Chapter 42 - There Is No Second Way To Go

Shi Yangang pointed to the green dots on the map and said, "These green markings represent the cracks in space that have been counterattacked by us."

"In this racial war between the two worlds, we humans are not the party that is purely backward. The strange beasts and wild gods of Different World can come in through space channels and invade us. And we can fight back, even It's pre-emptive, and you put a bridgehead in the Different World! "

"These green dots are occupied by our humans in turn, bridgeheads in Different World! We are here to build cities, build strongholds, and build roads. Although electronic equipment cannot be used in Different World, human wisdom is infinite! We have used steam power to build our own base among these nine strongholds, and have begun the development and exploration of the Different World. "

"Our fighters explore in the Different World, hunt and kill strange beasts, look for medicinal materials, and open up territories."

"Our workers build a base in a different world and provide logistics."

"Our scientists, research in Different World, find the rules, and see if we can recover modern civilization in the Different World."

"And many of our students, such as the “Top Four” in your dreams, each of them has a stronghold in the Different World, and opened a new campus there! You all know that the energy in the Different World is rich in energy and rich in resources. Therefore, the reason why the Top Four is that their teachers and students can practice directly in the Different World! "

Many students made a "wow" sound, full of envy.

Shi Yangang continued: "The energy value in the Different World is also the lowest at more than 5, and there are ten or twenty energy value practice treasures, and that is also there. Not only the Different World, but even these space cracks will have energy, the infiltration resulted in a particularly high concentration of energy. "

"So, look at these green spots. The 100-kilometer plot of land around them has already been bought by a group of businessmen, and they started to do real estate, agriculture, and logistics ... has made a fortune! "

He rarely told a cold joke, and the students couldn't help laughing.

Shi Yangang said: "So, A blessing in disguise? There will be a space crack in Qinggang City. This is a danger and an opportunity. Because if this space crack is controlled, then Qinggang City will usher in an explosion ...… Other than that, just in Qinggang City and the surrounding housing prices, there will be a wave of blowouts. "

The students laughed again.

"But!" Shi Yangang's face sank again. "We can't be blindly optimistic! After all, what exactly is behind this crack, can the Kung Fu Association and the military control it? No one can give the guarantee right away! "

"On the one hand, we can only trust the strong in our country. On the other hand, you should also feel a sense of crisis!"

"Although you are all students now, the war is still far away from you. But in case ... I mean in case if the crack has been not controlled, all of us will be soldiers by then!"

The air pressure in the class suddenly dropped again.

Shi Yangang looked around the audience and said coldly, "So, if you want to move, you can prepare to move after you return home. If you don’t want to move, or there is no place to move, I hope you all take it seriously from this moment! "

"Because the war is imminent! Every drop of sweat you shed now may allow you to shed less blood during the war!"

"And those children who are moving away, I won't blame you. After all, it is human instinct to take advantage of and avoid harm, but I still have something to say ..."

"That is, if Qinggang City can't keep it, it means that our country is not absolutely safe! And if the country cannot guarantee the safety of the people, I am afraid there is no place in the world that can do this. Even if you are in the city of the saints! "

"So, when this happens, it also means that the war will always start! No matter where you move, have escaped once, can you escape twice or three times?"

"So ... classmates."

"Work hard! I know that many of you have a wealthy family, but at a time when even the country cannot protect you, the only thing you can rely on is your own body and your own strength!"

"Even if it is dead, at least kill two or three strange beasts, so it's worth dying this way!"

Having said that, Shi Yangang opened his left hand, fist with his right hand, and raised it in the palm of his left hand.

"Although you are still very young, from this moment on, all of you are fighters in reserve. So, let's work hard! Fight hard!"

"Because in addition to fight hard, there is no second way to go!"



A lesson passed so quickly.

Just after Shi Yangang left the classroom, the whole classroom was exploded.

Students are discussing the space crack of Qinggang City. Some people are desperate, some are confused, and some are excited. Once interrupted by such a thing, no one paid attention to why Zhu Xiaoyu turned white.

Zhu Xiaoyu and Xiaodie at the same table are also whispering.

"Xiao Yu, are you afraid?"

"It is impossible to say not to be afraid at all ..." Zhu Xiaoyu smiled bitterly. "After all, it is a space crack. the teacher is right, no one dares to guarantee now that he will be able to control this crack."

Xiaodie's full name is Yingyue Die. She tilted her head and thought, "I have confidence in the Kung Fu Association and the military. They will go all out for such a big thing."

"I'm scared of running out of power! Unless one of the two saints comes, it's really reassuring. it looks like I need to prepare something."

"What preparation?"

"I will let my dad buy a house in the provincial capital when I go back. Once the situation is not right here, the family will run immediately!"

Ying Yuedie rolled her eyes: "It's so exaggerated!"

"Take precautions! Even in our country, there are areas in yellow and orange. It was said that there were also heavy casualties at that time! So, be prepared in advance!"

Ying Yuedie said: "I won't be able to run until getting out of control. So my dad was very prescient. He had dug a huge basement under the villa at home and sealed it with an alloy steel plate. It is enough to prevent nuclear bombs! And a lot of water and supplies are prepared in it. My dad said it was an emergency shelter. Once something happened, the whole family hid underground, and the resources there were prepared very adequate, even if the family lived for a year! "

Zhu Xiaoyu glanced back at her, and said, "Your family is a super tyrant, how can we compare? Well ... it's too late to dig a pit now!"

Ying Yuedie smiled for a while, then suddenly said, "Yes, Xiao Yu, you haven't told me yet, what is going on with your skin?"

"Just that you are still concerned about my skin ..." Zhu Xiaoyu was again with white eyes, then excited, and whispered, "But you don’t tell others, I got an exclusive recipe that not only can whiten the skin but also restore injuries and fatigue, it's amazing! "

"What recipe is so magical?"

"Hey, listen to me carefully ..."