Chapter 19 - Xia Ling's Tears

"If you can't configure, just ok... wait, what do you say ?! Can you configure?"

Xia Ling nodded: "It is still possible to configure, the higher the medicinal properties of the medicinal materials, the better the effect of the medicated bath bag. If it is a perfect score, it is, of course, difficult to find medicinal materials with perfect medicinal properties. If they are all eighty-nine points, a medicinal bath close to the perfect score can be configured. But now these medicinal materials can only be configured with a medicinal bath pack of 40-50% level, mainly because of the high quality of this purple energy grass. "

"That's it!"

Zhong Yihan rejoiced again.

As for the effect is not good...

There's nothing he can do about it.

After all, high-quality medicinal materials are not so easy to get. Even ordinary medicines, if you want to pursue high quality, you must look for the wild ones. The old ones are not only scarce, but the price is not cheap. Zhong Yihan can not afford it now.

"Master, do you want to start dispensing now?"

"Of course, start now!"

After Xia Ling got the order, she immediately started.

Only see her flying around constantly, taking out a variety of materials, some ground into powder, some shredded, and some two materials put together and mashed, dumping the residue, leaving only sap, and some of the medicinal materials were burned to ashes by her ...

Then, Xia Ling configured these processed herbs into a medicine bag at a special ratio.

"Master, help Xia Ling pack it."

After the medicines in the medicated bath bag are prepared, they need to be packed in a small bag prepared in advance. Xia Ling's arms are too short and it takes too much effort to pack.

Zhong Yihan picked up the medicine and poured it in, and said, "Is this over?"

He always felt that the process was a bit too simple.

"Not yet."

Xia Ling flew to the opening of the medicine packet, her face was facing the medicinal material, and she cried after a while.

Seeing her tears twirling frantically in her eyes, Zhong Yihan suddenly panicked.

"Hey, why are you crying? I didn't bully you?"

Xia Ling's two drops of tears fell into the pill pack, and then a faint green light was emitted, and the green light was soon turned into water vapor and dispersed on the medicinal material, and was immediately absorbed into the medicinal material.

Xia Ling wiped the snot that was about to flow out, and suddenly laughed: "This is all right, the master can try it."

"What does it mean?"

"Hee hee!" Xia Lingjiao laughed. "My tears are very powerful. It is a strong catalyst. If there are no my tears, even if someone uses the same medicinal materials and the same ratio to make a medicine pack, the effect is only one-hundredth of this! "

"That's it!" Zhong Yihan was overjoyed. Doesn't this mean that this kind of medicine pack can be kept as secret as possible?

"Great! Xia Ling, you are really my little angel! I'll try it now and see how effective it is!"

Zhong Yihan couldn't wait any longer, so he had to go straight to the bathroom with a medicine bag.

But Xia Ling stopped him: "Wait, master!"

"What's wrong? Anything else to watch out for?"

Xia Ling tilted his head and said, "Master, the main effect of this medicated bath pack is to eliminate fatigue, activate the blood vessels, stimulate the activity of cells, and also eliminate dark injuries and whiten the skin. Therefore, this medicated bath pack needs to be used in a place full of energy. The effect will be better because, in the state of the bath, the body will absorb the energy greatly. "

Zhong Yihan stunned and said, "Do you mean, this medicine bath is best to go to Different World to use?"

Seeing Xia Ling nodded her head, Zhong Yihan smiled bitterly.

He went to the Different World to do a medicine bath. Even though he had this idea, he didn't have the courage!

The place in the Different World is dangerous. With his current strength, although he can easily kill evil rabbit beasts, he must also be careful.

As for the more powerful tooth canine beasts, he can only avoid them now and dare not face them at all.

In case of a medicinal bath, a group of evil rabbits or fangs and beasts rush over, then his life will be lost? !!

Unless, he can clear up an absolutely safe area in Different World, and also need to arrange protective measures.

This kind of thing may be considered in the future, but now he has no ability at all.

At this time Xia Ling also said, "Even if you don't go to Different World, but it's not the best state for medicated baths now!"

Zhong Yihan wondered, "Why do you say that?"

"The medicated bath prepared by me can stimulate the potential of the human body, but the premise is that you must also work hard! If a person does not work hard, he will soak in the medicated bath all day, and the growth of the body is also limited. The medicinal bath has the maximum effect, then you must exercise, fight, and release your physical potential. When you are exhausted, come to the medicinal bath to achieve the best effect! "

Zhong Yihan stunned: "I see, you mean, I'm going to fight in a Different World now or practicing, and when I'm exhausted, come back to take a medicinal bath, right?"

"Yes! The development of human potential is in the process of continuous squeeze and recovery. Whenever you feel that you have reached a limit, it means that you have made new progress in the development of potential. Such growth is the most effective and is the most stable. "

Seeing what Xia Ling said made sense, Zhong Yihan was surprised.

Maybe it's because of her talents?

If her talent is still so stupid, Zhong Yihan really has to doubt the reliability of this system.

"Okay, then I'll go to practice in Different World. Squeeze the potential, right? I'm doing this!"

This is not Zhong Yihan's bragging. He knew that his qualifications were mediocre long ago, but in order to make a name for himself in this era, an ordinary child without qualifications and resources must pay more effort than ordinary people.

Squeezing potential ...

He has done this kind of thing countless times before!

Xia Ling nodded again and again, and said, "It will be more effective when matched with my massage methods!"

Zhong Yihan nodded and took out the equipment from the package next to him.

"Okay, I'm going to Different World right now, you can continue to prepare medicated bath bags here! But don't make too much noise, and no matter who knocks on the door, don't respond, let alone open the door, do you understand? "

Xia Ling nodded again and again: "I know! This world is so terrible. There are tall giants everywhere, so I will not open the door!"

Zhong Yihan nodded with satisfaction: "Xia Ling, take a good medicine pack, and tomorrow I will buy you delicious fried chicken to reward you!"

When Xia Ling heard the fried chicken, she was even happier. She flew a large circle in the air and waved her small arm and shouted: "Fried chicken! Fried chicken! Xia Ling loves fried chicken! The master is the best to Xia Ling! "

Zhong Yihan shook his head helplessly.

This little guy, that is, she is smarter when she is dispensing medicine, and she usually looks so stupid.

Maybe this is her talent.

Let Xia Ling continue to configure medicine, Zhong Yihan put on the protective gear, took out the long knife and bow and arrow, and carried the equipment on his body.

Then, he took out the shuttle and teleported to the cave in the Different World.