Chapter 176 - Civilization of the Past?

Seeing the new panel, Zhong Yihan smiled.

After the previous mission to clean up the tribe, Zhong Yihan and Wan Hui discussed his spear.

Wan Hui told Zhong Yihan that his set of the spear was called "Snake Spear".

Everyone discussed it together.

The high school generally does not teach serious killing styles and teaches students only the most basic methods of using cold weapons.

The reason for this is that, firstly, because the students are young, they still have to lay the foundation, and secondly, it is because of this true "Kung Fu style", which is actually very difficult to teach.

This "style" is not simple. It is not as simple as a few fixed moves. Each move involves many changes. More importantly, it is the skills of breathing and exertion that match the moves ...

Such details are not taught by the school.

For example, Wan Hui's "Snake Spear" is the inheritance of their family. It was passed down from generation to generation. In ancient times, it was passed on from men.

This spear requires teachers to teach the details, but also helping the students to feel the changes in strength and muscle movement in person, the amount of engineering can be described as extremely great, which is an absolute one-to-one elite education—— Where can modern education compare?

However, Zhong Yihan has a system in hand but saves this trouble.

These three sets of skills, such as the thunder knife, continuous arrows, and small moving steps, seemed to be copied, and deeply engraved in his mind, and then he saw how he could fully use these techniques for his own use. Let every muscle in his body master these skills thoroughly.

Zhong Yihan continued to search the mall and found the item classification.

The goods in this category are full of variety. He looked around and focused on several points.

[Shuttle LV2: Can be shuttled to a location that has been positioned and used 5/5 times (positioned, the shuttle symbol is used for 10 seconds and cannot be interrupted during use). Price: 50.]

Sure enough, the shuttle was upgraded.

After killing the Beastmaster of the Island and unlocking the upgrade mission, Zhong Yihan had speculation that the next shuttle of the system would go to a new location.

The probability of this place is still the Different World, just do not know how much the strength of the location will exceed the previous island.

Hope it's not too difficult, and certainly not too simple.

The price of this shuttle is really expensive, and it actually sells 50 system points, but fortunately, the number of times has also increased. 10 system points to shuttle once, and the round trip is 20 points.

This increase is acceptable, but Zhong Yihan noticed the line after the shuttle:

[The shuttle symbol is used for 10 seconds and cannot be interrupted during use.]

It seems that the system has corrected this BUG, which is equivalent to adding 10 seconds to read the bar. In the battle, obviously there is no ten seconds for him to read the bar.

In addition to the shuttle, Zhong Yihan also pays attention to several new things that have not been seen before.

[Xumi ring LV1: Space ring with one cubic meter of space. Price: 10,000.]

[Elf Fruit LV1: The fruit that can help the system elf to upgrade experience and upgrade is the favorite taste of elf. After the elf upgrade, it will strengthen the original skills and unlock more skills. Price: 100.]

[Stand-in puppet LV1: It can be transformed into the appearance of the host, with breathing and heartbeat, but can't perform any action. It can be used for 24 hours (recoverable in the middle). Price: 200.]

[True medicine LV1: After taking it, you must tell the truth, you have to answer questions (below the limit of Kung Fu Stong). Price: 500.]

[Fake death medicine: After taking it, it enters a state of false death, and the heartbeat, pulse, and breathing are almost stopped. It is impossible to figure, and the duration is 1 hour. Price: 500.]

Needless to say, the Xumi ring, Zhong Yihan already wanted a space ring of his own, not to mention anything else, just carrying a bow and arrow with a knife and wearing an armor every time he went to Different World, it was really inconvenient.

Although the price of 10,000 system points is very expensive, compared with other items, Zhong Yihan thinks that the price is acceptable, but it has only one cubic meter of space, which is a bit small.

The appearance of the elf fruit surprised Zhong Yihan.

After all, he can have such achievements today, the system is naturally the first credit, but Xia Ling's credit is not small.

Apart from that, Xia Ling's medicated bath bag helped him solve the big problems in life, but unfortunately, he only rewarded the little girl on weekdays, only fried chicken and Barbie.

To be honest ... Zhong Yihan was a little guilty.

Now it's good to have this elf fruit, and finally, he can give the young girl a new reward.

As for truth medicine and fake death medicine, both are good things, and maybe they can work wonders at critical moments.

He just bought three skill books in a row, and now there are more than 8,000 system points.

Zhong Yihan thought about it, bought two shuttle symbols, and then bought a second-level qualification fruit.

The qualification fruit, Zhong Yihan has eaten one before and found it very useful to improve the progress of learning, and it seems that the body's coordination and the degree of execution of the brain's instructions have significantly improved.

Although this qualification fruit is a bit expensive, the potential improvement to the body is very large.

Although it does not have the immediate effect of strengthening like the four-dimensional fruit, in the long run, it is definitely better!

However, a second-level qualification fruit of five thousand system points is expensive and dying, so that Zhong Yihan couldn't help but feel pain when he ate the fruit.

Then Zhong Yihan bought another four-dimensional fruit and ate it.

The 4D panel is now:

Strength: 3.15

Dexterity: 2.57

Constitution: 2.76

Spirit: 2.92

Comprehensive vitality: 2.85.

"It seems that it won't be long before the vitality can break through 3! Hey, the system point is not enough, otherwise ... go to Treasure Square?"

However, Zhong Yihan immediately shook his head and rejected the thought.

The Kung Fu master was afraid that he would not give up so easily, wouldn’t he go back to the net by himself?

But thinking of that master, he immediately thought of the rusty iron sword point, and the system prompt-the fourth-grade energy weapon Songyang sword (incomplete)!

Zhong Yihan asked the system: "Hey, system, what is that Fourth grade energy weapon?"

The system pretends to be silent.

Zhong Yihan had expected it long ago, sneering: "Pretend to be dead? Okay! Anyway, my strength is almost ok now, do not rush to improve, there is not much demand for system points, anyway, to maintain the current speed, I can also be admitted to the Top Four. Then you just wait! In the next few months, I will only practice, and I will not earn you any points! "

This trick really works.

The system turned out a sigh of humanity, and the sound sounded in the head: "These are not things you should know now, so don't ask, there is no answer when you ask."

"Yeah? Really answered?" Zhong Yihan said in surprise, "Do you say that? I think about it every day without you talking. I can’t sleep or eat at night, so I don’t have the idea to earn system points! "

The system was silent for a while and said, "What I can tell you right now is that there was indeed a very developed and bright civilization in the previous Different World. The sword tip was the product of that civilization. But that other civilization disappeared overnight, only left a little clue. That's all there is to say. If you don't want to be strong, it is fine. "

Then the system was completely silent, and Zhong Yihan did not continue to question, because the amount of information was already very huge.

Has there ever been a bright civilization in the Different World?

How does that civilization compare to the earth?

Zhong Yihan suddenly had some regrets-he should not ask these questions, knowing a little bit of fur is more uncomfortable than not knowing at all.

But now, no matter what he called, the system never answered him again.