Chapter 30 - Zhong Yihan's Progress

"Well? Yun Chao, look over there, Zhong Yihan seems to be hitting a 50 kg sandbag!"

Everyone's attention was suddenly drawn to Zhong Yihan's side.

Yun Chao looked subconsciously, only to see Zhong Yihan's fist fierce, hitting a 50 kg sandbag, and each time he raised the sandbag at an angle of at least fifty or sixty degrees, looking very excited.

But Yun Chao's expression was disdainful.

A student beside him knew that Zhong Yihan and Yun Chao didn’t get along well, and the two still had a bet. They immediately said: "The fifty-kilogram sandbag is an individual that can be moved."

"That's right. The strength of a fifty-kilogram is even less than that of most girls. Zhong Yihan was so embarrassed to challenge Yun Chao at this level. He couldn't do it, but he was lucky to advance in an elective course. "

A student with yellow hair said, "This kind of person can't figure out their position. Even if they go to society later, they will definitely lose. This time, betting is as if Yun Chao gave him a lesson in advance. To him, Maybe it's a good thing. "

Yun Chao nodded, expressing satisfaction with the words of the brothers.

Then he subconsciously glanced in the direction of Li Xinyu. Like most of the boys in the class, Yun Chao liked Li Xinyu. In fact, he had once confessed to Li Xinyu in grade 2 but was rejected at that time.

Li Xinyu only said one sentence at the time: "Only people who are stronger than me are eligible to pursue me."

Yun Chao was anxious about this and always wanted to find a chance to prove himself.

The matter of betting with Zhong Yihan has been advertised by him.  Li Xinyu might know—for Yun Chao, he has never put Zhong Yihan in his eyes. This time the fight For him, it is a great opportunity to show off.

Yunchao has decided that by that day, he must show his strongest strength. One is to give vent to his cousin's anger on Zhong Yihan. The other is that it would be better if Li Xinyu could look at himself.

Under the sun, Li Xinyu's fair skin was as beautiful as white jade. When Yun Chao looked at the beautiful face, he noticed that Li Xinyu seemed to inadvertently glance in the direction of Zhong Yihan.


With Li Xinyu's character, she should be impossible to be interested in Zhong Yihan, who is far worse than her.

But when Li Xinyu looked at Zhong Yihan for the second time, and even her whole body turned around, her face was slightly surprised, and her eyes even blinked, Yun Chao's face suddenly gloomy.

Zhong Yihan!

What did this bastard actually do that actually caught Li Xinyu's attention?

"Zhong Yihan actually moved the 60kg sandbag!"

Someone suddenly exclaimed. At this time, Yun Chao noticed that the continually beaten flying sandbag in front of Zhong Yihan was printed with a prominent "60KG" sign.

Zhong Yihan's punches the sandbag, each punch made a "bang" on the sandbag, and the sandbag was blown out at a height of forty or fifty degrees, proving Zhong Yihan's strength.

A dozen punches and a sixty-kilogram sandbag flying up and down under his fists looked spectacular.

To say that Yun Chao is not surprised that it is fake. It can move a sandbag of 60 kilograms, and it looks quite easy.

This data is already in the middle of the class.

Although it's not worth bragging about and can't compare with him, the problem is that's Zhong Yihan!

When did this guy make so much progress? !!

Let's look at Li Xinyu's sight for some time on Zhong Yihan. Yun Chao immediately said: "It's just sixty kilograms. What's so proud of it."

Yun Chao said and came to the 70-kilogram sandbag, took a deep breath, fought hard, and thumped the sandbag.

"Yun Chao is still more powerful. 70kg sandbags are too easy."

"Zhong Yihan must be pretending. He must have seen Yun Chao hit 60 kilograms. He also learned to punch."

"Even if Zhong Yihan can really move the 60kg sandbag, he won't be able to win Yun Chao."

Yun Chao, while punching, paid attention to Li Xinyu's direction, and wanted to know if she was attracted to him.

As a result, Li Xinyu didn't look at him here at all, didn't even react at all, just whispered something to a girl around her.

"Xin Yu, this is Zhong Yihan, I heard he said with the fat man, you spent too much money."

The girl who talked to Li Xinyu was named Zhang Li. She was considered Li Xinyu's girlfriend. On the appearance, it is ok, but popularity in the class is very bad.

It's because she likes to gossip and feels good about herself.

Li Xinyu frowned at Zhong Yihan, eyes full of disgust.

Last time Zhang Li called and told her that Zhong Yihan and Zhu Zhenxing were talking about her, which made her very unhappy.

There are still people who have such a patriarchal mind, such a view is simply disgusting.

However, she will not waste her energy to pay attention to such meaningless things. In her opinion, whether it is Zhong Yihan or Zhu Zhenxing, the intersection with her in this life is limited to her classmates. Once she graduates from high school, they are in two worlds. There will be no intersection in this life.

Why waste time and focus on them?

Therefore, Li Xinyu didn't say much, just glanced, and continued her practice.

At the same time, Zhong Yihan, who was getting better, started to try a 70-kg sandbag.

Zhu Zhenxing was completely surprised.

Is this really the Zhong Yihan he knows?

Why did he suddenly gain so much power?

"Yihan, wouldn't you cheat?"

Zhong Yihan stopped and rested for a while and said, "Isn't that what I said before? I've been using medicated bath bags recently, so I can improve a lot faster than before."

"But you have improved too much, right? From 40kg sandbags to 60kg sandbags, this adds at least 20kg of strength. What brand of medicated bath bags have such obvious effects?"

Although Zhu Zhenxing is very happy to see Zhong Yihan’s progress, the current situation is really abnormal, and Zhu Zhenxing's only advantage is easily surpassed by the other side, which is inevitably a little uncomfortable.

"It may be that the medicated bath has inspired all the accumulation of my previous practice, so it can be improved so quickly."

Let students accept the fact that he is getting stronger quickly is better than being suddenly questioned after a sudden surge in strength a month later.

Zhu Zhenxing couldn’t believe it, but the problem was that there seemed to be no other explanation, so he carefully touched the medicated bath bag in his pocket—when Zhong Yihan gave him it.

"How does this medicated bath bag work?"

"Let me tell you ..."

Zhong Yihan pulled the fat man aside and whispered how to use it. Suddenly it felt like someone was paying attention to himself behind him. He looked back and found that Yun Chao was glaring at him as if there was any deep hatred.

Although he didn't know when he provoked this guy again, Zhong Yihan didn't even think about it. He stared back at him fiercely, and then he continued to talk about the medicated bath bag with the fat man.