Chapter 40 - Bad News

Yazun High School is located on the outskirts of Anping County.

This is the hub of Anping County and the surrounding three cities. There are mountains, rivers, and beautiful mountains. According to tests, the energy Index here is as high as 1.8. This is already a place that is suitable for human settlements except for those famous mountains and rivers.

Yazun High School is established here. This is the most famous private high school among the three surrounding cities. Similarly, it is also the highest-ranked high school among the three cities.

This ranking is based on actual strength.

In terms of last year's college entrance examination.

No. 1 High School in Anping County has a total of 320 students who have been admitted to the Kung Fu university. The number of Yazun High School admitted to the Kung Fu university last year was 1,400.

Moreover, even if they are Kung Fu university, they are classified and ranked.

Just like the "Top Four Universities" mentioned earlier, that is, the top four universities in the country and the status is naturally high.

Under the Top Four, there are still a number of colleges and universities that are hailed as "key colleges and universities" and are vigorously supported by the state.

There are more than thirty such key universities nationwide, and Xiangshui University, one of the most famous in Xiang Province, is one of them.

Further down, that are colleges and ordinary colleges.

Perhaps for ordinary people, it is already very good to be admitted to ordinary colleges, but for those geniuses, they focus on "key colleges and universities" and “Top Four”.

Among the 320 students admitted to the Kung Fu university last year in Anping County No. 1 High School last year, there were only 15 students in a university and only 3 students in key universities. None of the top 4 universities had none.

However, in Yazun High School, 220 people were admitted to a Kung Fu college, of which more than 60 were admitted to key colleges and universities, and three were admitted to the "Top Four".

The gap between them is not a little bit.

Therefore, most of the children of wealthy people in the three cities nearby, as well as the genius of the genius, mostly study here, and various luxury cars can often be seen at the school gate.

In the current "respect for Kung Fu" climate, money alone cannot be respected by others, and it is necessary to have the strength and talent to become the brightest person in the entire school.

Of course, there is another way to attract the attention of other people-that is, a handsome boy and a beautiful girl who is dazzling enough-that human beings are visual animals, and they will not change in any era.

Ever since Zhu Xiaoyu got out of the car and walked into the school gate, she felt that some eyes kept falling on her.

As a "Kung Fu learner", Zhu Xiaoyu's five senses are naturally sharper than ordinary people, so although the people around him have a certain distance and their voices are still lowered, Zhu Xiaoyu can still hear some of them.

"Is this girl a freshman? So beautiful!"

"Kawai Isnai! So cute Lolita! It would be perfect if she had a double ponytail!"

"The momentum is good, this girl's vitality should not be low."

"And wild, look at her wheat-colored skin, how sexy!"

"It looks familiar ... don't you think?"

Zhu Xiaoyu stopped, turned sharply and looked at the nearest two cooing guys, said viciously, "What are you looking at? Haven't seen a beauty?"

The two guys were startled, and shut up quickly until Zhu Xiaoyu left, the two eyes widened.

"A little familiar with the sound?"

"I'm familiar with her tone ... wait, she's in the first year of high school, Is she a freshman in high school?"

A man responded, his face was idiotic, "Isn't that a little black girl ?!"

"Little black girl ?! Why did it suddenly become so white?"



Zhu Xiaoyu walked into the classroom of class five all the way, and then went straight to his seat.

When she entered the door, the classroom that was still noisy before class suddenly became silent, and everyone in the classroom focused on her.

Zhu Xiaoyu didn't realize it, she took out the book and looked at it.

At this time, a weak voice sounded: "Excuse me ... who are you?"

Zhu Xiaoyu turned her head and found that Xiaodie at the same table was looking at her with a timid look, and she couldn't help rolling her eyes. She said, "I just took a week off, and you don't know me anymore, right? You are Fish's memory ?! "

Hearing a familiar voice, Xiaodie first froze, then her pupils dilated, and she pointed at Zhu Xiaoyu with a horrified expression: "You you you you ... Are you Xiaoyu ?!"

Her voice was loud, and the whole class was paying attention to it at this time, and the whole class was surprised.

"Xiao Yu ?! Xiao Die said she was Xiao Yu!"

"Impossible, my eyes were blind!"

"I haven't seen you in a week, you changed a lot?!"

The boys just felt incredible, the girls were almost going to explode.

Although Zhu Xiaoyu's family is good and her talents are high, girls rarely envy her, and most girls can find confidence in her.

Because she's black!

Nowadays, it is still common for girls to get tanned, but most of them are healthy wheat colors, have a wild flavor—but Zhu Xiaoyu ’s black one is like digging a briquette.

In addition, she is small and looks very thin, so some students who are jealous of her talent and family background gave her various nicknames behind her.

"Little Black Girl" is a better one.

Other nasty nicknames such as "African Girl" and "Little Black Monkey" also have secretly called in private.

As a result, Zhu Xiaoyu took a vacation last week and did not come for a week, which almost blinded everyone's eyes.

Her skin is still a little black, but it is already a healthier wheat color, compared with the previous "charcoal black" completely reduced a few hues.

Ying Yuedie, who was sitting at her table, also had wheat-colored skin. When the two were put together, it was indeed found that Zhu Xiaoyu's skin color was slightly deeper, but only a little bit.

Boys are just surprised by this change in skin color, but girls are almost going crazy now!

Which girl does not want to have fair and tender skin?

Although they don't know what method Zhu Xiaoyu used, her black and charcoal-like skin can be turned into the current wheat color. If they can be like her, wouldn't they be white and tender now?

But just as the girls rushed up and asked like hungry wolves, the headteacher Lao Shi came in.

The head teacher’s name is Shi Yangang, the Kung Fu fighter level, the vitality is as high as 6.0, and a face all day is extremely deterrent, and the students have nicknamed "Stone Buddha" in private.

As soon as the stone Buddha arrived, the class quieted down immediately, and no one dared to pretend in front of him.

"Starting class now," his expression was surprisingly solemn, "First of all, I want to tell you very bad news! "