Chapter 4 - The New Era

Thinking of this, Zhong Yihan suddenly lost sleep.

The light in the bedroom was still on, and he got up to the desk to see if there was anything he didn't want to recycle.

As a result, after looking around, they were reluctant to sell.

His family was originally an ordinary family. When his father was in prison a year ago, his family spent a lot of money, so the family had suffered from poverty. Even if his stationery and notebooks were almost used up, he was reluctant to throw them away. Yihan decided to look outside.

Zhong Yihan put on his clothes again and stomped down the stairs.

It was late, and no one was on the road.

Zhong Yihan wandered alone on the road, picked up everything and saw it.

There were leaves, garbage bags, stones, dirt ... even Zhong Yihan found a dead mouse.

Well, no response or prompt from the mall ...

Zhong Yihan did not give up, and continued to try plastic bottles, tinctures, iron rods, flowers, cans ... even trash cans!

It was probably annoyed by Zhong Yihan, and a line finally appeared on the system panel:

[This system only purchases items of a certain value, and cannot be a living thing, please the owner not to waste time!]

Zhong Yihan: "..."

Well, he wasted so much time.

After thinking about it, he asked again, "What is a valuable item?"

The system did not respond this time.

Zhong Yihan thought that he had found a way to get rich. If he could recycle everything, he would be rich.

For example, he can open a garbage recycling plant to throw tons of tons of garbage into the system. Even if he can't earn a single system point in the system, in reality, he can make hundreds of millions in collecting waste disposal fees.

The thought had just flashed, and an angry expression appeared on the blue light curtain.

Then Zhong Yihan just felt numbness all over him, as if he was being charged with electricity. He screamed "ah" and collapsed to the ground.

A line appears on the light curtain:

[Strictly warn the owner not to have such unrealistic thoughts, otherwise, the system will severely punish the owner!!!]

Followed by three exclamation points.

Zhong Yihan lay on the ground for a long time and then recovered, thinking that this is a temperamental system.

But at this moment he did not dare to say something again, so he had to limply walk back home, re-bathed and lay on the bed, and then fell asleep.

During this time, he had a dream, dreaming that he was admitted to Xiangshui University, successfully helping his dad out of justice, and even the most beautiful girl in the school was holding flowers to confess himself.

He felt so good in the dream.

He was dreaming, only feeling that his arm was shaking.

A familiar big voice rang in his ear: "Brother! Get up! You'll be late if you don't get up!"

Zhong Yihan awakened from his dream, only to discover that her sister Zhong Qiaoyue stood beside the bed and shook him.

Disturbing dreams!

Zhong Yihan sighed helplessly: "I see, sister, I will get up."

Zhong Qiaoyue pursed her mouth and mumbled, "Good intentions are not rewarded!" Then she went to breakfast.

Zhong Yihan watched his sister leave, and meditated in his mind: "System."

A familiar blue light curtain appeared before him, which relieved him.

Just the dream was destroyed, but the system is still there, this is not a dream.

It's not a dream ...


The first high school in Anping County.

Zhong Yihan studies in this school and it is the best public high school in the county.

The culture lesson in the morning is over, and the afternoon lesson is a Kung Fu lesson that makes many people cry.

The education reform of more than a decade ago stipulated that the ratio of Kung Fu and culture lessons in public high schools was 1: 1, which caused great controversy at the time. Many old professors believed that this practice would ruin the development and progress of human civilization.

But these years of development have proven the decision to be correct.

This is a war between the two worlds. Imagine that if human beings have no power to protect themselves, civilization will be extinct directly. What development and progress are we talking about?

What's more, the results of the popular practice of the people over the years also show that learning Kung Fu is a comprehensive development of the human body, not only to strengthen the body. The more powerful the warrior, the faster the brain can operate, and the stronger it is in memory and other abilities.

What an ordinary person can learn in about three years may be completed in one year for a warrior, and it is better than ordinary people.

Therefore, the popularization of Kung Fu not only cultivated a large number of stronger for human beings but also promoted the rapid development of civilization.

Of course, war with the Different World is also an important driving force for the development of civilization.

However, laziness is the nature of most people, and today's Kung Fu courses are not like physical education lessons decades ago. The Kung Fu teachers in the school are severe.

First a warm-up run of three kilometers, and then a standing pile of twenty minutes ...

This is a required course every day.

Then there are exercises such as boxing, equipment, squad battles, arrays, etc. The lessons are different every day.

Every month, the school also organizes students to go out into the field for two to three days of survival training and practical exercises.

Most of the surviving countries in the world today are almost all like soldiers and people practicing.

Otherwise, occupied West Africa is an example.

The current West Africa region is a scorched soil because now the world ’s largest space channel appears there, and countless powerful beasts and even gods are pouring out of it, directly destroying the traces of local civilization.

If it were not for the five million coalition forces of human nations to form a strong line of defense, if the ground had not been washed several times with nuclear bombs, human civilization might be disappeared.

The pressure of the Different World is on top of all human beings. Many people are still willing to work hard and improve themselves under pressure.

Of course, there are hundreds of different people.

Zhong Yihan is a model who is not very qualified but works hard in the Kung Fu course.

The person next to him is the other extreme.

"Come, Yihan, drink water!"

During the rest of the Kung Fu lesson, a kind-hearted fat man handed a bottle of drink to Zhong Yihan.

Zhong Yihan frowned as he looked at the drink: "Lao Zhu, thank you."

This drink is specially made, which works well, can quickly restore fatigue, and does not have any hormones.

Of course, the price is not cheap, a bottle costs more than 100 yuan.

In Zhong Yihan's current family environment, he can only earn two or three thousand yuan a month through his mother's hard work, and he can't afford such an expensive thing at all.