Chapter 3 - Journey of Different World

Zhong Yihan screamed in horror, turned and fled.

But this strange monster is extremely fast. In a single jump, it easily jumps a distance of one or two meters. Almost in a blink of an eye, several ups and downs rushed in front of Zhong Yihan and then opened his mouth like a dog.


Zhong Yihan hid, but a tree branch beside him was bitten into two sections by the monster.

This biting force is afraid that even some fierce dogs on the earth can't compare!

Zhong Yihan's eyelids fluttered - What if he gets bitten?

The monster didn’t bite Zhong Yihan and rushed towards him again, this time faster and more fierce.

Zhong Yihan was less able to hide, and in a hurry, he rolled away before he could escape.

When he fell to the ground, he only heard a "bang", and turned back, and found that the monster was rushing, hitting a rock behind Zhong Yihan, and fainted.

Zhong Yihan: "..."

It’s time to do something.

Zhong Yihan lifted up the fainted monster and brought his head and stones into close contact.

Blood splattered.

The monster died.

Zhong Yihan was relieved. He heard that animals in Different World are far more ferocious than those on the earth. But how can he know that a monster is so aggressive?

However, this monster is quite fat, and it weighs at least 20 pounds in his hand.

This is a harvest, after all, this is a creature from the Different World. The meat contains a lot of vital energy and blood that can nourish the body, just take it back to eat-provided that it is not poisonous.

But at this moment, Zhong Yihan's eyes suddenly popped out of a blue option.

[A dead "evil rabbit beast" was found. The purchase price: 1 system point. Want to sell?]

"Evil Rabbit Beast?" Zhong Yihan looked at the monster with a head like a rabbit in his hand. Is this the name of this monster?

After thinking about it, Zhong Yihan chose OK.

A burst of light lit up in his hand, and the evil rabbit beast instantly turned into a light and disappeared, and a line of words appeared on the system surface in front of Yihan.

"The acquisition was successful, 1 system point was obtained, and the supermall function was officially opened."

Then the screen turned around. A supermall page similar to that in the game appeared in the field of vision. There were so many things in it that it was dazzling. The first one was a shuttle rune paper.

[Shuttle lv1: You can shuttle to a place that has already been positioned. Use times: 3/3, Price: 5 system points.]

So that's it.

Zhong Yihan probably understood the meaning of this supermall system.

This is a mall, you can buy your own loot, you can also buy things from it, and the currency needed is the system points.

He is preparing to see if there are any other things around that can be sold in the mall and earn more system points, but at this moment, more noise comes from the bushes in front of it, and the little red dots are like It was lighted up like a light bulb, and then all the evil rabbit beasts slowly walked out of the bushes, staring at himself.

Amazingly, a dozen evil rabbit beasts appeared together!

Zhong Yihan is scared. He has no weapons. The evil rabbit beast is fierce. He just solved the previous one by luck. Now a dozen or so appear together. He is afraid that they will tear himself to pieces in a few seconds!

He quickly grasped the shuttle in his hand and shouted, "Hurry up, take me out of here!"

As soon as the voice fell, the scene in front of him changed instantly.

When he calmed down, Zhong Yihan found himself back on the bed at home.

Zhong Yihan breathed a long sigh of relief and fell to the quilt.

Although the previous experience was short, it was the closest to death in his life. Now he just feels that his strength has been drained and his body is trembling a little.

Lie for a while, find a pack of unpacked cigarettes in the dark compartment of the drawer, and Zhong Yihan lighted the cigarette without opening the window.

Under the stimulation of nicotine, his mood finally calmed down, and then the system was called out.

[Shuttle lv1: You can shuttle to a place that has already been positioned. Use times: 1/3 (already positioned).]

It seems that each shuttle will consume the number of shuttle symbols, and each time will be counted once.

"This is too bad!" Zhong Yihan said, depressed. "I used it twice as soon as I came back. I knew I would be ready to pass before. Now there is only one chance left. I can't go back if I go. But fortunately, it can still be bought in the mall. "

Zhong Yihan opened the business page, his eyes grew brighter and brighter.

[Nutrition medicine lv1: can provide basic nutrition intake for practitioners. Price: 1.];

[Shuttle lv1: You can shuttle to a place that has already been positioned. Use times: 3/3, Price: 5.]

[Remedy lv1: Vitality below 3 can eliminate fatigue instantly. Vitality exceeding 3 will halve the effect, and exceeding 5 will be invalid. Price: 10.]

[Basic knife method, quickly master the basic skills of the knife method. Price: 20.]

[Basic Archery, quickly master the basic skills of bow and arrow. Price: 20.]

[Strength fruit lv1, the strength increases by 0.1 after the first five doses, the effect is halved after the last five times, and it is not effective after ten times. Price (newbie price): 50.]

[Physical fruit lv1, the physique increased by 0.1 after the first five doses, the effect was halved after the last five times, and it was invalid after ten times. Price (newbie price): 50.]

[Agile Fruit lv1 ...]

[Spiritual fruit lv1 ...]

[Qualified fruit lv1 (limited to one), after taking it, you can improve your qualifications. Price: 500.]


Zhong Yihan's eyes grew brighter as he looked.

Elixirs, shuttles, exercises, as well as the fruits that directly increase attributes such as strength and physical fitness ...

There are so many things to buy!

These are all good things!

The strength and physical fruit can directly increase the attribute of 0.1 points-that the system shows that his current strength is only 0.8. According to the system description, a total of 10 lv1 strength fruits can be eaten, that is, 0.75 strength. It's almost the same strength that he has been training for more than ten years!

And 0.75 + 0.8 is the power of 1.5, coupled with other fruits ...

Admission to Xiangshui University is no longer a hopeless daydream!

But seeing the price of 50 system points behind the fruit, Zhong Yihan frowned again.

Although the system marked it as a "newbie price" and seemed to give a discount, the 50 system point was really a lot.

According to his experience just now, selling an evil rabbit beast is only rewarded with 1 system point, that is, to redeem a strength fruit, he needs to kill fifty evil rabbit beasts.

The problem is that those evil rabbit beasts are not easy to kill!

Thinking of the experience just now, Zhong Yihan couldn't help shaking.

This evil rabbit beast is fierce. With his current strength, if only one is difficult to solve, to kill the evil rabbit beast, he must rely on weapons.

But the problem is that because of the difference between the rules of the two worlds, the speed at which gunpowder burns in the Different World is greatly reduced, which results in that the firearm is basically non-lethal in the Different World.

But even if it is useful, Zhong Yihan cannot get firearms. After all, even in the age of Kung Fu Strong, the state's control of firearms is still very strict.

Looking at so many good things in the system mall, but he couldn't afford it at all.

This feeling, let alone be crazy.

"Hmm ..." Zhong Yihan suddenly looked at the name on the system panel. "Supermall system ... Since the monsters of the Different World can sell, I don't know if other things can be sold, why not try?"