Chapter 188 - Start to Practice

Outside the training hall, Zhong Yihan hadn't gone far, and a stronger exclaiming sound suddenly broke out in the training hall.

Zhong Yihan turned around and saw Yang Yuan chased out, wondering: "What happened inside?"

Yang Yuan shrugged: "Nothing, there is a kid with a friend in the No.1 High School, and asked about your strength."

Zhong Yihan laughed and ignored him.

This is what Ming Jiajia said with some worries: "Is it okay for you to play such a heavy hand? Especially Yihan, you disabled that guy's limbs, will there be any trouble?"

Yang Yuan said indifferently: "What's the trouble? All are signed for life and death contract. If he doesn't agree, go to court!"

Everyone gave him a look at it, knowing that his father was working in the court system-but Yang Yuan was right to say that life and death contracts are protected by law.

Besides, they have mercy and did not kill anyone.

Li Xinyu also frowned, "I'm not afraid to go through the legal process, I'm afraid their parents are a group of entangled fools. You tell them the law, they throw at you, you can't kill them all? "

Du Tianqing laughed, "Xinyu, you worry too much. Do you think Teacher Zhang and Principal Lu did not consider this issue when they let us fight hard? They are more worried about this issue than their reputation. Right? "

Li Xinyu's eyes lit up: "You mean ..."

"Student unions have corrupted the resources of the school before. Now they are falling apart. It is not easy for Principal Lu to get solid evidence? It depends on whether Principal Lu wants to do it. If their family really wants to make trouble, it is ok! When the evidence is sent to the Kung Fu Association, hey, I don't believe those guys' families didn't get the benefit, the whole family went to jail! "

Li Xinyu and Ming Jiajia suddenly realized.

Zhong Yihan laughed: "No matter what, what Principal Lu asked us to do is done, let's go, let's go to dinner."

Today's events have completely opened the reputation of the top class in the school and also allowed Lu Wu's reforms to be carried out smoothly.

Although only 20% of the energy and blood powder in the ordinary class is distributed, without the control of the student union, those students who have worked hard can finally get their share of their wishes.

At the same time, Lu Wu took the opportunity to publicize the reform of the No.3 High School, and at the same time focused on Zhong Yihan and Top Class, and also made some good students gradually pay attention to the No.3 High School.

Of course, these are just afterwords.

In the afternoon, Zhong Yihan went home after dinner to start normal practice. Zhang Shou also came to the Zhong Yihan's training room and praised their performance. At the same time, they brought the 80 kilograms of Energy and Blood Powder assigned to the top class.

"Principal Lu is very satisfied with your performance. Let me convey thanks. Although these are much worse than energy and blood portions, they are also good things. As for how to divide them, it depends on you."

Zhang Shou gave the powder to Zhong Yihan. There were eight bags of energy and blood powder every ten kilograms.

Zhong Yihan has tried before, and it has little effect on him whose vitality is close to 3. After all, it is only the most low-level medicine in the "energy and blood series". Even if he wants to use it now, at least energy and blood portions.

So Zhong Yi said, "I can't use energy and blood powder anymore, so you share these."

Yang Yuan laughed: "I don’t lack training resources, Yihan, my share is for you. It ’s the venue fee for my training here. Even if you don’t use it, you can give it to your sister or Aunt Zhang. "

In fact, everyone discussed it together before and wanted to pay Zhong Yihan the venue fee. After all, this is Zhong Yihan's own house. So many of them practice here every day, and it is definitely false to say that it has no effect.

And the concentration of energy near 7 is enough to make Yang Yuan willing to pay any price.

It's just that Zhong Yihan thinks that everyone is a friend, so he didn’t receive it.

Yang Yuan can only find a way to compensate. Although the energy and blood powder is not as good as the benefit he gets, the compensation is a little bit.

Li Xinyu nodded and said, "Like Yang Yuan, I'll leave my share to Qiao Yue and aunt."

Li Xinyu brought gifts to Zhong Qiaoyue and Zhang Aimei this time. When she was here just now, she secretly gave them to Zhang Aimei. As for Zhong Qiaoyue, she would wait for her after school.

Li Xinyu originally wanted to buy a gift for Zhong Yihan but thought it was too straightforward, so it was fine to think about it.

Ming Jiajia immediately refused to be outdone: "Me too."

Everyone expressed their opinions, and in the end, all energy and blood powder was given to Zhong Yihan.

Du Tianqing looked at Zhong Yihan that he wanted to refuse, and said, "Yihan, don't refuse this time. You have to let us pay something, otherwise, we won't be comfortable here."

When Zhong Yihan saw that he had all said this, he had to accept: "That's ok, but first of all, my sister will not run out of it, if you need it, you can come and get it at any time."

"Ok, we won't be polite with you."

After allocating, everyone returned to daily practice.

Because Zhong Qiaoyue and Zhu Xiaoyu are going to school normally, there are only seven of them in the practice room today and Zhang Shou.

Zhang Shou corrected each one of them, and when he came to Zhong Yihan, the latter took the initiative and said, "Mr. Zhang, I want to re-correct my foundation, can you help me?"

Zhong Yihan has been trying to correct the foundation for a long time, and now, as soon as he resumes practice, he can't wait to say it.

Zhang Shou was somewhat surprised that Zhong Yihan himself made this request. To be honest, after New Year, he did feel that the other party had changed a lot.

Not in strength, but in the temperament of the whole person.

The former Zhong Yihan, with a bit of anger and unrulyness, would never tolerate the insults of others, and would always go back in the most direct way; but the current Zhong Yihan seems to feel calm and peaceful. He learned from Yang Yuan's mouth that today Yihan not only did not even get angry with Xie Wengong's insults. He didn't even get angry until the other side said the Li family and touched his bottom line.

He doesn't know what has gone through this week during the winter vacation, but there will be such a big change.

Zhang Shou did not ask Zhong Yihan what he did but said: "Your foundation has some problems, especially Yihan. What I was going to say, it seems that you have found it yourself, it may be because Your strength is rising too fast, so the shortcomings of a weak foundation are particularly obvious. If you continue to do so, it will be difficult to change them once they become habits. "

"Yihan, you do the first of the Kung Fu 72 Styles."