Chapter 43 - Breakthrough in Vitality 1

An island in the Different world, under a big tree.

Zhong Yihan was sweating with the thirteenth style of the "Kung Fu 72 Styles".

After working hard this week, he finally made some breakthroughs in the practice.

From the beginning, the thirteenth style could not persist for even a few seconds, and now he can maintain the standard posture for more than ten minutes. Although the medicated bath bag and the energy of the Different World are indispensable, Zhong Yihan's efforts for this are even more It is twice or even three times as before.

Zhong Yihan has been holding his posture for more than ten minutes now, but he still clenches his teeth and wants to see where his limits are.

Over time, Zhong Yihan's muscles began to tremble, like an active joy and a weeping sorrow.

When he was at school during the day, he was told that the space track in Qinggang was about to appear.

Unsurprisingly, many people want to escape, but many people have confidence in the Kung Fu Association and the military and are willing to stay.

Of course, there are also families like Zhong Yihan. All of them work in Anping County. They have no deposits and no relatives from other places. Even if they want to run, there is no place to run.

For Zhong Yihan, he did not mean to escape for the time being, but he also felt a strong sense of crisis. He is now more diligent and harder in his practice.

Xia Ling was sleeping on the mushroom beside her, holding her shell asleep.

Zhong Yihan felt that the blood in his body was surging, which seemed to be a precursor to some kind of breakthrough. Suddenly a light breeze caused him to sit softly under his feet. All the sensations suddenly disappeared, leaving only endless fatigue.


Xia Ling was immediately awakened. She hurriedly flew into the sky while yelling: "The master is careful of the bad guys!"

Xia Ling flew to the sky, woke up and looked around, and found that there were no bad people at all, and the master sat on the ground without any danger. She breathed a sigh of relief, flew to the mushroom just now, and continued to hold her shell to sleep.

It seems she is really tired.

During this time, Xia Ling had been helping Zhong Yihan with vigilance and her nerves had been strained. He could understand her state.

Zhong Yihan pampered Xia Ling's soft face with his fingers.

"Master, don't grab Xia Ling's shells. The shells are all Xia Ling's ..."

Xia Ling's murmur made Zhong Yihan full of black lines.

Zhong Yihan no longer teased Xia Ling, gently lifted her up and used the shuttle to return to the room, and then put her on the bed, sitting on the floor against the edge of the bed himself.

He was too dirty to stain his bed.

For the interruption of the breakthrough just now, Zhong Yihan is not upset. This is what practice is all about. Looking for the possibility of that breakthrough under continuous practice, but it is impossible to succeed every time.

In fact, the success rate now has been much improved compared to Zhong Yihan's previous experience. The experience in the past allows him to treat frustrations with ordinary heart, which can be regarded as his precious experience.

Today's practice is all over, Zhong Yihan opened his personal properties to view.

Name: Zhong Yihan

Sex: Male

Strength: 1.2

Dexterity: 0.9

Constitution: 1.0

Spirit: 1.1

Comprehensive vitality: 1.05


Basic Archery: 679/1000, (in progress).

Basic knife method: 432/1000

Basic Boxing: 355/1000

Basic footwork: 236/1000

The four-dimensional attributes each naturally increased by 0.05 in this week, plus the exchange of two strength fruits, Zhong Yihan's vitality finally broke through the 1 mark.

Vitality breaks through 1, which is a huge threshold for many students.

As far as the class of Zhong Yihan is concerned, a total of 53 students, with a vitality over 1, have a total of 23, less than half.

There are the most 0.8-1 students, with 25 full, and there are only five people who haven't even reached 0.8-and these five people are basically not a matter of qualifications, just to play in schools.

Therefore, the vitality of Zhong Yihan was 0.8 before. In addition to the ranking of 1,000 students in the senior high school, the last ten in the class.

But now, he has entered the top 20 students in the class, and also about the top 500 students in the class.

Of course, the more forward, the harder it is to chase.

For example, Xiong Bo, who is the first in the class, has a vitality of 2.2. He is the only strongest in class 5 who has a vitality over 2. He has always maintained the top three in the grade. His goal is to be a national key Kung Fu university. He doesn’t care about the ordinary college!

Of course, Zhong Yihan's goal is not so simple as being admitted to an ordinary Kung Fu university.

He is completely confident that in the next few months, through hard work and system help, he can be admitted to key Kung Fu universities, such as Xiangshui University.

Zhong Yihan's strength of his arms now reaches 90 kilograms. Yun Chao's power limit seems to be so much.

This means that purely in terms of strength, Zhong Yihan has caught up with Yun Chao.

In addition, basic archery, basic swordsmanship, basic fighting, and basic footwork have been improved, but the most improved are basic archery.

Today happens to be Tuesday. Zhong Yihan can use the archery class to see how much his archery has improved.

There are 11 points left in the system. This is the number of points left for redeeming the two strength fruits and the shuttle. The total number of monologues is less than last week.

However, there is no other way. After all, the number of evil rabbits is limited. After two weeks of hunting by Zhong Yihan, it is almost difficult to see the evil rabbits within 200 meters.

However, tooth canine beasts are difficult to hunt because of group activities. Zhong Yihan must find a way to disperse their groups first, and then break them apart, so the time it takes will increase.

Fortunately, this is only temporary.

When Zhong Yihan's vitality improved a little, he began to try to hunt the tooth canine beasts group directly. At that time, it was a wave of system points.

One week has passed and Xia Ling should be able to configure a new medicated bath bag.

During this time, Zhong Yihan checked a lot of information about the new home and found that the best location for energy was Zhu Zhenxing's villa complex.

But the price is ridiculously expensive, the cheapest is seven million.

If a pack of medicated bath packs is calculated at a profit of 3,500, seven million would need to be sold for two thousand packs.

He and Zhong Qiaoyue used twenty packs a week, so he could only sell thirty packs.

Rounding takes sixty-seven weeks or nearly seventeen months.

This does not include the case that the medicated bath bag may not be sold sometimes, and various other expenses.

A year and a half, it seems a long time-because after a year and a half, he has already graduated from high school.

But thinking that if in the past, let alone seven million, he calculated that he would go to work. It would be a problem to earn tens of thousands of yuan a year, so Zhong Yihan suddenly felt that this time was actually acceptable.

After all, he didn't buy a house for his own sake, but for his mother and sister.

The concentration of energy in the villa district where Zhu Zhenxing is located, Zhong Yihan now simply does not care, but when a man has the ability, naturally he wants to make more contributions to his home.

It is Zhong Yihan's biggest wish to be able to let his mother and sister live in luxury mansions and live comfortably.

However, since this goal cannot be achieved in the short term, Zhong Yihan still put his eyes back on improving his strength first.

As long as he has the strength, he will not worry about the opportunity to make money in the future.

Today is Tuesday. There is an archery class in the afternoon.

Then set himself a small goal.

Try to enter the 150-meter field!