Chapter 187 - The Li Family

Onlooking students heard Xie Wengong's words and hissed suddenly.

Xie Wengong was furious in his heart, but he had to laugh: "This brother, I followed" Scar Zhang "on the road, give me face!"

Yang Yuan turned his head and grinned, and then turned around, kicking him directly on his stomach, cursing: "Who is the scar Zhang? His face is very valuable ?!"

Not Yang Yuan's arrogance.

It was because his family was already strong and his father was is a politician. In the eyes of such officials, scar Zhang is the name of hooligans. what hooligans dare to challenge the official? !!

Xie Wengong was kicked out fiercely, the flashes in his eyes flashed, and his voice cooled down, saying: "Okay! You dare to look down on Zhang Brother ... I tell you, Zhang brother is a big brother in Xicheng District, with vitality 1.7! You offend me, so you wait for death! "

It's okay not to say this. At first, several people laughed.

Zhu Zhenxing and Fan Dali were exaggerated, yelling, "Oh, 1.7! How scared I am!"

Xie Wengong whispered: "Don't pretend! If you have the courage to leave a name, Brother Zhang will help me get revenge!"

Yang Yuan and Du Tianqing smiled at each other. Yang Yuan said: "Since you asked the question sincerely."

Du Tianqing: "We will tell you with compassion!"

Later Zhong Yihan, Ming Jiajia, and Li Xinyu heard these words, and they all slapped their faces on the face-these two funny guys!

Yang Yuan directly said: "My name is Yang Yuan, and his name is Du Tianqing. We all transferred from No.1 High School. Don’t forget our names!"

Xie Wengong covered his stomach and said coldly, "I will never forget!"

Du Tianqing sneered: "By the way, I'll tell you one more thing. The vitality of both of us break 2 and we are waiting for your revenge!"

Xie Wengong's eyes widened immediately, and when he was crooked, he slumped on the ground and murmured, "How ... how is that possible ?!"

And the students who watched, only felt that there was a thunder on the forehead!

"break 2!"

"This kind of strength can be at the forefront even in the No.1 high school, and even can go to Yazun! Why did they come to our school?"

"He said they were invited here. Could it be said that 80% of energy and blood powder is the condition?"

"The two named Yang Yuan and Du Tianqing have such high vitality. How strong is their monitor?"

"What should I do? I seem to be impolite to that guy named Yang Yuan this morning. What should I do? I'm done!"

Before he finished talking, and there was a big circle around him.

Xie Wengong, a person with a vitality of 1.3, bullied them for a few years, and now Yang Yuan and Du Tianqing are more powerful. They can’t offend them.

Yang Yuan and Du Tianqing looked at each other, and they both saw the pleasure of pretending to succeed from the other's eyes.

Before the field training in October, the vitality of the two of them reached 1.7. At this time, more than three months have passed. During these three months, they have not been idle and have been practicing hard.

Especially since the first half of the New Year, they practiced in Zhong Yihan's villa every day in places where the concentration of energy was as high as 6.8, and their strength naturally increased greatly.

It's not unusual to have a vitality of 2.

Today, the vitality of both of them is 2.05.

Not only the two of them but the vitality of others such as Li Xinyu, Ming Jiajia, and Fan Dali have all been improved. Among them, Li Xinyu now has 1.9 vitality, while Ming Jiajia is slightly weaker, but her progress is the largest and has also reached Over 1.7.

Even Fan Dali's current vitality has reached 1.25-only Zhu Zhenxing, the current vitality is barely 1.

"Break 2, Break 2 ..."

Xie Wengong murmured in his mouth, with a look of despair.

He looked up behind Yang Yuan, that is to say, the strength of these people is at least this level, and Zhong Yihan, the monitor, can only have higher vitality!

No wonder Lu Wu did not say their vitality.

Xie Wengong did not understand until now that he had been counted.

He then regretted his indifference.

His two-and-a-half-year brother's career made him lose his keen sense, but he didn't have the slightest fear. He raised his head sharply and yelled with a stern expression: "Do you think this won me? Don't kid me! Brother Zhang is not your opponent, so what about the Li family ?! Brother Zhang is a competent player under the Li family! If you mess with me, you are messing with the Li family! "

Zhong Yihan has not acted, but suddenly rushed out at this time, coldly: "Who ?! Li family ?! Which Li family?"

Xie Wengong chuckled: "What Li family can there be in Anping County? Li Hanguo, the owner of the Li family, is a real fighter and the first fighter in Anping County ..."


Before Xie Wengong's words were finished, Zhong Yihan suddenly slapped a fan on his face, slamming him directly to the ground, hitting him with blood, and a few white teeth flew out!

This slap was clear and loud, and everyone in the training hall heard it clearly.

He didn't understand that he had said the Li family. Why did the other party dare to take action? Isn't he afraid of retaliation?

Zhong Yihan's breath was very cold at the moment, and he said coldly, "Li family? Li Hanguo?! Very good! Very good!"

His voice was cold, his vitality was nearly 2.9, and he had developed a murderous spirit in real battles. Where can Xie Wengong resist?

Xie Wengong trembled suddenly, trying to say something, but his teeth trembled, and he could not say a complete sentence, leaving only "you you you you ..."

Zhong Yihan came to him and said condescendingly, "The dog of the Li family, death is not to be regretted. But there are so many people here, I will spare your life!"

Xie Wengong froze, but then Zhong Yihan grabbed his arm and twisted hard!


Xie Wengong issued a terrifying scream and fell to the ground.

Zhong Yihan didn't hesitate and grabbed his other hand.

Next, it's legs again!

Xie Wengong fainted in pain, was awake alive, and then fainted again as if lying on the ground like a muddy pool.

At that moment, someone suddenly shouted, "Good fight! Good fight!"

This sentence ignited the repressed anger and madness of all the students. Looking at Xie Wengong who was lying there like mud, all students knew that from now on, the student union would have no prestige at the school, and Xie Wengong was no longer invincible synonymous, on the contrary, he is already a waste!

They don't know who suddenly shouted. Then everyone started cheering.

"Top class!"

"Top class!"

"Top class!"

"Top class!"

The cry of the crowd was like a wave, and the wave was higher than the wave.

The top class at this time is the hero in their minds, the hero who came to save them!

Zhong Yihan didn't like to stay in such an atmosphere. He saw that his purpose had been achieved, so he told Yang Yuan: "Let's go."

As soon as Zhong Yihan's words fell, a few young ladies wearing student union uniforms suddenly came and looked at him in admiration: "We want to worship you as my big brother!"

"Brother, take us!"

The rest of the student union were still awake, their faces became extremely ugly, and everyone had only one idea ...

Student Union, it's over!

Seeing the trend of chaos here, Zhong Yihan pushed the crowd very decisively, and then went away.

Just then, someone in the crowd rang and he quickly connected to the phone: "Hey, cousin?"

"Cousin, what's the matter? I was in class just now!"

"Well ... , I'll ask you personally, Zhong Yihan, don't you know? It seems to be the name, I won't write any specific words."

There was a stun on the other end of the phone, and then there was a strange cry: "Sure! Zhong Yihan, of course, I know! He is my idol!"

"Idol? What happened ?!"

He spoke over the phone, and his cousin asked impatiently: "Don't say so much, you tell me, how strong is that Zhong Yihan's vitality?"

People on the side saw him calling Zhong Yihan, and they all calmed down, staring at him waiting for the answer.

This cousin's face changing constantly as if he had eaten something sour, then he changed his face for a long time, and finally exclaimed:

"What! At least 2.5 ?! Have you made any mistakes ?!"