Chapter 189 - Foundation Correction

Zhong Yihan acted according to requirements.

The first of the Kung Fu 72 Styles is a starting position. The main purpose of this action is to mobilize the whole body muscles, so as to prepare for the next practice.

At the same time, this action also has a horse stance. The more stable the body is, the better the mastery of the action.

Muscles need to be awakened. Some parts, such as the biceps, pectoral muscles, and abdominal muscles, are awakened most easily because they are often used.

But back muscles, leg muscles, and other infrequently used areas need special adjustments.

Zhong Yihan's legs are slightly curved, her abdominal core is strong, her arms are raised, her palms are facing forward, and the whole person is bowed down.

After Zhong Yihan felt that his posture had been adjusted to his most satisfying state, Zhang Shou glanced at him, came to his side, raised his hand and gently pushed the position behind his waist and abdomen. Zhong Yihan only felt his body shake. It was easily pushed!

Zhong Yihan was suddenly shocked. He clearly felt that he was very stable, and he could feel that Zhang Shou did not push himself hard.

"Mr. Zhang, how did you do that?"

"Are you surprised? I'll do the same pose. You try to push me."

Zhang Shou squats on both legs with his arms forward. The posture is not much different from that of Zhong Yihan, but it looks more comfortable. The whole feels like a big bell, very stable.

"Zhong Yihan, come and push me."

Zhong Yihan pushed Zhang Shou in the same way as Zhang Shou just pushed him, but Zhang Shou was really motionless!

You know Zhong Yihan's most confidence is his strength.

Now Zhong Yihan is only about to break the strength attribute by three. When converted to the actual arm strength limit, he can have 150 kilograms. Although he only uses half of his strength, Zhang Shou is still stable, which is too exaggerated.

How much control does the body have to do to achieve this?

"Mr. Zhang, I want to push again."

Zhong Yihan is not convinced!

"You can push as many times as you want."

Yang Yuan and Du Tianqing watched each of Zhang Shou's subtle movements with serious expressions, unwilling to let go of any details.

Their foundation is more or less problematic, and Zhang Shou's presentation is also very useful to them.

Zhong Yihan moved his wrists and limbs for a while, but this time he did not reserve them. He used all the strength of his arms and pushed hard on the abdomen side of Zhang Shou's waist.

Zhang Shou's body shook slightly, making Zhong Yihan's eyes light up.

There is a possibility!

Zhang Shou did not expect that Zhong Yihan's strength was so great. He was suddenly pushed by him by a moment of negligence, and he was shocked.

Feeling that Zhong Yihan should continue, Zhang Shou hurriedly mobilized his muscles to reach his peak and became serious.

Zhong Yihan pushed again and found that Zhang Shou became heavier, and it felt like he was pushing a hill.

After trying for a long time, except for the beginning, Zhang Shou was not pushed by him anymore.

This is the first of Kung Fu 72 styles!

"Well, I gave up, Teacher Zhang, how did you do that?"

Zhong Yihan didn't expect such a big difference in strength between him and Zhang Shou, but he didn't feel frustrated but looked forward to it very much. If he can achieve this level of Zhang Shou, his strength will definitely be improved a lot.

Zhang Shou retracted his posture and glanced at Zhong Yihan vaguely. He can save things in the future by teaching himself. Zhong Yihan's strength is too strong.

But it was finally over, otherwise, it would be too shameful to pretend to fail!

Zhang Shou coughed and said, "The core muscles of the human body are not just the abdomen and the back. The muscles at the waist and abdomen also need attention, because it acts as a connection between the upper body and the lower body. The strength of the waist and abdomen directly determines whether your body strength and leg strength can be well unified. This is just one of the muscles that you have overlooked. When you are doing the first style, you pay too much attention to several power positions, especially the legs and back, so it is easy to ignore the hair in other positions, which leads to loopholes, so next Zhong Yihan, you will specialize in the first style, when to make up for the loopholes, and when to go to the next. "

"Well, Yihan is going to be miserable!" Zhu Zhenxing couldn't help but gloat.

Zhang Shou immediately glared at him: "Zhu Zhenxing, your foundation is even worse, you and Fan Dali, all of you are the same. Practice the first style. If I find that you are lazy, don't blame me for being ruthless! "

Zhu Zhenxing's fat face suddenly pulled down.

Fan Dali glared at Zhu Zhenxing, his training progress was slow enough, now re-practicing the first style, how much time does this take?

"Mr. Zhang, what about us?"

Li Xinyu is still very motivated. She knows that the foundation determines the future, so she also wants to consolidate her foundation.

"Although there are some problems with your foundation, you can adjust it a little. Starting today, I will spend an hour each day to teach you the basics. For the rest of the time, you can practice at your own pace."

So the next day, Zhong Yihan was posing, adjusting, posing, and then adjusting.

When the practice was finished at night, Zhong Yihan trembled his legs and leaned against the wall to walk out of the practice room, only to feel that this body was no longer his own.

It ’s been a long time since he has the practice to exhaust his power. This familiar feeling is really nostalgic.

As for Zhu Zhenxing and Fan Dali, one was lying directly and another took a taxi to go home. Anyway, they were not better than Zhong Yihan.

Zhong Qiaoyue returned home from school, left her school bag and ran to the training room. When she saw Zhong Yihan who was holding the wall and moved to the bedroom, she immediately laughed and said, "Haha, brother, exhaust your power? You are too weak. "

Zhong Yihan was too lazy to argue with Zhong Qiaoyue. His sister laughed at him when she got the chance, and he was used to it.

"There are energy and blood powder in the training room, it is for your use."

After speaking, Zhong Yihan opened the door in a difficult way and slammed shut after entering.

Zhong Qiaoyue poked her lips, no smile on her face.

Zhong Yihan now has such high vitality and so hard work, which makes her feel great pressure.

Zhong Qiaoyue didn't want to be thrown too far by her brother. When she walked to the training room, she passed Zhu Zhenxing's room and heard the sound of snoring inside.

Zhu Zhenxing went to bed at eight?

What have they practiced today that they are so tired?

Zhong Qiaoyue came to the training room, looked around, and saw eight bags piled up in the corner. She walked over and looked at it, shocked to find that all of this was energy and blood powder!

A bag of ten kilograms, a total of eight bags, is eighty kilograms.

Zhong Qiaoyue now ranks in the top three of the school, and the energy and blood powder that can be distributed every week is only 50 grams-of course, Zhong Qiaoyue is now young, so she does not need so much.

"My brother ... robbed the school warehouse?"

Looking at the energy and blood powder like a small hill, Zhong Qiaoyue fell into deep doubts ...