Chapter 32 - Top Four Universities

Zhu Zhenxing couldn't help twitching his lips.

His sister was only in grade 1 in high school, thinking about the college entrance examination all day. The problem is that he has already entered grade 3, but he has no feeling for the college entrance examination next year.

Is this the gap between genius and him?

But he also knew that Zhu Xiaoyu's dream was the "Top Four Universities" as she said.

Shuimu Kung Fu University;

Jingshi Budo University;

Baiyun Budo University;

Fuxing Kung Fu University.

The above four Kung Fu universities are the "Top Four Universities".

These four prestigious universities are the top four Kung Fu universities, and also the fourth among the top Kung Fu universities in the world. Each year, a large number of high-level Kung Fu Strong are cultivated, which is the dream place of almost all students.

Of course, the admission scores of these four Kung Fu universities are abnormal.

In terms of last year, the minimum requirement for vitality among the admission score lines is also 3.1!

And his younger sister, intelligent and work hard since she was a child, the family naturally placed high hopes on her.

Of course, this "high hope" has not yet reached the level of the "Top Four"-but she herself, the goal set for herself since she was a child, must be admitted to the "Top Four"!

The thought of this, Zhu Zhenxing more and more confirmed that he is a person who has no expectations of himself.

Zhu Xiaoyu's expression was very weak. She is now in high school. Not long ago, her vitality has just reached 1.5, and she has entered the ranks of Kung Fu learner.

However, she is still ranked outside the top 10 in the year.

The person who ranked first was the "high school entrance examination champion" in three cities near last year. When the person passed the senior high school entrance examination, the vitality had already exceeded 1.7, and now it has reached the exaggerated value of 1.9-it is estimated that it won't take long to break 2!

Therefore, Zhu Xiaoyu has a lot of pressure. According to the previous college entrance examination records of Yazun High School, generally, only five or six people can be admitted to “Top

Four”. Last year, there were only three!

Therefore, if she can't guarantee to enter the top five in whole grade, the hopes of the “Top Four” are very slim.

And the bottleneck, some people may pass after sleep and wake up, but some people may be stuck for life!

Zhu Xiaoyu certainly believes that she will not be stuck for a lifetime, but she has not felt progress for half a month. In the past half month, she has not told her family that she has tried a lot of methods, such as using some reasonable medicines and going to travel, see a doctor, find a master hypnotist ...

But neither worked.

Even after her weekly practice, the medicated bath bag she used did not feel any recovery effect.

"The medicated bath bag is useless?"

Seeing Zhu Xiaoyu's depressed nod, Zhu Zhenxing frowned.

Zhu Xiaoyu's medicated bath bags are not cheap, and the wholesale price is 5,000 yuan a pack, which can relieve fatigue, restore dark injuries, and develop potential ...

The effect is certainly there, and it is okay, otherwise, it will not be so expensive.

But even the medicated bath bag has no effect, then it is a bit troublesome. In this case, in some research and training books, it is called "the potential is exhausted", which means that this person basically has little potential.

Zhu Zhenxing touched his pocket subconsciously, not sure if the medicine bath bag given by Zhong Yihan would have any effect on Zhu Xiaoyu.

But if everything is really as Zhong Yihan said, it is clear that Zhong Yihan was also in a "bottleneck period" before. He has made rapid progress during this period. This time he has made rapid progress, it may be because the previous bottleneck period was too long and suddenly broke out.

Thinking of this, he took out the medicated bath bag and said, "I have three medicated bath bags from a friend here. He recently used this. Within half a month, his arm strength increased by 20 kilograms. But I am not sure if it is useful to you."

"Raise 20 kilograms? Really? come and show me."

Zhu Zhenxing's words brightened Zhu Xiaoyu's eyes. She snatched the medicated bath bag from Zhu Zhenxing, looked at it, smelled it, and then frowned.

"Zihongcao, safflower, Xue Jie, black snake ... are just some common medicinal materials. Alas, there are several medicinal materials that don't smell well. Brother, are you sure that your friend used this, and then raised 20 kilograms in half a month? Wouldn't he lie to you? "

Zhu Xiaoyu has used medicated bath bags since she was a child, and used it all the way from low to advanced. She has also studied it herself, so for some common materials of medicated baths, she can judge good or bad by just smelling it.

"How is that possible ?!" Zhu Zhenxing jumped from the sofa like a fat cat, "It ’s possible for anyone to lie to me, but he wo n’t lie to me, Zhong Yihan, my best brother, you also know him, he won’t lie to me! "

Zhu Xiaoyu's brow froze. She knows Zhong Yihan, and she had seen him many times at home. Naturally, she probably knew his origin and character, and it was really impossible that he lies to Zhu Zhenxing.

"Wait a minute ..." Zhu Xiaoyu grasped a detail and was surprised, "You mean, Zhong Yihan raised 20 kilograms in arms in half a month?!"

"Of course!" Zhu Zhenxing was proud of himself as if he had been progressed, eloquently said, "I saw him make progress with my own eyes, you know, he has now advanced to the 100-meter field at the archery hall. And today I saw with my own eyes that he blasted a 60-kilogram sandbag! "

Zhu Xiaoyu immediately believed.

Because Zhu Xiaoyu has a certain understanding of Zhong Yihan, the guy used to be average.

But the problem is that in just half a month, he has increased the strength of its arms by 20 kilograms. Such a thing was absolutely unimaginable before!

However, since he was able to increase 20 kilograms, it shows that this medicated bath is really amazing.

Zhu Xiaoyu quickly grabbed the medicated bath bag, jumped off the sofa, and shouted, "I'll try it now!"

"Hey, wait, wait!"

Zhu Zhenxing quickly held her back and said, "Yihan told me that this medicine bath bag is used in a special way ..."

Next, Zhu Zhenxing told Zhu Xiaoyu how to use it.

After listening, Zhu Xiaoyu frowned and said, "Do you still need to consume power first? Okay, I know, then I will go to practice first, you remember to cook for me, brother, if I can’t see food when I go home, you know the result. "

"You have gone out to practice, can't you eat outside and come back?"

"No, I must eat what you make! Brother, I haven't eaten your food for a long time!"

The most unbearable for Zhu Zhenxing is his sister's coquetry. In addition, Zhu Xiaoyu was in a bad mood before. In order to make her feel better, cooking a meal is not a big deal.

After all, cooking is also his hobby!

"I haven't made braised pork for a long time, and I don't know if my cooking skill has gone backward."

Zhu Zhenxing rolled up his sleeves and came to the kitchen to open the refrigerator. As a result, there was only one egg left.

He almost forgot that all the food in it was eaten by him.

Well, he has to buy some food first!