Chapter 45 - Shock the Class

Zhong Yihan's advance to the 150-meter field is probably the most important thing for students to pay attention to since they were promoted to the third year of high school. Of course, except the space track in Qinggang city

Because no matter who advances or advances, students will feel right.

Only Zhong Yihan was suddenly struggling to progress from the 50-meter field to the 150-meter field. Even after the college entrance examination, his vitality could not reach the standard of a fighter, this experience was enough inspirational.

Moreover, some people have high vitality but may not have good archery skill. After all, everyone's development path is different.

Like Zhong Yihan, if he can still improve in archery, if he can reach the 150-meter field before graduation, he can also hit eight of the ten rounds must hit more than nine rings...

Well, as long as his basic vitality is not too low, there are definitely some Kung Fu institutions willing to admit him!

Because it is clear that Zhong Yihan has enough talent in archery-and this talent has always been encountered but not sought.

The students in the archery hall had already surprised, and Zhong Yihan couldn't escape.

If most of his classmates thought he was lucky before he advanced to the 100-meter field, now Zhong Yihan has been regarded by most students as someone who can ask for advice.

"Yihan, how did you practice? Is there any secret?"

"Yeah, yeah, your progress is too fast. The 50-meter field has troubled me for three years. Please guide me."

"Half a month from 50 meters to 150 meters, even our school best student Fang Haoyu spent three months. Zhong Yihan has set a record for our school, right?"

Li Xinyu and Peng Ming, who were beside Zhong Yihan, were crowded out at this time.

Zhang Li stood outside the crowd and didn't know how many times she rolled her eyes.

"What ’s so great, but it ’s just a fluke. Xinyu can do it soon, right? Xinyu."

Li Xinyu said rarely: "I can't do it, he is better than me, at least in archery."

Li Xinyu's expression was very complicated at this time.

Before Zhang Li told her Zhong Yihan said that she was a prodigal girl, her first reaction was that he was a scum, which was a serious insult to herself.

Kung Fu consumes resources is a well-known thing, and everyone is practicing, why should she be scolded because she is a girl?

Not to mention that the other side is the last ten student in the class.

Li Xinyu believes that this is Zhong Yihan's jealousy. After all, it is normal for a person who works hard and has no results is jealous of a person who is better than him.

But now Li Xinyu finds that her dislike for the other person seems to be wishful thinking.

Because from the beginning of Zhong Yihan's advanced 100-meters field, he only has bows and arrows in his eyes, he has never looked at her straight.

And his rapid progress is enough to make people look at him, even want to ask for advice in person.

However, Li Xinyu has her own pride. Even if Zhong Yihan really has any cheats for strengthening, she will never bend to ask.

She will surpass each other by her own efforts.

A squeaking sound rang around, Li Xinyu turned around and found that Peng Ming, who was desperate and angry, gritted his teeth.

Peng Ming originally thought that as long as he had closed the distance between the two, who knew it was only one week away, he would be thrown away by the other party again.

The gap between the 100-meter field and the 150-meter field is an insurmountable gap so that Peng Ming simply cannot see the hope of surpassing the other party again.

Why is this happening?

He obviously worked so hard?

He was the first person to advance to the 100-meter field. Why did Zhong Yihan suddenly pop out at this time?

Peng Ming felt really crazy.

Why suddenly progress so fast?

"Okay, let's make a concession and let Yihan go to the 150-meter field first. If you have any questions, after school and ask!" Zhu Zhenxing took advantage of his size to pull Zhong Yihan out of the crowd.

Outside the crowd, Zhang Shou smiled at Zhong Yihan and nodded: "Good job, you have advanced to the 150-meter field."

"Teacher Zhang laughed!"

"Is this a laugh? I can't see it unless you say it, and it's so ugly."

"Well, you dare to make a joke of him, you don't want to live anymore."

"Didn't you say him?"

Zhang Shou twitched, trying to keep his smile.

With the strength of his senior Kung Fu fighter, he could hear and the sound of the surroundings, these guys dared to make a joke of him, it seems that they are less trained.

"Thank you, Teacher Zhang."

Zhong Yihan came to the 150-meter field.

There were a total of four people before the 150-meter field. Except that Yun Chao's overall vitality was a bit worse, the remaining three were all top three in the class.

Yun Chao stood in the outermost position. When Zhong Yihan walked over, the other body was motionless, apparently blocking him intentionally.

Zhong Yihan looked up at Yun Chao's unhappy face and laughed, "Why, I feel like you can't afford to lose, so you want to use this method to stop me from practicing?"

"Can't afford to lose? Well, I advise you not to look too high at yourself. What's the use of ascension from 0 to 1? It's just like a baby learns to speak.

"What's more, there is an essential difference between real combat and practice. If you are so anxious to fight with me, you must be prepared to bear the cruel consequences."

In fact, as Yun Chao said, even if Zhong Yihan actually died unexpectedly in the match, he does not need to bear any legal responsibility.

In this era, it is almost normal for a student to die. All students will sign a death agreement with their parents before entering the school, that is, the school only needs to compensate 500,000 to 1 million after the death of the student.

Of course, in order to avoid people with intentions using this agreement to do evil.

The conditions of death are still harsh.

For example, accidental deaths of extracurricular tasks, and accidental deaths in normal combat are among the death conditions.

Zhong Yihan certainly knew the death agreement. If it was placed half a month ago, he might be scared back by a threat like Yun Chao, but now ...

Actual combat? !!

Yunchao is fiercer than the tooth canine beast?

Well, even if you can beat a tooth canine beast, can you fight with three at the same time? !!

Yun Chao stood there pretending to be a threatening expression but found that Zhong Yihan looked at himself with an expression, that expression ...

It's as if an adult is watching a little shouting boy there.

This made him very upset, just wanting to continue to threaten, but listened to Zhong Yihan said: "If the fight maybe leads to death, I hope you will not give in."

Zhong Yihan said very easily. Yun Chao just wanted to refute, but when he saw his indifferent eyes, his heart jumped inexplicably, and he stepped back subconsciously.

It was a natural reaction to the danger.

But immediately after Yun Chao reacted, he was about to stand back again, but Zhong Yihan had already passed through on time.

This made Yunchao angry, but it was not easy to catch up.

Because he was a bit scared just now.

But this "fear" made him even more unacceptable.

He had to secretly resolve in his heart: "When the next fight, I must interrupt your limbs!"