's indispensable to guard against people!" Ying Nanyan said, "I also know Xiaoyu's girl, she is unlikely to harm you, but maybe she doesn't know the origin of this medicine bath bag, so be safe. "

Then she said a little seriously: "You have to know that some cottage things are used well in the beginning, but in fact, they will damage the human body. Some things of unknown origin may even be addictive! You must know, many people want to please us today, and many people are hostile to us, so you have to be careful. "

"Okay, okay, I know!" Ying Yuedie was a little bit aggrieved. She was going to show up with her sister, but she was taught a little, so she said, "This is a medicated bath, not imported. No problem! "

Ying Nanyan also knew that he said something a little bit heavy, and said, "I don't think Zhu Xiaoyu will harm you either. Your friendship is still very pure. Zhu Xiaoyu is also a good seed, but I heard she took a leave for a week? It seems like she is having a bottleneck? "

"Well? You know that?"

Ying Nanyan smiled slightly: "I stumbled upon someone to discuss her in the student union."

In fact, she is still very concerned about the situation around her younger sister, and she has arranged someone in the student union and the class-of course, little girls do not need to know such things.

Ying Yuedie was excited, and said, "Sister, your news is outdated! You don't know, Xiao Yu has returned from vacation, and she seems has a great change!"

"Great change? What change?"

"Xiao Yu was so black, you know? Someone in the class owed her a nickname called Little Black Girl, but she is no longer black now, uh, I should say it's not so black! Just this week In time, her skin color is almost the same as mine, and it is a little bit blacker than me. And her bottleneck has also been broken, and her vitality is now 1.6! "

"Oh?" Ying Nanyan's eyes lightened slightly. "Has she turned so white? Did she go for any surgery?"

"No, it's because of this medicated bath!"

Ying Yuedie pointed at the bathtub and said excitedly: "Xiao Yu said that this medicine bath bag was obtained by her brother from a secret channel. The yield is very low, but the effect is very good. Whitening is only a trivial function. And most importantly, this medicated bath pack can repair injuries on the body and completely relieve fatigue! "

"Xiao Yu said that she was too tired to practice before, and she had accumulated fatigue and injuries, so she fell into a bottleneck. Then she used this medicine bath bag, and within a few days of work, the fatigue had all disappeared! No fatigue and injuries, the bottleneck naturally broke through easily! "

Ying Nanyan frowned.

too exaggerated.

As exaggerated as those underground ads.

Of course, she knows the problems that fatigue injuries bring to practice, and she also knows that for most young people, fatigue injuries are the source of more than 90% of the bottlenecks.

Because of this, it is almost impossible to completely eliminate fatigue injuries.

Even she can only use a variety of methods, including reasonable meals, a practice plan formulated by a professional Kung Fu teacher, and strict and precise detection of various states of the body through scientific instruments, and recovery, hypnosis, etc., after training, this can control the degree of daily physical damage in a reasonable range, so that fatigue injuries will not accumulate.

However, this method can only be controlled, and it is impossible to completely eliminate fatigue injuries.

Ying Family is a famous and wealthy family in the entire Xiangnan Province, so Ying Nanyan has seen many good things since childhood. She has never heard of a pack of medicated baths that can completely eliminate fatigue injuries.

So at this moment, Ying Nanyan felt a little disgusted with Zhu Xiaoyu. She originally thought that the little girl was pretty good, but now it seems that she is also the type of bullshit who is full of nonsense in order to make bullshit.

Seeing that her sister's face was getting cold, Ying Yuedie knew what her sister was thinking about.

She immediately said, "Sister, that's not what you think! Xiaoyu won't lie to me!"

"Oh, isn't it?" Ying Nanyan hugged her hands around her chest, and smiled, "Well, we might as well make a bet?"