Chapter 18 - Configuring the Medicated Bath

The next step is to buy the herbs needed for the medicated bath.

But for these medicinal materials, Zhong Yihan also bought some of the more common on the earth in a store, such as a safflower, camphor wood shavings, hydrangea, etc.

He did not buy other materials, not because they were not available in the store. Although Zhong Yihan did not know what level of Xia Ling ’s “medicine bathing learner” skills, she was rewarded systematically and the “medicine bathing learner” skills will not be too bad. Think about Xia Ling's other massage skills. Although IQ is not very reliable, after finding the right strength, the massage technique is still really good.

So, he can’t buy all the materials in one store. What if it catches others' attention and they try to make medicinal bath bags with these materials?

After all, safflower and camphor wood shavings are common materials for making medicated baths. As soon as he said the names of these medicines, the little girl in the store guessed that he wanted to configure the medicated baths package.

Zhong Yihan asked the price.

Cheap 1288, expensive 2888.

The specific effect was blown up by the little girl who sold the medicine, and he didn't know how much commission she could get in a pack-but when the little girl learned that Zhong Yihan had no intention of buying, the expression was wonderful.

After going to several stores, Zhong Yihan bought a lot of medicinal materials at one time and spent a total of four thousand yuan.

Because tomorrow is Sunday and there is no need to go to school, Zhong Yihan called his mother directly and said that he would go to the Internet cafe tonight to surf the Internet with the fat man, and he would not go home.

The mother also understood it, saying that it was necessary for Zhong Yihan to relax and not to strain himself so tightly.

Only his sister, Zhong Qiaoyue, was very depressed...because her brother went online without taking her.

Of course, Zhong Yihan definitely didn't go to the Internet cafe, but took all the equipment and opened a room in a small hotel near the school.

He chose this small hotel because it was recommended by Zhu Zhenxing.

He said that this small hotel is particularly private, with good sound insulation, and the price is not that expensive, only over a hundred a night.

the most important is……

There are bathtubs, big double bathtubs!

Zhong Yihan clearly remembered the lascivious expression of the fat man raising his eyebrows after saying this.

But on the way to the hotel, an episode happened.

Xia Ling has been hiding in Zhong Yihan's clothes pocket and looks honest-in fact, she is panicked because the "giants" all over the world and the "metal buckets" that come and go are all over the street. A building higher than the sky ...

Frightened the elf.

So for a whole day, Xia Ling hid in the pocket and couldn't say a word.

Until the evening, after Zhong Yihan bought the equipment and herbs, he felt hungry, so he went to a fried chicken shop, bought a big hamburger, fried chicken and the like.

This kind of high-calorie food is Zhong Yihan's favorite. Now young people consume a lot because of learning Kung Fu, so high-calorie food is a good thing.

Of course, rich people don't like this kind of junk food, they have better choices.

Nutrition potions, even the flesh, and blood of the beasts of Different World.

But for Zhong Yihan, since his father was in prison, even if such junk food, he is reluctant to eat on weekdays.

But it's different now.

Although he still owes 30,000 yuan to Zhu Zhenxing, he is already able to make money, and he is convinced that he can make more money in the future, so it ’s not bad to spend a hundred yuan for a “good” meal.

But as soon as the fried chicken was in his hand, Xia Ling in his pocket became agitated abnormally.

"Master, is there something delicious?" The elf's voice was pitiful, "Xia Ling has been hungry for a day, and the stomach is choked!"

Zhong Yihan was very surprised. He originally thought that Xia Ling, an elf "produced" by the system, didn't need to eat, so he didn't care about her for a whole day.

Even more strangely, she was interested in fried chicken burgers?

Looking for a no-one corner, Zhong Yihan quietly put a chicken leg in his pocket and asked, "Can you eat this thing?"

Seeing the fried golden yellow chicken legs, Xia Ling let out his eyes and grabbed them.

Then Zhong Yihan felt a flash before his eyes, a chicken leg only bones left.

"It's delicious, Xia Ling still needs it!" The elf licked his greasy mouth and stared at the vat in front of him.

Zhong Yihan was speechless and had to give her another one, and then only chicken bones were left.

This can surprise Zhong Yihan.

You know, Xia Ling's head is just the size of a palm. The two chicken legs are bigger than her, but the problem is that after eating, there is no abnormality in the small belly, and she is screaming to continue eating.

Is her stomach connected to another dimension? !!

In this way, Xia Ling ate eighteen chicken legs and twenty-six chicken wings in a row. Then she sat up and slaps her belly full of satisfaction.

"This is the best thing Xia Ling has ever eaten! Master, can Xia Ling still eat it in the future?"

Zhong Yihan had no power to speak at this moment, and had to say, "As long as you perform well, there will be such fried chicken in the future!"

Ignoring the happy little elf in his pocket, Zhong Yihan ate the rest of the chicken wing burger and filled his stomach before going to the hotel.

After opening a room with a bathtub, Zhong Yihan took Xia Ling out of his pocket.

"Wow, this room is so big and the bed is so big!" Xia Ling flew around as soon as she came out, and curiously looked at everything in the room. Finally, she flung onto the hotel's big bed, happily looking at the pillow, "The bed is so soft and so comfortable!"

Zhong Yihan ignored her and took out the medicinal materials one by one. After finishing, he said, "Okay, don't play, let's prepare a medicated bath bag. Today I will try the effect of this medicated bath bag."

As soon as she heard the medicated bath, Xia Ling's eyes lit up immediately, and she flew up and called out, "Okay! It's an honor for Xia Ling to serve the master!"

The elf flew over such a pile of medicinal materials, first closed her eyes, and twitched her little nose to sniff.

After a while, Xia Ling opened her eyes and said, "Master, the quality of these medicinal materials is not good. Look at this safflower. The medicine is average. In ten, medicine is only four points. The quality of Xue Jie is also poor, and the medicine is only five. In this case, the effect of the medicated bath will be very poor... "

Xia Ling spoke a lot, and Zhong Yihan realized that the medicinal materials were not bought casually.

Because of the variety of medicinal materials, growth environment, and year of growth, the quality of each medicinal material is different.

Like artificial fattening ginseng, even if it is the size of a radish, its medicinal properties are not as good as a beard of wild ginseng for decades.

Therefore, these medicines bought by Zhong Yihan from the store are basically not very medicinal. If on a scale of 10 out of 10, they are basically four or five.

"Do you mean that medicinal materials of this quality cannot be configured in a bath bag?"

Zhong Yihan was very disappointed and couldn't help but scold two "dishonest traders" in his mind, but he also knew that most of the medicinal materials sold in this ordinary store were artificially cultivated, and it is normal not to be able to buy those with high medicinal materials.

Xia Ling shook her head and said, "It is not impossible, but the effect of the medicated bath will be discounted a lot."