Chapter 183 - Reform

Lu Wu was very satisfied with the effect, sneered, motioned Zhang Shou to come forward, and then said loudly: "Dear classmates, teachers, everyone already knows me. My name is Lu Wu, and I am now the principal of No.3 High School! Vitality 8.3! Today ’s first conference, I will introduce some new teachers to you ... "

Zhang Shou cleared his throat and introduced himself first: "Hello, my name is Zhang Shou, and I am the acting grade director of Senior Three, with a vitality of 6.7."

"A fighter again ?!"

"Wouldn't we have two Kung Fu teachers in our school?"

"The teachers on the podium also have a lot of new faces, aren't they also fighters?"

"Even if not a fighter, it must be a Kung Fu learner. What's going on? Why did our No.3 High School teachers suddenly grow so much?"

Zhang Shou just introduced himself, which caused a heated discussion among the students below.

Because Lu Wu's plan was formally implemented this semester and has been kept secret until then, most students don't know what is going on.

The students originally thought that they had just changed to a new principal, but now they have discovered that the teaching force of the No.3 high school has been directly improved by several grades.

"Quiet. Today's opening ceremony is very simple. It mainly announces three things. Next, President Lu will announce these three things."

Lu Wu took the microphone from Zhang Shou and walked to the stage. Although he had already converged, the students quickly calmed down.

Lu Wu has always spoken directly. He did not say those fake words but opened the door directly: "First of all, the first thing is announced. From this semester, the No.3 high school will implement new educational innovations! I think you have seen now the teachers sitting on the stage, we now have two fighters in the school, and thirteen are Kung Fu learners. We have surpassed the No.2 high school and even the current No.1 high school by faculty. The school now has a total of 37 classes, 1,465 students. From this semester, you will be taught by the most professional teachers, so as long as you are willing to work hard, you will still have the opportunity to be admitted to Kung Fu University! "

Most of the students were infected by Lu Wu's generous and powerful voice, listening to the surge of emotion.

But they had just raised their thoughts to fight together, and when they thought of the student union that was over their heads, they immediately fell into despair.

What's the use of teaching alone?

Without the assistance of practice resources, most students will never get a great improvement.

Fifty kilograms of energy and blood powder will be distributed every semester. Although many of the top students are eligible to be distributed, the students have never received them because these resources have been embezzled by the student union.

Energy and blood powder belongs to a lower level of training resources than energy and blood portion. It can recover energy and blood in a small amount, but for most students of ordinary families, it is already a rare thing.

Similarly, because their families are ordinary, they can't provoke Xie Wengong at all, let alone Xie Wengong has been colluding with the senior management of the school before, so most students choose to swallow their patience in the face of the student union's behavior.

And those who really can't stand, and rarely resist, mostly choose to transfer.

Some teachers who are not very clear about the situation are somewhat surprised by the low response of the surrounding students. This should be a happy thing. Why do they feel more desperate?

Lu Wu glanced around and took a panoramic view of the students' responses. Then he said, "The second thing is announced. In response to the reform of the No. 3 High School, the Kung Fu Association decided to add 50 kilograms of Energy and Blood powder per semester. "

"What's the use of a hundred kilograms, even a ton, it's useless if we can't get it."

"If you really want to reform, reform the Student Union first."

"The student union will get profit, 100 kilograms, how much will they gain?"

Some dissatisfied students whispered softly, but the voice was very low, and they did not dare to let others hear what he was talking about, and they were afraid of being caught by the student union.

In the last semester, a large-scale case of corruption occurred. From the principal to the director were dismissed, but Xie Wengong, the largest tumor among the students, was still there. Now that he has only one semester left to graduate, most students are looking forward to the end of this semester. As long as there is no Xie Wengong and the leadership is changed, they may be better in the future.

As for other third-year students, they can only consider themselves unlucky, and most of them have completely abandoned their dream of being admitted to Kung Fu University.

After all, there is only one semester left, and where can they improve.

When Xie Wengong heard a hundred kilograms of energy and blood powder, he began to figure out how much money he could make this time.

In the past two years, he managed the school like an iron bucket, and no one dared to oppose him. Therefore, no matter how much energy and blood powder was distributed by the school, it was also in his pocket.

"Brother Gong, that's great. One hundred kilograms of energy and blood powder, which directly doubled our income!"

The green-haired girl also said with a confident look: "I did not expect the new headmaster to understand the rules so well, it seems that the influence of our student union is also very good among the teachers."

Yang Zeyu, a dog-headed military officer, analyzed: "The focus is not on the school, but on Brother Zhang. With this hundred kilograms of energy and blood powder, our right to speak on Brother Zhang will also increase."

The second thing that Lu Wu announced made the student union happy, and only felt that following Xie Wen was the smartest choice.

However, ordinary students are either downcast, or their faces are irrelevant, which makes Wu Wu sigh.

At this time, none of them stood up and exposed the student union's actions. After being oppressed by the student union for a long time, they can still suffer for so long. They have lost the aggressiveness that Kung Fu people should have.

However, in this way, Lu Wu announced the third thing, and there was no psychological burden.

"The last thing, starting today, the No.3 High School set up a top-class, Zhang Shou, the headteacher of the top class, and Zhong Yihan, the monitor of the class. At present, there are seven students in the top class, which is the seven newcomers."

Lu Wu pointed at Zhong Yihan and immediately attracted everyone's attention.

The students thought that the seven had not yet been assigned to a class and did not expect to set up a top-class directly.

But what the hell is this top class? Listening to the name seems to be very powerful.

Lu Wu pressed his hand, paused, and after everyone was quiet, he said loudly: "From now on, 80% of energy and blood powder will be allocated to the top class every semester, and the remaining 20% will be allocated to the ordinary class."

As soon as this word came out, the entire playground was quiet for three seconds, and then a huge noise broke out!

"80%?! How about the student union?"

"I just said that this new principal is so powerful, Is he still afraid of those guys in the Student Union?"

"Anyway, we can't get. Students union will have so few. I'd love to see it."

"Me too. It's best not to give it to the Student Union, but to the top class."

The emergence of the top class has attracted all the hatred, and finally allowed the students who have been long aggrieved to find an outlet for venting.

This made Zhong Yihan, who was the first to be a little bit laughed. He thought that the students would be very repulsive to the top class, but he did not expect that many people supported it.

The main reason for listening to the discussions around them seems to be the Student Union.

This student union is really unpopular.

Xie Wengong and his fellows, each one of them, was very angry.

They never expected that the new principal began to rectify the student union as soon as he took office!