Chapter 44 - Enter 150-Meter Field

The medicated bath bag has a very significant effect in eliminating fatigue. Zhong Yihan hardly dozed off in the morning and took the cultural class seriously.

At the beginning of the afternoon archery class, someone received praise from the teacher.

Peng Ming.

He shot three arrows at the sixth ring of the 100-meter field today and progressed very quickly. He just advanced to the 100-meter field last week and couldn't even reach his target.

It seems that Zhong Yihan's stimulus to Peng Ming is not small. The student who has worked hard now is trying his best every arrow.

On the other side, Li Xinyu suddenly ushered in an outbreak. Five of the ten arrows in the first round hit nine rings.

The advanced condition of the 100-meter field is that eight of the ten rounds must hit more than nine rings. Li Xinyu's results are relatively close.

This made Zhong Yihan feel an inexplicable pressure. And not only the two of them but a dozen other students in the class who were also in the 100-meter field, looking at Zhong Yihan, were also full of desire to compete.

As for Yun Chao behind him, not to mention, Zhong Yihan didn't have to look back, he could feel that that person we're seeing through his back.

Zhong Yihan closed her eyes and took a long breath, letting his focus refocus.

When he opened his eyes, there was only the target in front of him.

Feeling the change of Zhong Yihan's temperament, Peng Ming subconsciously stopped the bow and arrow in his hand.

Although Li Xinyu is still shooting arrows, she pays more attention to Zhong Yihan.

Judging from the fact that Zhong Yihan has made great progress every week, his progress today is likely to shock everyone.

Zhong Yihan fetches arrows, makes bows, adjusts postures, pulls strings, and shoots arrows. The whole movement is flowing in one go, and even Li Xinyu, who hates him, has to admit that his moves are really pleasing.


The sound of the counter sounded, and the attention of the students who were practicing each other was suddenly attracted.

Zhong Yihan's first shot today attracted a great start, and the first arrow hit ten rings!

However, Zhong Yihan did not respond to this and still took arrows and archery.

Proficiency in basic archery is nearly seven hundred, allowing him to face the target in the 100-meter field as easily as in the 50-meter field.

Then the sound of the counter only appeared once, but his results really shocked everyone.

Three shots, three hits.

Six out of five.

Seven out of nine.

Although the six arrows in the back only shot the nine rings, the students who were onlookers were all surprised.

Some people couldn't help exclaiming: "Oh my god, if Zhong Yihan can hit more than nine rings this arrow, then he will advance to the 150-meter field!"

"Quiet, don't interfere with his attention!"

"You speak louder than me."

Zhang Li was also watching the crowd at this time. She saw Zhong Yihan's performance. The worst arrow was also above the seven rings. It can be seen that he now really has the ability to enter the 150-meters field.

And Li Xinyu's best result was only six out of ten.

On the one hand, Zhu Zhenxing's mocking expression was almost carved into her eyes, and Zhang Li could not wait to find something to cover his large face.

Isn't he advancing to the 150-meter field, is it necessary to be so excited?

Peng Ming stared at Zhong Yihan, his fists clenched and the bows and arrows in his hands squeaky.

Li Xinyu did not know when to put down the bow and arrow in her hand. Except for a few students who did not like to make fun of themselves, they were still immersed in their own world. Most of the students' eyes focused on Zhong Yihan, as if waiting for the historic moment.

Yun Chao outside the crowd never thought that Zhong Yihan was going to advance so fast. Don't look at him on the surface that he was still calm, but in fact, he had thought about Zhong Yihan's failure many times, and he couldn’t succeed.

Xiong Bo's performance in the 150-meter field was much calmer. He just glanced at Zhong Yihan's direction casually and then continued his practice.

But no matter how many people thought, Zhong Yihan's tenth arrow shot out.

Seven rings!



Zhang Li couldn't help cheering, and immediately caused the glaring of the fat man.

Zhang Li was very happy, saying proudly: "How about, I say he can't?"

"Oh, at least this result is better than your perfect girlfriend."


A word from Zhu Zhenxing made Zhang Li speechless, the latter glared at him, and then left here.

She felt that she really couldn't follow Zhong Yihan anymore.

Zhu Zhenxing wanted to go up and cheer Zhong Yihan, but found that the other person's face was calm and there was no loneliness after failure.

He stopped subconsciously.

Does Zhong Yihan think he still has a chance?

But more students are disappointed.

"Almost he can advance, Zhong Yihan should not make mistakes at this time."

"It seems that Zhong Yihan's psychological quality is like that."

"The first round has failed, and it must not have succeeded afterward."

Most of the students who had been on the sidelines dispersed.

Zhong Yihan didn't care about the decline of the people around him.

At the last arrow of the first round just now, he was stared at by the students around him. The inexplicable pressure made him unable to concentrate well, so he missed.

After all, he has been training in the Different World, rarely shoots arrows in such a noisy environment, and it is normal to not control his strength.

Now when most students leave, Zhong Yihan feels that the pressure on his body suddenly drops.

Coupled with the first round of testing just now, he understands that his current strength can definitely advance to the 150 meters, as long as he stabilizes his mentality.

So in the next round of archery, Zhong Yihan redoubled his confidence, bowed his arrow, and shot straight!

"Ding Ding Ding, Ten Rings!"

"Nine rings!"

"Eight rings!"

"Nine rings!"

"Ding Ding Ding, Ten Rings!"

"Nine rings!"

"Nine rings!"

"Eight rings!"

"Ding Ding Ding, Ten Rings!"

"Ding Ding Ding, Ten Rings!"

After two consecutive ten rings, the entire Arrow Hall was silent for a while, and then a scream of exclamation broke out!

Zhu Zhenxing hugged Zhong Yihan. If Zhong Yihan had eaten several strength fruits in succession. Now his pure power points are 1.2. He will be crushed to death by this fat man!

Then, many students gathered around and surrounded Zhong Yihan.

Peng Ming looked pale.

Zhang Li's face was as dead as death.

Li Xinyu also had a rare look of dullness.

He turned out to be successful!

He was several months later than she entered the 100-meter field. Although Li Xinyu knew that she was not the best genius, in just over half a month, she was completely surpassed by him that was last ten in class...

This contrast made her really unacceptable.

Not only her, but a dozen other students in the 100-meter field in the class also exchanged gloomy eyes with each other.

Who would have thought that Zhong Yihan, who was silent before, just made great progress?

The Kung Fu teacher Zhang Shou looked at everything and couldn't help nodding.

This is the first time he has seen a student who has made such rapid progress.

Honestly, if it wasn't for Zhong Yihan's start too late and the starting point was too low, he didn't start until the third year of high school. Zhang Shou might really expect him to make history for their school.

But even now it's amazing.

Zhang Shou is looking forward to this Zhong Yihan will be able to bring more surprises to himself!