Chapter 46 - Yangshi Bar

After the archery class, Zhong Yihan was significantly more popular than before.

The most obvious point is that there are more girls who ask him questions after class. Zhong Yihan's knowledge of liberal arts is already excellent, so these problems are not difficult to answer, but some girls hinted that they would like to invite Zhong Yihan to eat, and some boys also came over and called him to get together after school, but he refused.

In his opinion, going out to play now is simply a waste of time. Before the college entrance examination, he needs to use all the time to strive to improve, and there was no time to do anything else.

The evening after school, Zhu Zhenxing did not find Zhong Yihan to go home together but brought another student in front of him.

"Yihan, let's go back later. Fan Dali invites us to relax in the bar."

Fan Dali said by Zhu Zhenxing is the classmate beside him.

Fan Dali's vitality is 0.9, and his grades are at a medium level in the class.

Anping County No. 1 High School has 23 classes in total. There is an average of 50 or 60 students in each class. Among them, students with a vitality of 0.7-1 occupy the majority.

Therefore, Fan Dali's standard of vitality is also in the middle of the class, which belongs to the category of high or low.

Fan Dali and Zhu Zhenxing have a good relationship. Zhong Yihan has talked with him a few times before, but he has no deep friendship.

So Zhong Yihan said, "You just go and I will go back to practice."

But Zhu Zhenxing insisted: "Yihan, occasionally taking a break and not dying. You have advanced to the 150-meter field today, and it is considered to be an advanced celebration. And his guy treats us, if he is not allowed to spend some money, I will not be reconciled. Besides, he just wants to invite you. If you don't go, it's boring for me to go alone. "

Zhu Zhenxing said, using his arms to touch Fan Dali, the latter would understand, so he said: "Zhong Yihan, this time I really invite you sincerely, we are friend and classmate. I have booked the location. It is a newly opened bar and it is definitely fun! "

Zhong Yihan knew that he couldn't get away this time, and he didn't want to dispel everyone's interest, he was tangled for a while, and finally sighed: "Hey, okay, I'll just go."

Zhu Zhenxing patted Zhong Yihan's shoulder and laughed: "Haha, I know that Yihan is nice! Dali, you need to prepare much money!"

"Rest assured that today we will not return without being drunk!"

Fan Dali was also very happy. So many people asked Zhong Yihan to fail. Only he succeeded.

This made him reluctant to be glad that he had a good relationship with Zhu Zhenxing, or he would certainly have been rejected by Zhong Yihan.

As for the fact that so many people are in a hurry to make friends with Zhong Yihan, the reason is actually very simple.

In the first place, it was natural to see Zhong Yihan's leaps and bounds, and there was great momentum, so he took the opportunity to make friends with him.

Secondly, he really wants to explore why he can make such great progress and what is the reason.

Especially the children of businessmen like Fan Dali, it is worth mentioning that this routine is really easy.


The bar booked by Fan Dali is called Yangshi Bar. It is the highest-ranked bar in Anping County and the highest consumption bar. Of course, because this bar is too hot, some better locations need to be booked to get in.

In the bar, the blue-violet lights flash, and the singer on the stage seems to be a metal rock with steel balls. With the dense drums and hissing guitar, the atmosphere here is passionate and enthusiastic.

The handsome men and women in fashion clothes joked loudly, powerful hands slid on the white thighs, and the charming perfume stimulated the nerves of the opposite sex.

No one cares about the sight of others, they are immersed in the stimulation of alcohol and cannot help themselves.

Here, the flattery of the female, the hormonal of the male, interweaves an intoxicating and crazy vortex.

The three walked towards their seats while watching everything here.

Zhu Zhenxing and Fan Dali did not know what was attracted to them. Looking at it for a while, and looking over there for a while, their heads were turning around for a moment, and their eyes were as if they were overdosed.

Especially one of them suddenly found something, and then patted the other to let him see, and the two looked at each other and smiled, showing the true nature of the wolf friend.

Although Zhong Yihan didn't come to the bar very often, he didn't feel excited at all but felt very noisy.

"How about Yihan, isn't it good? Especially the girls here are of high quality!"

The three sat in a position, Fan Dali said excitedly.

Zhu Zhenxing nodded with satisfaction: "It's really good, especially the girl who just wore a white tube top, that figure is absolutely terrific. Do you think she did cosmetic surgery?"

"What's wrong with cosmetic surgery? Beautiful is enough."

"That's right, we can't get it anyway, and it's good to have eye addiction."

Zhong Yihan on the side was almost speechless.

The girl waiters who led them were still standing beside them.

Although the waiter smiled sweetly, Zhong Yihan still felt her contempt under her smile.

Fan Dali called two bottles of rum directly. After the waiter left, he smiled and whispered, "I have already called a few girls. They are on the way now, they are all young girls from nearby art schools. Fat man, Yihan, it will be fun later! "

Fatty Zhu's eyes were immediately lighted up, and even Zhong Yihan couldn't help but have a little expectation.

Nowadays, the stars of this era are still very marketable. Although there are many stars who learned Kung Fu, there are still more people who rely on a face.

Moreover, Kung Fu is a very hard and costly affair. There is no shortage of people afraid of hardship in any era. Not to mention the younger generation. There are always people who think they are outstanding. Being a star is much better than being a fighter.

Make money and be safe, and don't have to be that tiring-and the idea is gender-neutral.

Anyone who has any idea in this world, this is all their own choice.

However, as a few senior single boys, the yearning for the younger girls of the art school was sincere, so after listening to Fan Dali's words, the three immediately exchanged a look.

Well, men understand.

After a while, the wine was brought up. Fan Dali poured the wine and raised the glass. "First of all, congratulations to Yihan for successfully advancing to the 150-meter field."