Chapter 27 - Homecoming Dinner

Zhong Qiaoyue felt that her brother was bragging, and Zhang Aimei laughed.

But after Zhong Yihan said so, the atmosphere at home immediately good, and then the three people together finished the four barrels of fried chicken.

Among them, Zhong Qiaoyue ate more than two barrels...

Then she patted her little belly with satisfaction and lay on the shabby sofa in the living room with a look of satisfaction.

Zhong Yihan shook her head and laughed. She did not worry about her gaining weight.

Because people practice Kung Fu this year, this high-calorie food is very popular, and even girls who care about their bodies are not worried about eating too much. She will practice "Kung Fu 72 Styles" two or three times later, it is enough to consume it.

Zhang Aimei went to the kitchen to pack things, and Zhong Qiaoyue felt that Zhong Yihan was watching her, then turned around and said, "Brother, how do I feel that you are a little different today?"

"What's different?"

Zhong Qiaoyue sat upright from the sofa, thinking with a crooked head, and said, "It seems ... more confident? And more cheerful? There are some places ... I can't say, it just feels different. "

Zhong Yihan smiled and didn't answer.

Of course, it's different. He is a man who has experienced life and death now!

Looking at her sister's curious appearance, Zhong Yihan made a gentle look, saying, "Qiaoyue, how are you doing recently? practice is very hard, right?"

Zhong Qiaoyue bounced directly from the sofa in shock, and looked at Zhong Yihan in wonder: "Brother, did you take the wrong medicine?"

Zhong Yihan saw this girl with a horrible expression, the mood that he finally brewed was ruined by her.

Certainly, idol dramas are all deceiving, and it is difficult to change the way their brothers and sisters get along.

Thinking of this, Zhong Yihan simply said in the usual way: "You just took the wrong medicine, but your brother is concerned about you and doesn't know how to be grateful."

"Thank you. I don't need you to care. It's too nasty. Goosebumps are going to fall."

Zhong Qiaoyue's expressions were exaggerated with her arms around her arms.

This made Zhong Yihan very upset and waved, "I originally wanted to give you a few medicated bath bags. Since you are so disgusted, then forget it."

After speaking, Zhong Yihan was going to return to his room.

As soon as Zhong Qiaoyue heard about the medicated bath bag, she quickly grabbed Zhong Yi and said, "Wait, you said medicated bath bag? Do you really have a medicated bath bag? A medicated bath bag is very expensive. "

Zhong Qiaoyue naturally knew the medicated bath bag.

There are a few students in their class who have very good family conditions. They don’t see much hard work and their qualifications are not very good. But because they often use medicated bath bags, their strength is improving faster than her.

Zhong Qiaoyue's qualifications are very good, compared with Zhong Yihan, it is much higher.

She is in grade two in junior high school, four years younger than Zhong Yihan, but now has a vitality of 0.65. Zhong Yihan only had a vitality of 0.8 before getting the system!

The average vitality of junior students is only about 0.4.

And that set of "Kung Fu 72 Styles", she had already practiced the ninth style at a young age. When Zhong Yihan was as old as her, the sixth style was not good enough!

Although the girls' bones are relatively soft and it is easier to practice such body exercises, the above two figures also show how powerful Zhong Qiaoyue's talents are.

However, in this age, talent is not enough, or it can be said that the more talented students, the more resources they need!

But unfortunately, the family did not have the financial resources to provide Zhong Qiaoyue with enough resources to help her until his dad was unjustly imprisoned. The conditions are even worse now, and the family can only maintain the most basic food.

Zhong Qiaoyue is also very sensible and never complains, but she occasionally fantasizes that if she can use medicated bath bags to recover her body every day, if she has more nutrition, will her current strength be already the No.1 in school?

Of course, Zhong Qiaoyue also knew that her idea was very unrealistic.

At the current price of the medicated bath bag, even the cheapest medicated bath bag, two packs can be worth a month's salary for the mother.

In addition, the medicated bath bag must be used for a long time to have obvious effects. Using only one or two bags is just a try, and it does not help much at all.

This kind of thing is not something her family can afford.

But when she saw Zhong Yihan's look, she knew that her brother said might be true—because she knew too much about her brother's smile, every time Zhong Yihan has good things, he will have this smile.

Although the last good thing will still be given to her, the process is torture for Zhong Qiaoyue.

"Of course I have a medicated bath bag, and it's not an ordinary medicated bath bag. This medicated bath bag can not only eliminate fatigue but also eliminate dark injuries. The effect is very good. It can definitely improve the speed of practice. And the more fatigue, the more obvious the effect. how about it? Do you want it? if you want, call a good brother to listen. "

Looking at her brother's smile, Zhong Qiaoyue rolled her eyes: "Brother, can you be mature?"

Zhong Yihan smiled and said nothing. Zhong Qiaoyue waited for a while, but she couldn't help herself when he didn't speak. She whispered, "Brother, do you really have a medicated bath bag?"

Zhong Yihan turned his head on his chest: "Say‘ good brother ’, and I ’ll give it to you.”

Zhong Qiaoyue looked at him suspiciously.

Although the two are close brothers and sisters, the call "good brother" is easy, but the problem is that she is a female man, and since the two grew up, she always called him "brother" and "brother". She has never called out such a nasty title as "good brother".

Seeing Zhong Qiaoyue tangled there, Zhong Yihan was not in a hurry. Zhong Qiaoyue tangled for a few minutes, eventually exhaling, her expression softened, and then her voice exclaimed: "Good brother ~"

Zhong Qiaoyue's crisp tone almost made Zhong Yihan goosebumps fall to the ground.

Zhong Yihan for the first time to listen to her sister act in pettish.

Originally, he still expected some kind of wonderful dialogue between brothers and sisters in the idol TV series, but Zhong Qiaoyue instantly brought him back to reality.

He hurriedly waved hands and said, "Okay, okay, let's just speak in a normal way, coquetry is too difficult for you."

Zhong Qiaoyue crossed her arms and said, "It's you who want to hear, but you who don't like it. You're really high maintenance. Anyway, I already called. What about the medicated bath bag? Take it out."

"This is for you."

Zhong Yihan took three packs of medicated bath bags from his pocket and threw them to Zhong Qiaoyue.

"Well, that's it. Choose a suitable water temperature for you. Soak one packet at a time, and soak after the watercolor to turn red. The effect is the best."

"And the most important point is that it is best to use it when you are most tired. The effect is the most obvious. I have experienced it personally and I will not lie to you. Imagine when you can’t lift your hands and feet. A pack of medicated bath packs makes you re-energized again, and the whole person feels like a freshman, so cool. "

Zhong Qiaoyue took the medicated bath bag and looked suspiciously, "Don't you lie to me, brother, I know the efficacy of the medicated bath bag. This medicated bath bag is as magical as you said?"


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