Chapter 20 - Kung Fu 72 Styles

A steel arrow nailed the head of an evil rabbit beast in the dirt.

At the same time, the system also sent a prompt:

[Basic Archery Proficiency +1]

Zhong Yihan had no time to sigh because in this nest there were three evil rabbit beasts gathered together. After he killed one, the other two rushed towards him frantically.

But now Zhong Yihan is not the rookie a few days ago.

For the evil rabbit beast, he has sufficient combat experience.

After a few knives went down, two evil rabbit beasts were killed by Zhong Yihan's knives, which also provided him with a total of 3 system points.

This is already the fourteenth system point obtained by Zhong Yihan tonight.

His total system points have also reached 97, which is a hundred points short of 3 points.

With a bow and arrow in hand, plus a distance of 50 meters, he hit 80% of the still life. Now, unless there are more than five or six evil rabbits together, he still dares not provoke it. The rabbit alone is already the way he used to add the system points.

In addition to adding the system points, it is the proficiency of "basic archery".

After a dozen experiments with evil rabbits, Zhong Yihan finally figured out the system's operating principle.

Stopped animals must shoot their heads to increase proficiency.

As long as the moving animal hits the deadly part, it can increase proficiency.

Of course, his ability to shoot at moving targets is not good enough, and it is good to hit one or two of the ten arrows.

Therefore, the skill of practicing "Basic Archery" by shooting and killing rabbits is really too slow. It took more than an hour to increase the proficiency level by seven or eight.

Zhong Yihan turned around again and killed a dozen evil rabbit beasts again, but found that the evil rabbit beasts within 100 meters had been killed by him, and he could not find one, and could not help but sigh.

"I still have to hurry up to improve my strength. Otherwise, in this Different World, I can only explore such a small area. Doesn't this mean holding a golden rice bowl for a meal?"

"It's just that my current archery is still not good. Otherwise, I can explore a greater distance. Tooth canine beasts ... If there are not many, it is not impossible to fight!"

In the past few days, all his activities have been centered around the cave in the base area, with a radius of about 100 meters.

It is not that he does not want to explore further.

Instead, go a little further and reach the inspection site of tooth canine beasts. Although he can occasionally encounter several tooth canine beasts, Zhong Yihan is afraid to take too much risk.

After all, life is his own. He has now obtained a way to grow steadily, so when he thinks of the move to venture into Different World before, sometimes he still feels scared in his heart.

And more importantly.

The tooth canine beasts rarely move alone, basically as few as two or three, as many as seven or eight, all of which are group activities. Even if he has bows and arrows in his hands, he still has no confidence.

Without his prey, Zhong Yihan had no idea of continuing to expand, but it did not mean that he had nothing to do.

He recovered all the lost arrows, then returned to the cave and began to shoot at the branches.

After shooting more than a dozen arrows, after slightly increasing the proficiency of the bow and arrow, his arms were a little tired, so Zhong Yihan put down the bow and arrow and started punching.

This is a set of physical techniques called "Kung Fu 72 Styles". It is a Kung Fu practice method popularized around the world, it is said that numerous powerful Kung Fu learners and experts specializing in Kung Fu have worked together to research it.

"Kung Fu 72 Styles" is divided into four sections.

The first eighteen styles in the first section strengthen the body and are suitable for novices with vitality below 1.5. They can effectively train the whole body and strengthen the body, but there is nothing particularly prominent.

The second section is only suitable for cultivation when the vitality can generally reach 1.5. The eighteen styles of this section focus on the cultivation of the flesh of the whole body and the one who reaches this level are called Kung Fu learner.

The third section is based on the vitality of 5 and is practiced by those who have completed the flesh practice. The main role is to start to cultivate tendons-in this realm, it is considered a true fighter.

The fourth quarter, the last eighteen styles, is based on the vitality of 10, the strong man who has completed the tendon training, majoring in the bones of the whole body-this realm is called a Kung Fu Strong.

A Kung Fu Strong is already an absolute elite recognized by the country. He enjoys all kinds of benefits and certain privileges. If he joins the military, he basically starts at the school level.

Of course, the Kung Fu Strong is too far away from Zhong Yihan, he doesn't even think about it.

His goal now is to get the vitality to 1.5, officially enter the stage of Kung Fu learner, and then start to cultivate flesh.

Those who succeed in the practice of flesh and meat have thick skin and thick bodies, and their endurance is greatly enhanced. The strength of their arms reaches 100 or 150 kilograms, reaching the limit of ordinary people.

At present Zhong Yihan's arms can reach 50 kilograms, which is still progressing rapidly during this time.

However, Zhong Yihan believes that it will be a matter of time before he reaches the standard of a Kung Fu learner.

Although the first eighteen styles of "Kung Fu 72 Styles" are only entry-level, the difficulty of practice is not small. After all, this is a collection of the world's Kung Fu, whether in actual combat or theory, are the most top that group of people, spent years of painstaking efforts to summarize things.

Among them, it adopts the strengths of a hundred schools, not only the legendary Kung Fu but also the secret methods of many denominations. It can be said that it is the most scientific system of practice at present.

Its cultivation method is also very simple to say, that is to put out some special movements, and use these movements to stimulate the corresponding parts of the human body and develop human potential.

But in real condition...

Anyway, for some people who are not physically fit, this is simply to twist themselves into twists and turns!

Zhong Yihan just practiced this body technique to the twelfth style.

In the thirteenth style, no matter how he tossed himself, he couldn't practice it, because his physical fitness could not meet the corresponding requirements.

In the next hour, Zhong Yihan practiced the first twelve exercises three times.

He was sweating heavily, with white gas on his head, and his whole body was exhausted. Then he gritted his teeth to finish the last action and then collapsed to the ground.

He didn't hesitate, he just activated the shuttle.

"Master, you are back!"

As soon as he saw the surrounding scene clearly, he heard Xia Ling's cheerful voice.

Zhong Yihan smiled tiredly and said, "Good Xia Ling, is the medicine packs ready?"

"Well, it's ok!" Xia Ling said, "A total of twelve packets were allocated. Many materials have been used up, but there is still a little left, and half of the purple energy grass is left. "

Zhong Yihan counted the book in his heart, and the medicinal materials plus purple energy grass were distributed with a total of twelve packs. The price of one pack was more than five hundred!

This is still the cost of pure materials!

No wonder the medicated bath packages on the market start at 2,000 or more, and the advanced ones are tens of thousands!

This thing really is not afforded by civilians.

"Okay, good job, and I'll give you a reward later." Zhong Yihan felt that the elf was so reliable for the first time and smiled. "Can I do it now?"

"Of course, Xia Ling has already put the water in! Even the medicine pack has been put in, the master can already soak it directly! Then Xia Ling massages you!"


Zhong Yihan lay on the carpet for a while and finally recovered a little strength, struggling to prop himself up, and then went into the bathroom.

Then he saw a tank full of blood-red water, and there was a smell in the air.

Some medicine, but not bad.

"This is the medicated bath?"