Chapter 182 - Opening Ceremony

"Zhu Fat, are you okay?"

The assembly time stipulated in the opening ceremony is eight o'clock, but it's seven-thirty, and Zhu Zhenxing is still not prepared.

"Okay, that's it."

Zhu Zhenxing stepped out of the bedroom with his pants on, frowning and complaining, "This new school uniform is a bit tight, it's really uncomfortable."

"The loose fit was worn by you as tights."

The uniforms in Anping County have been unchanged for a hundred years. No matter who wears them, they can't see the good or bad figure, but it is a case like Zhu Zhenxing.

The No.3 high school underestimated Zhu Zhenxing's figure, and the school uniform sent to him was a bit small. In addition, he was greedy in the past few days of the Chinese New Year, and the whole person was a lot fatter.

He doesn’t know how much Zhu Zhenxing ate during the Chinese New Year, but in just half a month he was able to gain more than 10 kilograms-it is also a talent!

Zhong Yihan also wore only school uniforms today, no armor, and no plans to bring weapons.

After all, it's just the opening ceremony, and it's not a battle of life and death. There is no need to be fully armed.

The two came to the school together, and the originally broken gate of the school was renovated again so that the whole feeling was very different from the original.

There were only a few students scattered at the gate of the campus, and Zhong Yihan thought they were late. As a result, when they arrived at the playground where the opening ceremony was held, they found that there were a few people standing there. The group with the largest number was Li Xinyu and others.

"Yihan, here and here!"

When Ming Jiajia saw Zhong Yihan, she waved happily, attracting the attention of some students nearby.

After all, although Ming Jiajia's temperament is not comparable to Li Xinyu, she is also a good little beauty. In addition, she and Zhong Yihan and others have been together for so long. The introverted personality has greatly improved. This pure and clear girl is a landscape.

Not to mention Li Xinyu, even if she was thrown into the talented Yazun High School, she is a beautiful scenery!

Zhong Yihan and Zhu Zhenxing walked in front of the crowd. The former wondered: "Why few people there? Isn't it the opening ceremony today?"

Yang Yuan said silently: "Yes, Teacher Zhang and Principal Lu are here, but most of the students have not yet arrived. I thought that the school was just poor teaching, but now it seems that the atmosphere of the whole school is a problem! "

Yang Yuan came early and incidentally helped Zhang Shou to move some chairs to the podium. Originally, they wanted to ask some students to help, so that Li Xinyu and Ming Jiajia did not need to do anything. As a result, the students they met on the road, let alone help move them together, they would not answer you at all.

The vitality of these students is generally not even one, but their speaking attitudes are bad, which makes Yang Yuan angry.

Zhong Yihan looked at the platform set up by the playground and found that not only Lu Wu and Zhang Shou had already done it, but also six or seven Kung Fu teachers who had met in the No.1 High School were also present. Although these Kung Fu teachers were not as good as Zhang Shou, at least one of them also has vitality breaking 2, breaking 3, and they are generally relatively young.

It seems that this fall of the No. 1 High School not only lost a large number of students but also allowed many outstanding Kung Fu teachers to find another way out.

In this way, the No.3 High School gets the benefit.

The crowd had been waiting for more than half an hour, and Lu Wu couldn't help frowning, so after the teacher's urging, the huge playground was filled up by the students one after another.

Most of these students are scornful, and many students don’t even wear school uniforms. Some don’t even wear school uniforms, and some transform the original loose school uniforms into various strange styles or draw some strange pictures on the school uniforms.

Zhong Yihan and others glanced at each other.

At first glance, there are really many students dressed up like weird ones, and their hair looks like a bird's nest. The atmosphere of the No.3 High School can be seen from this.

In this way, the opening ceremony, which started at 9 o'clock, was dragged on until 10 o'clock, and the students were basically there.

Zhang Shou stood on the stage at this moment, preparing to announce the start of the school opening ceremony. At this time, the student crowd suddenly gave way and saw the three boys and two girls walk to the head of a class in such a big way. After the five of them appeared, they closed their mouths, their faces even a little respected.

These five people are obviously headed by the fine-eyed boys who are at the front. Seeing the exaggerated appearance of their social brothers and the fearful expression of other students, if Zhong Yihan feels that he has guessed correctly, this should be student Boss.

That is what Zhang Shou mentioned to them last night-the current "Boss" of the No.3 high school, the president of the student union, and the main culprit of colluding with schools and stealing resources:

Xie Wengong.

But in front of the Kung Fu teachers, their performance was a little too much.

Zhong Yihan saw that Zhang Shou and Lu Wu's faces were already a bit wrong, and knew that it was estimated that they would do something next. If Lu Wu wanted to convince all the students, he would have to teach these students lessons.

After the five students appeared, they always talked and laughed without any scruples. There were no scruples about Lu Wu and Zhang Shou on the stage.

Last night, Zhang Shou showed Xie Wengong's information to everyone. Among the students, Xie Wengong has the strongest strength, so he has the absolute right to speak. Even before Lu Wu did not come, even the teachers of the school didn’t cube him.

The reason is that Xie Wengong not only lives well in school but also well in society. There are big brothers behind him.

Zhong Yihan noticed Xie Wengong, and Xie Wengong also noticed his side soon.

No way, the other classes are forty or fifty people in a two-line team, only Zhong Yihan's side of seven people in a row seems very abrupt.

And most importantly ...

Zhong Yihan was standing upright with six people.

The aura and temperament are far from being comparable to other students.

Xie Wengong looked at Zhong Yihan's side, and stopped looking at Li Xinyu for a while, and found that they didn't know each other, so he frowned, "Who are they? Why haven't I met?"

"Should be new this semester? I guess it hasn't been classed yet, so they are standing like that first."

The speaker is Yang Zeyu. He is the vice president of the Students' Union. He has always claimed himself to be an army officer.

The girl with the green head next to him sneered: "Are there newcomers in the last semester? Brother Gong, I will teach them the rules after the opening ceremony."

Xie Wengong nodded and agreed, and couldn't help but look at Li Xinyu more, but didn't know what to think, his mouth slightly tilted.

When the entire playground was noisy for a long time, a powerful momentum suddenly burst from the podium, and Lu Wu, a vitality of 8, completely let go of his momentum and immediately made all the students quiet.

Even Xie Wengong, who was very arrogant, suddenly changed his face and immediately silent.