Chapter 177 - Beast Pet Store

Although Zhong Yihan was full of doubts, the system pretended to be dead, he had to give up the thought of continuing to question.

Then he released Xia Ling, she was in the pet space for a few days. When she came out, she protested loudly against Zhong Yihan.

So Zhong Yihan bought an elf fruit from the mall-she stopped immediately.

Full of doubts, he could not practice, so Zhong Yihan simply gave himself a day off and went to the shopping mall-after all, it was not often to come to Wuen City, and he had to bring some gifts back to those guys.

After all, Wuen City is a city near the space cracks. Most of the business here is related to Kung Fu.

So there are really many good things here that he can't see in a small place like Anping County.

Zhong Yihan came to a beast pet shop.

In fact, when he was very young, he and his sister both wanted to have a puppy, but the father and mother would not let it go. After all, the conditions in the home are not good, the most important thing is that the house is too small. The family of four lives in a crowded place, so there is no place to raise a dog at all.

But now it's different. The big place in the villa is that there is a special yard. Zhong Yihan thinks it's time to help himself and his sister to fulfill this wish.

Beast pets are popular now.

After all, not all beasts are fierce, there are always cute, and temperament exists.

Moreover, tigers and leopards can all be pets, and beasts are just animals with higher intelligence and strength. Even if the first-generation beast is very fierce, but human beings have a history of tens of thousands of years for domestication. The breeding of a few more generations is very small, and it is perfect to train and train a little. Pets are not only smarter than the animals on the earth, but they are also highly obedient after several generations of domestication.

Obedient and sensible, and rich in species, growing up is more powerful and loyal, is the most popular pet now.

There are even some strong men who are so powerful that they can completely conquer powerful high-level beasts and then sign contracts to turn them into their own contract pets.

Zhong Yihan has seen it on the Internet once. There are those rich second-generation and strong men who specialize in drying their own beast pets online. Pets like cats and dogs are completely commonplace, such as wolf tigers are not unusual. The real rich second generation, who have giant eagles, who have big pythons ...

Even Zhong Yihan knows that there is an online celebrity girl, her pet is white, like a unicorn in mythology!

Of course, this level of pet Zhong Yihan can't afford it.

It is said that the unicorn itself is a sixth-level beast-an adult sixth-level alien beast that has a combat power that even ordinary Kung Fu fighter cannot compare with. Not to mention cultivating a young sixth-level beast into adulthood, which will definitely cost fewer resources than training a human fighter!

Therefore, this level of beast pets, let alone Zhong Yihan, even Ying Nanyan can only see online.

Zhong Yihan did not ask for such a high-end pet, he went into the pet shop and swept around, and found that even the pets of the first-level beasts started at two or three hundred thousand.

The pets of the second-level strange beast are even more expensive. The cheapest second-level beast in the store is still a big mouse, and the price is 1.8 million!

Not to mention the third-level beast, starting at four million, and there is no in the store, you need to go out to book.

"It's too expensive!"

Even though he has some money now, these beast pets are really too expensive.

And not only are pets expensive, but their food are also expensive-a bag of beast dog food without any brand, a bag of 10,000, and almost enough for the underage dog to eat for half a month, adults In the future, it will have to eat four or five bags in almost a month!

"If the mother knows that a dog eats more expensive food than a man, she will go crazy!"

Zhong Yihan walked around the pet shop but finally shook his head helplessly, ready to leave.

No way, whether it is to buy or keep a beast pet, the price is too expensive. Although Zhong Yihan can be sure that at the speed of his current progress, this money will not be a problem in the future, as far as the current situation is concerned, he can only be regarded as a middle class at best.

Just when Zhong Yihan was about to leave the pet store.

Suddenly a middle-aged man in tattered leather armor came in with a cloth bag and asked the clerk: "Do you accept beast pets here?"

The beauty clerk first stunned, and then smiled professionally: "Of course we collect it, but we only accept the pups of the beast. The maximum birth is not more than three months."

"I have a beast here. You see how much it is."

With that said, the middle-aged person untied the cloth bag and revealed a small blackhead.

"This is ..." The beauty shop clerk took a look, and her face changed immediately, and she saw her original passionate face filled with frost and loudly, "Sir, please don't joke!"

The middle-aged man rushed: "I didn't joke with you, this is the beast cub I captured from Different World. In order to kill its mother, all of us in a small team is dead! Even our captain, a big Kung Fu fighter was killed, and this cub is the only one left. It is a beast. I swear! "

The beauty clerk sneered: "I'm sorry, we are professionally trained and know thousands of beasts, but we never know what a beast looks like ... like a Labrador?"

Zhong Yihan laughed aloud.

That beauty shop clerk is right, isn't this little beast pup in the middle-aged man's hand a Xiao Hei dog?

Looks like that, it really looks like the most famous Labrador in the guide dog breed on the earth.

However, the little puppies looked sick, a pair of little eyes just opened shortly before, there was no expression, breathless as if it would not be long before it died.

The middle-aged man glared at Zhong Yihan, but did not continue and ignore him, pleaded with the beautician clerk: "This is really a beast cub, and its mother is indeed very strong. I have seen it with my own eyes. There are a pair of wings on the back that can fly! And it's huge and looks like a tiger! At least it's a level 4 beast! "

"Flying dog?" The beauty clerk froze a little, and said, "Can I check this cub?"

"Yes!" The middle-aged man quickly passed the Xiao Hei dog over.

The beauty clerk touched the Xiao Hei dog back and forth, and her face changed again: "Sorry, I haven't touched any flying organs on this puppy! And ..."

The beautician clerk said angrily, "This Xiao Hei dog is obviously about to die. The sick look doesn't know what's wrong. You hold such a thing to lie to us that this is a beast cub? Treat us all as fools? "

The middle-aged man was anxious and wanted to explain. At this time, another clerk also said: "If you say this is a powerful strange beast cub, you have killed its mother and robbed it. So what about its mother? The body of a mighty beast is very valuable, wouldn't you know it? What about the body of this beast? Why didn't you bring it? "

The middle-aged man's face changed suddenly and he couldn't speak.