Chapter 190 - Love the New and Hate the Old

Zhong Yihan dragged his tired body towards the bedroom, all he thought was to take a medicinal bath immediately, and relax his body.

As soon as the door was opened, Xia Ling burst out crying.

"Wow, master, bad dog. It killed Xiao Xue!"

Zhong Yihan's eyes were swift and his hands were fast, and he quickly closed the door. Then he looked at Xia Ling and found that she was holding a Barbie doll's head in her arms, and there was one eye missing from the doll's head.

Xia Ling cried a snot and a tear, and sobbed for a few days before coming back, it was heartbreaking.

Looking back at Xiao Hei, biting Barbie's lower body in mouth and leaning out the head from the playroom. When it saw Zhong Yihan, it immediately ran over and put half of the doll's body on Zhong Yihan’s feet, then it waved tail and looked at him flatly.

This is the first Barbie doll that Zhong Yihan bought for Xia Ling. The name in the Barbie doll series is Ai Xue. Xia Ling often calls her Xiao Xue, which belongs to her favorite.

Upon seeing Ai Xue's "dead body", Xia Ling suddenly cried even more. It was sobbing and crying.

Xiao He was innocent and didn't understand what happened.

Zhong Yihan was helpless, and Zhong Qiaoyue also went to school before, so he was worried that Xiao Hei would be too boring to be alone, so he let it play in his bedroom. He didn't expect that something would happen in a long time.

Zhong Yihan really didn't know how to deal with this contradiction between pets, especially Xia Ling and Xiao Hei's IQ were not low.

He thought about it and could only use what he thought was the most appropriate way: "Xia Ling, we will give Xiao Xue a funeral so that she can go to heaven with peace of mind, and then I will buy you a new one. I heard recently there was an Ai Xue Deluxe Edition, let's buy that. "


Upon hearing the deluxe version, Xia Ling was like a bad girl who likes new and hates the old and immediately stopped crying.

"Of course it's true, it's truer than shells."

When Xia Ling heard Zhong Yihan buy a luxury version for her, she immediately wanted to cheer, but when she saw the head of Barbie in her arms, she glared at Xiao Hei with a stern glance, crying: " But this bad dog is too bad! It will kill Xia Ling's remaining Barbie dolls! Master, please drive him away! "

Xiao Hei was the innocent and crooked head. Zhong Yihan had a headache and said, "Also! Xiao Hei, from today you are prohibited from going to the playroom, and you are not allowed to touch Xia Ling's Barbie doll, have you heard?"

Xiao Hei tilted head and made a sobbing sound, with a grieved expression, and didn't seem to understand what it had done wrong.

"Wang Wang ~ Woo ~"

Xiao Hei scratched Zhong Yihan with head, but Zhong Yihan was still serious, so it had to pull head and "whine" twice.

"Huh, bad dog! Big bad dog! Master, you should drive the big bad dog out, and don't let it in!" Xia Ling's expression was fierce, and she was still angry.

Zhong Yihan had no choice but to slap Xiao Hei's ass twice and gave a clear slap, but in fact, it didn't hurt at all.

Then he said to Xia Ling, "Well, Xia Ling, I have taught Xiao Hei, don't be angry with it!"

Seeing Zhong Yihan hit Xiao Hei, Xia Ling became happy, and flew happily in the air, made a face at Xiao Hei, and seemed to be saying, "See, I am the master's favorite! "

Xiao Hei was lying there, Zhong Yihan lifted it into the bathroom, then threw it into the huge bathtub.

There is no dog who doesn't love water. Xiao Hei hurriedly rushed, but after a while, it got used to it and swam happily in the bathtub.

Zhong Yihan scolded it with a smile, then lay in the bathtub, and started bathing.

He was really tired today, but as soon as he soaked in the steaming bathtub and looked at Xiao Hei, who was happy in the water, thinking about his progress and achievements today, was also really satisfied.


Xiao Hei raised head out of the water, swam to Zhong Yihan and licked his cheek happily, making him laugh.

Xia Ling's "giggle" laughter was heard shortly outside, and he didn't know what the elf was playing so happy, but for these two guys, Zhong Yihan really envies this feeling.

However, they can be so carefree, but not him.

Because Zhong Yihan knows that he is not strong enough now.

An hour later, Zhong Yihan regained his energy. He dried his body, put on armor, brought a Tang knife and bow and arrow, and purchased a secondary shuttle from the system.

Because it is a new point, and the situation over there is unknown, Zhong Yihan is going to bring Xia Ling this time, thinking about relying on her aerial vision to avoid danger.

But just after the tragedy of Barbie being divided, he doesn't know if Xia Ling would like to go.

Since Xia Ling had a playroom, she has run the entire playroom like her little kingdom, and she is the queen of this little kingdom, has five Barbie dolls, six house models, and a whole playroom.

If Zhong Yihan remembers correctly, Ai Xue, who had just died, was deemed by her to be a close presence, eating and sleeping together every day.

On the side, Xiao Hei was holding a pillow and rolling on Zhong Yihan's bed. Zhong Yihan didn't even think about it. He grabbed the back of its neck and put it into the bathroom.

Anyway, it's definitely not wrong to let Xia Ling and Xiao Hei not meet.

When Xiaohei heard the bathroom door was slammed shut, he couldn't open after grabbing the door several times and didn't understand what it had done wrong.

But when he saw the water in the bathtub that hadn't had time to release, he suddenly lighted up, jumped in without hesitation, and began to play in a dog-like manner.

Zhong Yihan opened the door of the playroom, and saw Xia Ling and her No. 2 babysitting and chatting in the living room model.

Zhong Yihan originally thought that Xia Ling was telling her sadness, but when he heard it, he found that he thought too much.

"Xiaoya, we will soon have a new family. Her name is also Ai Xue, but she is 100 times more beautiful than the original Ai Xue."

"What should I do, Xiaoya, Xia Ling is really distressed. What name do we call her? Ai Xue 2? Isn't this too disrespectful to her? But I feel awkward to call her Ai Xue, which is really good distressed."

"Better call her Ai Xueer!"

Zhong Yihan: "..."

This Xia Ling is really a "bad girl" who likes new and hates the old!

Comforting Xia Ling, Zhong Yihan started the second level shuttle.

The second-level shuttle symbol lights up with a light blue light, and gradually changes from small to large. About ten seconds, the blue light will envelop Zhong Yihan as a whole package. He has to say that he has experienced the previous instant transmission, and it feels like the time is a long time in ten seconds, but this is a system adjustment, and he can't say it, only accept it.

Seeing the end of ten seconds, Zhong Yihan and Xia Ling were about to teleport. At this moment, the bathroom door did not know when Xiao Hei opened it. When it saw the blue light transmitted, Xiao Hei suddenly rushed out and flew into the arms of Zhong Yihan.

The blue light went out, and Zhong Yihan went to a wild mountain forest with Xia Ling and Xiao Hei.