Chapter 191 - New Transmission Point

At the moment of successful transmission, Zhong Yihan immediately held the Tang knife, and Xia Ling couldn't care to condemn Xiao Hei for not following the rules and flew to the sky with the fastest speed.

In the face of safe, Xia Ling still knew what she should do.

Looking around quickly, no fierce beast or savage suddenly rushed out, letting Zhong Yihan breathe a little sigh of relief.

But instead of relaxing, he began to observe the situation around him.

The location where he stood was an obvious slope, and the denseness of the surrounding woods was significantly higher than the previous island in the Different World.

It seems to be halfway up the mountain.

With a rough guess, Zhong Yihan looked down at Xiao Hei, who was sitting next to him and was helpless. "Isn't it keeping you at home, why are you here?"

If he knew it, he should throw it out of the bedroom and let Zhong Qiaoyue take care of it.

But it ’s too late to say anything now. Zhong Yihan knows that this is his own mistake. Although Xiao Hei is a fifth-level beast, this is just its growth potential. At present, it is too young, and it is easy to encounter danger.

"Xiao Hei, follow me next, don't run around, and don't bark without my permission."

Xiao Hei licked Zhong Yihan's hand, then squatted beside him like a little guard, without saying a word.

Zhong Yihan doesn't know if it understands it, after all, this little thing has an IQ, which is sometimes not very obedient—or it has its own opinion.

The next step is to explore the outside world. Xia Ling has not warned, proving that there is no danger around him.

Zhong Yihan took out the energy detector, and the surrounding energy concentration hovered between 9 and 10.

Sure enough, it is much higher than the previous island, but before he can determine whether it is truly safe, he can't rest assured.

There are woods all around, the only difference is only uphill or downhill. Zhong Yihan thought about it, he had to find out the surrounding terrain conditions as soon as possible, so he decided to go up and take a look.

The vegetation at the new location is still significantly different from the vegetation of the previous island. Perhaps it is because of the abundant aura. The trees here are not only thick but also the branches and leaves are very large, giving people a feel to walk in the rainforest.

It's a pity that it is not the warm sunlight that shines through the crevices of the woods, but the violent purple moonlight.

In addition to vegetation, there are some weird creatures. The evil rabbit beasts were also seen here by Zhong Yihan, as well as some other species.

Zhong Yihan continued to explore upwards, but he had not walked a few hundred meters away, and suddenly heard a loud noise not far away.

Listen to the sound, it should be the sound of a tree falling to the ground.

Zhong Yihan immediately slowed down and made himself more concealed.

The smallest tree here must have three people in a hug, and the largest tree needs even seven or eight people in a hug. To be able to bring down such a big tree, there are two cases.

One is a terrifying creature with powerful strength in front.

The other is a barbarian tribe with barbarians.

Since the last time he saw the barbarian tribe in order to complete the system upgrade task, Zhong Yihan has discovered that they have the habit of cutting trees crazy.

Either of these two is not what Zhong Yihan wants to encounter.

Before, because of the Beastmaster, Zhong Yihan's practice progress has been delayed a lot. If he encounters this situation again or even more this time, he has to cry.

As for the tribe, it was so difficult for five of them to kill the first-level tribe last time. With his current strength, if he was discovered by the barbarians, he needs to run away.

Of course, if there is a barbarian who is alone, he can still consider it.

Xiao Hei is really very smart, or it is more sensitive to dangers so that it doesn't need Zhong Yihan to remind, it just follows Zhong Yihan very well, holding the tail and crappy, making no sound.

Despite the fear in his heart, Zhong Yihan did not retreat but went looking for it.

No matter what the front is, he will have to face it sooner or later. Rather than speculate, it is better to confirm as soon as possible.

As the sound source got closer and closer, Zhong Yihan clearly heard the sound of tree chopping and the roar of beasts. It was certain that these guys were barbarians.

He took the shuttle and held it in his hand, ready to use it at any time.

Because there are ten seconds of transmission time, he must also be more careful in judging when to use the shuttle.

About a dozen steps away, Zhong Yihan, who was hiding behind a big tree, finally saw the source of the sound. It was three barbarians who were holding a stone axe and chopping a big tree that was surrounded by four or five people. In addition, there were a dozen strong barbarians cutting down other big trees.

There are also weaker barbarians who drag the big trees cut into small sections.

Behind them, Zhong Yihan can see a large stump of trees wherever his eyes can see.

Let alone the stump, he can't even see a weed. There are deep pits left after the stump is dug up. Those barbarians are too lazy to even fill in the flats, so the deep pits are exposed naked.

From the felling position of the barbarians to the top of the mountain, no tree can be seen, and the view is wide, so it can be seen at a glance.

So Zhong Yihan easily saw that there were at least three tribes here.

The three tribes are not too close to each other.

There are two smaller tribes at the foot of the mountain, one on one side, and the other on the top of the mountain. Both the site and the totem pole are significantly larger.

The relationship between the three tribes is obviously two small tribes like satellites distributed around the top of the mountain.

This shows that the tribes at the top of the mountain must be higher than the tribes at the foot of the mountain.

But because the distance was too far, Zhong Yihan could not judge the specific level of the top of the mountain, but the two small tribes at the foot of the mountain knew at a glance that they should be first-level tribes.

This gave Zhong Yihan a deep alert.

A first-level tribe is already scary enough, and now there are three, and even one may be a higher-level tribe, which makes Zhong Yihan feel unlucky.

According to this situation, before his strength has grown to a certain level, the top of the mountain is not thinking about coming up.

Barbarians are really horrible. What kind of motive force is driving them and let them madly squeeze the resources around them around the clock?

It wouldn't matter if it was just hunting to survive, but a tribe of dozens of people would not be able to use so many resources under normal circumstances.

Zhong Yihan saw with his own eyes that a group of barbarians dragged the felled trees back to the tribe, and then placed the trees beside the totem pole, and then kneeled respectfully on the ground with their hands together and scratched their heads.

Then, the fresh wood, which was full of vitality, cracked and shattered at a speed that was visible to the naked eye, and a green mist-like thread emerged into the totem pole.

Zhong Yihan frowned secretly. Although this is not the first time he has seen such a scene, it is still surprising to see it now.

What are these evil gods?

With the help of a telescope, he can see that the top totem pole of the nearest first-level tribe is a bullhead.

"Don't you say it's a cow? So you want to eat grass ?!"