Chapter 186 - Shock The No.3 High School

The kicked-off student union member fell heavily on the ground to see how he rolled in pain on the ground, and everyone did not respond for a moment.

The next scuffle is completely different from what the onlookers expected.

On the side of the top class, only Yang Yuan and Du Tianqing were like a tiger and rushed into the crowd, knocking one with one punch, and kicking one with another kick!

In just a few seconds, seven or eight students were lying on the ground mournfully.

The two men are powerful!

"I will fight with you!"

Ma Yue jumped out and hit Du Tianqing with a punch.

The latter turned a scornful arc into the corner of his mouth, flickered, avoided the punch, followed a kick, struck directly at Ma Yue's waist and eyes, and kicked her out!


The audience around issued a neat inhalation sound. Ma Yue is already the top three in the school, but she can’t win? !!

Yang Zeyu, the vice president of the student union, went around and tried to sneak in Du Tianqing, but was stopped by Yang Yuan.

Yang Yuan sneered at him, sneer: "Fool, your opponent is me!"

Yang Zeyu smashed, Yang Yuan sneered, only to see that the punch was full of flaws.

He grabbed it lightly and grabbed Yang Zeyu's fist in his hand, then twisted it hard!


Yang Zeyu issued a scream of tremor, and his right arm was twisted into a twist!

"Ah!" Zhu Zhenxing sighed in disguise.

Ming Jiajia was a little worried and whispered: "Yihan, Yang Yuan is very angry today. Is it okay to take such a heavy shot?"

"It's okay!" Zhong Yihan laughed. "You heard Mr. Zhang's words yesterday, as long as you don't kill them, it is ok. And these bad guys cannot be easily let go!"

Zhong Yihan's words determined their fate.

Du Tianqing flew three feet in a row, and flew easily to the three, and walked to the mourning girl who was lying on the ground and looked down at her condescendingly.

Ma Yue scared back and forth, where can she still have the arrogance just now?

After all, Ma Yue also has a vitality of 1.0, and her eyesight is still a little bit. She didn't see it before, but when Du Tianqing and Yang Yuan shot, she knew it.

Both of them are Kung Fu learners with a vitality of more than 1.5!

"What are you going to do? What are you going to do?" In this way, how relieved is the eyes of the crowd around, especially the students bullied by her? !!

Xie Wengong also reacted at this time, rushing towards Ma Yue and yelling, "Stop!"

But as soon as he rushed halfway, he was stopped by Yang Yuan.

"Silly, your opponent is me!"

"I will kill you!"

Xie Wengong sighed and punched Yang Yuan in a punch, and the two fought together.

At this time, Du Tianqing sneered and said, "I never hit a woman before, but this time I will make an exception!"

Ma Yue froze and exclaimed, "What are you doing ... Ah!"

Before she finished speaking, Du Tianqing stepped on her thigh.

Many people heard a "click", and then saw Ma Yue's right leg showing a weird polyline, where she made a terrible cry-she was broken by a thigh!

"It is good!"

Among the students, a sudden female voice sounded.

The girl didn't know where the courage came, but burst out of the crowd, crying, and shouting, "Good fight! Good step!"

Du Tianqing glanced at the girl, only to find that the girl's appearance was pretty, but now she was full of tears.

Zhong Yihan knows this girl must have been bullied by Ma Yue.

Many people in school knew very well that this girl was named Jiang Sisi. Because she was pure and beautiful, she was also introverted, and there were many boys who liked her, so Ma Yue often makes trouble for her.

Like Ma Yue, this is a very ruthless way to bully the girl.

She found a group of people to strip the girl's clothes, took a video, and then posted it on the Internet with pride.

Jiang Sisi's family is very poor, and her father doesn't care about her at all, so she can only swallow such a great deal of insult. It is said that she has depression, and she is unknown and usually doesn't say a word.

And now, her heartbreaking heart crying there, it seems that she has been oppressed for a long time, and the suffocation blocked in her chest has completely burst out!

Seeing this, a student union student rushed over with anger and beat Jiang Sisi.

Du Tianqing was even angrier than him. His body flashed over, kicked on the student's knee, followed by another kick, and drew it on his face.

The student was pumped with blood, and his teeth were almost gone!

At this time, a second person finally stood up and shouted, "Good fight!"

This sentence was like a tinder that ignited the fuse that had been oppressed by people for a long time, so the applause soon became loud!

Still, others shouted, "Kill them!"

"Kill them! Kill them!"

The dozen or so standing students of the student union became extremely ugly, and some even shook their legs.

They do not have any practice qualifications, nor have they worked hard. On weekdays, nothing more than bullying those timid students based on the name of the Student Union.

Now they found out that they were furious, and they were frightened!

However, Xie Wengong still had a little courage and shouted, "What are you doing ?! What are you doing ?! Believe me or not, after I have beaten them, I call Brother Zhang and beat you!"

Xie Wengong has accumulated a lot of power in the school, not only his own name but also because he followed "Big Brother on the Road", so he shouted so loudly that some timid students immediately lower voice.

Yang Yuan, who played against him, was sneer: "Stupid, give you a face? Just kidding you!"

As soon as the words fell, Yang Yuan took a step to the left and punched Xie Wengong's waist.

After all, Xie Wengong was also the master of frequent fights and quickly blocked.

However, he did not expect that Yang Yuan ’s fist turned out to be a false move. When he saw him block, Yang Yuan immediately changed his moves and turned his fists into claws. From the bottom up, five fingers directly caught Xie Wengong's face, leaving five deep bloodstains!

Xie Wengong touched his face and felt a hand of blood, and his face was hot and painful. Where did he not know he was disfigured?

At this moment, he also saw that he was not the opponent of the person in front of him, let alone five people behind him. They had been watching the show there all the time.

Xie Wengong came to his senses immediately, knowing that these people must have an unusual origin. He forced his anger and said, "Brother, it was just a misunderstanding. We don’t have to fight!"