Chapter 184 - The Top Class

Xie Wengong glanced at Yang Zeyu, who understood and raised his hand loudly: "I oppose! Principal Lu, this distribution is unfair to us! There are only seven people in the top class. Why can they get 80%?

Yang Zeyu's voice was loud, making the students quiet again.

They did not expect that the students union would be so bold, they dared to oppose Lu Wu in person, He was a fighter with vitality 8.

Lu Wu looked at Yang Zeyu: "Do you think it's unfair? Do you think this distribution touched the interests of your student union?"

After hearing the words "Student's Union", everyone knows that the principal put the knife out directly, pointing plainly at the Student Union!

However, most of the students applauded one by one in mind. Some people even burst into tears, saying in their hearts:


Lu Wu's words sank Xie Wengong's heart, and his instinct felt bad.

If the other party is determined to deal with the student union, they have no strength to resist.

If you can't resist, you can only make sense.

Xie Wengong did not panic, there are people behind him. If Lu Wu dare to forcibly promote this policy by virtue of his high vitality, then he could do something.

Seeing Yang Zeyu want to refute, Xie Wengong took the initiative to stop, and then said in person: "Principal Lu, we want to know what the selection criteria for the top class, why are seven of them eligible to join the top class, but our original students do not?

With that said, the people in the Student Union knew it and suddenly made a loud noise.

"Yes! Gong brother has 1.3 vitality! It is the first in our school! Why can't he enter the top class ?!"

"It's not fair! This is a black box operation!"

"Just these guys, what kind of top students are they? Gong brother kicked to death!"

Zhong Yihan and others all showed weird expressions on their faces.

Vitality 1.3, the first in the school? !!

Doesn't that mean that except for the seven of them, except Fan Zhenxing, even Fan Dali can be almost the first in the school?

Sure enough, the first in No. 3 high school is really weak!

Lu Wu knew that the students would react like this, sneer: "The rules for entering the top class are very simple, as long as you can win anyone in the top class, you can enter."

Lu Wu's words not only brightened Xie Wengong's eyes but also caused the weakest Zhu Zhenxing and Fan Dali to shrink their necks subconsciously.

They thought they were just attending a school opening ceremony. How did they feel that their lives were in danger?

But Yang Yuan and Du Tianqing looked at each other and sneered in their hearts.

A group of silly forks overwhelming themselves, he was afraid they would not challenge.

The move to the table in the morning left Yang Yuan suffocated with anger, he had nowhere to vent.

Xie Wengong glanced at Zhong Yihan and thought that he understood the true intention of Lu Wu.

It seems that the establishment of the top class was used to screen school students. As long as he let the students of the student union defeat all seven newcomers, then the top class was all of his students' union.

Even Lu Wu has nothing to say.

Thinking of this, Xie Wengong sneered suddenly: "Principal Lu, you said that!"

"That's right." Lu Wu's face was light, "I said that, just like that, if you don't agree, go to find a top-class student to challenge, one to one, group fight, fist weapon, you choose. Who won, I will give these 80% of resources! "

After speaking, Lu Wu and others on the podium turned around and left, and the students looked at each other and automatically gave way.

Xie Wengong took someone to Zhong Yihan and sneered: "Boy, I don't know where you are from, I would advise you to..."

"Fuck off!"

Yang Yuan yelled and said, "Don't make any noise here. If you want, go to the training hall now!"

He was angry today and wanted to vent. If he was not afraid of the bad effects, he would like to do it right now!

Xie Wengong's face changed, and the young people behind him jumped out one by one, yelling at Yang Yuan.

Yang Yuan sneered: "What's wrong, want to fight here?"

Du Tianqing and Fan Dali also blocked Yang Yuan for the first time.


Zhong Yihan had some headaches and stopped them. He looked at Xie Wengong and said, "My brother is right, don't talk nonsense, go to the training hall now if you are unconvinced, no matter how many of you, we are seven!"

"Okay!" Xie Wengong smiled angrily. "Go to the training hall now. If I don't break your legs one by one, I will reverse the name!"

At this moment, a cold hum came from Zhang Shou's voice: "To fight, go to the training hall!"

Xie Wengong and others did not dare to disobey. They had to point at the Zhong Yihan and walked in the direction of the training hall. Zhong Yihan and others walked towards the training hall with ease.

The other students immediately got excited and followed behind two groups of people.

Someone even excitedly whispered to friends around them:

"Are these people okay? Are they brave ?!"

"Who knows, maybe the master invited by Principal Lu?"

"Hey, just in this broken place in our school, how can master come?"

"Not a master, how do you explain their current expressions? Everyone is talking and laughing, and didn’t take Xie Wengong seriously at all!"

"Uh, maybe newborn calves are not afraid of tigers?"

"By the way, Lu Wu and Zhang Shou are both teachers from No.1 High School. Are these students also from No.1 High School?"

"It's very possible! Well, Zhong Yihan, how do I know this name a little?"

"You said that, I also reacted, as if I heard the name somewhere."

"How about that? Students don’t look like teachers, not to mention that they are all in the second semester of the third year. Which capable student will come to our school?"

"Well? By the way, I have a cousin in the No.1 high school, in the second year of high school, I called to ask him to go ... He is estimated that in class, I will call again later."


After seeing the students going to the training ground, Lu Wu in the distant teaching building window smiled and asked Zhang Shou: "Have you said to Zhong Yihan, Xie Wengong is a little boy who mingled with the Li family?" ? "

Zhang Shou shook his head: "I didn't say."

Looking at Lu Wu's confused eyes, Zhang Shou laughed and said, "I didn't say, I don't want Yihan to sleep badly, but do you think Xie Wengong himself wouldn't say?"

Lu Wu suddenly laughed and said, "You old fox!"

Then he shouted, "Hey, it's a pity that we can’t go in person, otherwise it will be too obvious. A good show!"

Zhang Shou skimmed his lips: "You really have a bad taste, just a frog at the bottom of the well. Do you know how much Zhong Yihan's vitality is now?"

"How much?"

Zhang Shou whispered a number, and Lu Wu's eyes almost glared, and he shouted directly: