Chapter 29 - Good Brother

"Yihan, how do you feel that you don't look well? Didn't sleep well last night?"

In the afternoon physical education class, Zhong Yihan was thinking about how to restore his magnificent image in the mind of his sister.

Fortunately, Xia Ling was sleeping at the time, but Zhong Qiaoyue didn't find out that she was actually alive.

It seems that he must be more careful in the future. If his sister discovers the secret of Xia Ling, it is really difficult to explain.

"Hey, I have something for you."

Zhong Yihan took out three medicated bath bags from his pocket and handed them to Zhu Zhenxing, who accidentally took the medicated bath bags and smelled them.

"What, I thought it was food, it turned out to be a medicated bath bag. Why do you give it to me? If I want to use it, just buy it myself. Your money is not much."

Zhu Zhenxing's younger sister, Zhu Xiaoyu, often uses medicated bath bags, so he knows something about this kind of thing.

He thought that Zhong Yihan had borrowed money before to buy medicated bath bags, and he was actually very happy.

Zhu Zhenxing never minded Zhong Yihan using his money to improve himself, even before he had hinted many times, but he refused.

If Zhong Yihan could have figured this out earlier, his vitality would have already broken by 1.

After all, Zhong Yihan's hard work is famous in his class.

"This medicated bath pack is made by myself. The effect is very good. I have some extras here, so I want you to try it too."

Zhong Yihan did not intend to conceal the matter of the medicated bath bag of Zhu Zhenxing, of course, he would choose not to say anything about Xia Ling.

During this time, Zhong Yihan's strength has improved rapidly, and a suitable excuse is needed to explain the reason for his rapid improvement.

Zhu Zhenxing disagrees: "Did you prepare it yourself? Just kidding? If the medicated bath bag can be prepared by yourself, it will be so expensive?"

Zhong Yihan had expected Zhu Zhenxing to have such a reaction. He said: "I'm telling the truth. I accidentally picked up a recipe some time ago, so I borrowed money from you and wanted to try. Dispensing it, I didn’t expect it to be successful in the end. Otherwise, you think there are only 30,000 yuan, and I can’t buy a few medicated bath bags. How could I have the rest for you? ”

Zhu Zhenxing looked suspicious, but after thinking about it, it didn't seem to make much sense to delve into such things.

Anyway, it is a fact that Zhong Yihan's strength has improved, and he can give himself a medicine package, which is also a sentiment.

Thinking of this, Zhu Zhenxing put away the medicated bath bag and said, "Well then, I'll take it, but you don't have to give it to me, you know, I don't have any plans to practice Kung Fu at all. You might as well keep the bath bag on your own. I know the situation of my sister. If it really started to be used. How much is not enough. "

Zhong Yihan said with satisfaction: "You can rest assured, I know."

Zhong Yihan felt relieved when he sent everything he needed to send.

Today's physical education class is the practice of strength and boxing, which is the traditional punching bag. Zhong Yihan is just planning to try how much his strength has improved today.

After using the fruit of strength, Zhong Yihan estimates that he now has about 70 kilograms in his arms.

But this is only an estimate, he needs to confirm through sandbags.

As usual, Zhong Yihan came to the commonly used forty-kilogram sandbag and punched it.

Forty kilograms of sandbags were hit directly at sixty or seventy degrees, which was still the case when Zhong Yihan did not use his full strength.

In the past, Zhong Yihan was able to hit a forty-kilogram sandbag at forty degrees.

"Oh my god, you are so powerful."

Zhu Zhenxing was still aside, startled by Zhong Yihan's fist.

As a fat man weighing nearly 100 kilograms, his strength has always been his only advantage over Zhong Yihan.

But now it seems that Zhong Yihan has made great progress in strength?

Zhong Yihan turned his wrist and did not answer Zhu Zhenxing, but came to the fifty-kilogram sandbag.

Zhu Zhenxing said: "Yihan, are you too anxious to hit the 50kg sandbag now? Don't underestimate the gap of 10kg. Many students fall behind because they are trying to be brave and get hurt."

Zhong Yihan laughed and said, "I'm not trying to be brave, you just watch."



Bang Bang!

On the other side of the training ground, Yun Chao, surrounded by seven or eight students, smashed a 60-kilogram sandbag in one punch.

Yun Chao is already tall and strong, so his strength has always been his most confident.

Eighteen, nineteen, twenty!

After 20 hits, Yun Chao stopped to catch his breath, but now he wasn't blushing and panting. It seemed that these 20 times were nothing to him.

Some students were full of envy: "You are really amazing, I will be satisfied when I can reach this level."

"Yun Chao’s strength is among the best in the class, even compared to Xiong Bo. If you want to reach this level, you can only rely on dreaming."

"Of course, as long as Yun Chao is willing, it is not easy to catch up with Xiong Bo."

Xiong Bo is the student with excellent grades in their class. It is also the only one in the class with a vitality of 2 and ranks fourth in the whole grade. He is the most promising student in his class for admission to Xiangshui university.

Teachers and schools have high hopes for him.

Yun Chao knew that there was a big gap with Xiong Bo. Although he and the opponent were in the 150-meter field, that was because the limit of the high school arrow course was only 150-meter field.

As for strength, the nickname of Xiong Bo “Black Bear” is not fake. It is said that his ultimate strength has reached 130 kilograms or even higher.

Although Yun Chao's arms are also 90 kilograms in strength, he clearly knows that it is almost impossible for him to catch up with the opponent.

However, he was still very happy and even proud of being flattered by his classmates.

"Ha ha ha, I still know my strength. But I am very happy to be able to improve today, I will invite everyone to a bottle of drink."

Fa Niu is a refreshing drink that Zhu Zhenxing invited Zhong Yihan to drink. More than a hundred yuan per bottle, it is nothing to Yunchao, but to these students who are flattering, it is a rare drink.

When a few people heard it, they were very happy, so they said more compliments.

"Yun Chao is so nice!"

"Yun Chao is generous!"

Surrounded by all kinds of praises, Yun Chao is so happy. No matter how powerful Xiong Bo is, all day long he only cares about practice, he has lost touch with his class.

He just bought drinks that can get a lot of fans.

Uh ...

"Well? Yun Chao, look over there, Zhong Yihan seems to be hitting a 50 kg sandbag!"