Chapter 178 - 15 Million Puppy

Seeing such a response from middle-aged people, the two shop assistants even confirmed their suspicions.

Even some of the other customers in the store shook their heads. Although they didn't say anything, each one had a mocking look on their faces.

What middle-aged man would like to explain, a manager-like person came over and said coldly: "Sir, I'm sorry we don't accept your business. Please leave. If you don’t leave, we will call the police. Say you are harassing our business. "

"I really didn't lie to you!" The middle-aged man gritted his teeth anxiously, and said, "Well, I told you ... In fact, I actually retreated with this cub first, and its mother is very strong. My teammates are not opponents at all. It is because they are dragging that beast that I have the opportunity to leave. "

With that said, everyone in the shop had a look of contempt.

Although what middle-aged people say is not very clear, this is Wuen City, after all, so they immediately found the core point from these words.

That's ... when a group of people fought, the guy ran away with the cub.

Of course, if what he said is true.

But everyone still does not believe it.

One of the guests turned his head and smiled, and told his friends around, "Liars have used bitterness now."

He spoke deliberately without lowering their voices, so everyone in the store listened clearly.

The middle-aged man holding the pup glared angrily, only to find that the two glared back without any sign of weakness, and the breath radiating from them was very strong, apparently above the fighters.

The middle-aged person immediately persuaded.

Zhong Yihan also thinks that this guy is a liar, he is going to leave.

But as he was about to go out, he suddenly saw the puppy's eyes, and then he found that the puppy was looking at himself.

One person and one dog's eyes met, and Zhong Yihan saw a strange and complicated emotion from the puppy's eyes!

What that little eye revealed was a plea, begging Zhong Yihan to save it, it was a longing for life.

It doesn't want to die!

At this moment, Zhong Yihan felt that his heart was touched fiercely.

He stepped forward to the middle-aged humane: "Uncle, how do you sell this puppy?"

"What puppy ?!" the middle-aged man angered. "It is a beast!"

"Okay, okay, even a beast ... how to sell?"

A piece of middle-aged people's congress: "15 million!"

The people in the store were shocked first, and then a warm hiss broke out!

Someone said coldly, "Fifteen million? Is it a fourth- or fifth-level beast?"

"Crazy! This guy is crazy!"

"That is, it costs fifteen million, he thought that others are a fool?"

"Also, the puppy is out of breath, it is estimated that it will not live long, even if it is really a beast, how dare he asks this price?"

"There are too many scammers these days, and fools are not enough."

Zhong Yihan frowned slightly, showing a mocking smile: "15 million?"

"That's fifteen million!" The middle-aged man's eyes were bloodshot, and he was about to collapse, shouting, "I abandoned my brother and escaped with this little thing. I will not go to Different World! 15 million! I can live well for the rest of my life! "

After a pause, he said loudly: "You guys who are blind-eyed idiots! You have no idea how fierce the mother of this little thing is! My captain has a vitality of 16 and is also a leader among the big Kung Fu fighters, but he is not the opponent! So this puppy is at least a fourth-level or even a fifth-level beast! 15 million!"

This time everyone laughed louder.

"The acting is really good."

"Vitality 16, fifth-level beast?"

"Even if it is a Level 5 beast, the dog is about to die, I don't know when it will be dead, let alone 15 million, not worth 15 thousand!"

However, some people saw that his performance was not like acting, so they are suspicious, and saying, "The man, then, look, this dog is going to die. Do you think we will believe it is a beast? In this way, I will give you a thousand yuan, and this dog will be sold to me, how about it? "

"Dream! Want to buy my baby for a thousand yuan?"

"Love to sell or not, just hold the dead dog and wait for your 15 million!"

Zhong Yihan has not been involved in the debate, but asked the system in his heart: "System, do you know that the person holding the hand is a real beast?"

The system also had a rare response: "The host must touch the object in order to identify it."

Zhong Yihan smiled bitterly. The dog was about to die, and it had only one last breath. If it died in his hands, it would be bad!!

An idea flashed in his mind, he quickly opened the mall, purchased a "fake death medicine" with the last system points, and then deliberately walked to the middle-aged man. When the two were passed, his fingers flicked ...

The fake death medicine was nothing more than a black bean the size of a mung bean. After a slight bounce, it fell to the dog's mouth.

This action is extremely small, and the position is counted well by Zhong Yihan. His figure is blocked by middle-aged people, so no one in the shop saw his little action.

The middle-aged man was turning around and quarreling with each other, naturally, he didn't notice it.

The puppy did not know if it was hungry or something and felt something nearby. Immediately stretched out the tongue, the fake medicine was rolled into the mouth.

There was a smile on the corner of Zhong Yihan's mouth, and he didn't stop and left the pet shop.

He doesn't need to look at the results later, he just needs to wait for at the door of the pet shop-he is now very confident about what the system produces!

This way is indeed very nice, but ...

Who let Zhong Yihan very dislike this middle-aged person?

Sure enough, not long after he left the pet shop.

The heartbreaking howl of the middle-aged man broke out in the pet shop, and then there was a fierce dispute.

The middle-aged man cried and said that the pet shop had killed his beast, and the pet shop had to call the police. Not long after, the law enforcement team of the Kung Fu Association arrived, and after a brief understanding of the whole story ... Drive the middle-aged out.

After all, the presence of so many witnesses could prove that the dog was about to die, and members of the law enforcement team did not see how such a small black dog was worth 15 million.

So obviously ...

The middle-aged man didn't know where to pick up a dying dog and then came to extort money.

It's just that there is no technical content in extorting money, it's a disgrace!